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Mage Guide

Written by Zzz Oh Its U


There are a couple ways of training magic; I will teach you the method that doesn’t give hit points in this guide.
Also, a tip I found to make magic less boring is to combine it with fletching when you have 70+ fletching and 55+ magic it becomes very profitable if you make your own natures (which requires 44 rune crafting).

Method No hit points

The first method I will teach you has to do with not gaining any hit point experience at all.
For this you will need to have full iron armour at least.

Level 1 – 3: for these levels just wear your full armour and cast a few air strikes on rats for example, make sure you splash cast them so that you don’t gain any experience.
Level 3 – 11: same method but instead of air strikes use confuse.
Level 11 – 20: same method again instead of confuse use weaken.
Level 20 – 25: Same methods once again, don’t worry this will be the last time. ? This time use curse instead of weaken.
Level 25 - 31: For these levels do varrock teleports until you get up to 31.
Level 31 – 37: Instead of varrock teleports use lumbridge.
Level 37 – 45: Use falador teleports instead of lumbridge.
Level 45 – 55: Camelot teleports for these levels, if non member keep doing falador till 55.
Level 55 – 99: from here it can get very boring. Use high alchemy to the level you want, each spell gives 65xp.

Happy maging.
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