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Cooking Guide

Written by Delarue64

Experience gained from these fish

Shrimps – 30xp each
Trout – 70xp each
Salmon – 90xp each
Lobster – 120xp each
Swordfish – 140xp each
Monkfish – 150xp each
Sharks – 210xp each

Good places to cook

For members I recommend cooking at Catherby or at rogues den as it is closest to a bank.
Non members the best place to cook would be Lumbridge after the cook’s assistant quest.

Training methods

Level 1 - 15: I recommend doing shrimps to level 15 as they can be caught quickly just south of Lumbridge near the fishing tutor. You will need about 81 successfully cooked shrimps.

Level 15 - 25: From here I recommend catching trout near barbarian village or Shilo village if you’re a member. You will need to successfully cook around 78 trout.

Level 25 – 40: Next on your menu is salmon, which can be caught at the same spot as the trout, combining the two types of fish makes it very quick for leveling. It is hard to estimate how many fish you will need for these levels as there are two types of fish you are going to be cooking.

Level 40 - 74: You can continue on with the salmon and trout till this level, or you can try your luck with cooking lobsters, they get burnt a lot at these levels, they stopped getting burnt around 74 from what I can remember.

Level 74 – 90: For these levels, it is best to cook lobsters as they are quick experience and never get burnt. You will need around 35,418 lobsters for these levels.

Level 90 – 94: The best experience for these levels is to cook monkfish if you’re a member; if you’re a non member then it is recommended to cook swordfish or lobsters until 99. Monkfish don’t get burnt at this level, and give more experience then lobsters do so they are the perfect fish to cook. It will take around 17,322 monkfish for these levels.

Level 94 – 99: Sharks are the best experience for these levels as they never get burnt and are very quick. You will need 24,238 sharks for these levels.
Congratulations you have achieved 99 cooking! Enjoy your cape if you’re a member, if you’re a non member it is still a very impressive stat to have as not many people would have it in non members.

Note: When you cook always remember to wear the cooking gauntlets if you’re a member as the sharks will burn at 94 if you don’t wear them, they burn at 99 without gauntlets too so be careful.

Happy cooking and enjoy your level whatever you are going for.

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