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Farming Skill Guide

This guide was given to us by a good friend of ours with 93 farming, they wish to remain anonymous. To use this method you will have to do throne of miscellania, royal trouble, ghost's ahoy Eadger's ruse, fairy tale part 1: growing pains Grand tree, tree gnome village, roving elves and my big arm's adventure quests.

First off we start with a herb patch run, for this you will need:

  • 5 herb seeds (have one of them to be a snapdragon, ranarr or any other seed you would like to survive without losing cash)
  • a charged glory
  • 10 law runes
  • 10 water runes
  • 2 fire runes
  • an air staff
  • an ectophile
  • lightness gear to reduce your weight (e.g boots of lightness, spotted or spottier cape and penance gloves)

First off, use your ectophile to teleport ectofuntus then fill your ectophile back up. Head west towards the farming patch located on the west side of the dead cow farm. When you get there, take out 4 buckets of super compost, your seed dibbler, Magic Secateurs and a spade. Once you have done that equip the secateurs and plant the seed at the herb patch then use your glory to teleport to draynor village.

Bank your glory ectophile and empty bucket at draynor then head north west towards the path heading towards a field with cabbages in it, go through the field then on the other side plant the seed at the herb patch. Then teleport to ardrougne.

Bank at the north bank if you have to. Follow the path north till you reach the master farmer, when you get there go around the farm with sheep in it and you will see another herb patch, plant the seed and teleport to camelot.

Again, bank at catherby if you need to. Go north of the bank till you reach another patch, plant the seed then make sure you have enough room for another patch worth of herbs. When you are ready teleport to trollheim.

Head west until you get into an area with alot of trolls in it, then head north up the footpath towards a cave entrance go inside. Go south until you reach a door on your west go through that then up the ladder. Once there head north til you get to the patch next to my arm, plant your seed (I use snapdragon and ranarr seeds here because the patch never gets diseased or kills your plant). When you are done here, teleport to camelot and bank at catherby to get ready for your tree run.

Now to start the tree run. You will need:

  • air staff
  • 10 law runes
  • 10 water runes
  • 1 fire rune
  • 1 earth rune
  • payments for the farmers to look after your trees
  • an elf teleport crystal
  • a hatchet and
  • spade

Take out a fruit tree sapling from your bank then head east from the bank until you arrive at a fruit tree patch, plant a fruit tree here (for information on payments to farmers look to the bottom of this part of the guide). When I have finished planting the fruit tree and paid the farmer to look after it, I usually fish to finish up the load then bank at catherby. When you have banked at catherby take out 4 tree saplings and the payments for them, then teleport to lumbridge.

Once you get to lumbridge head around the north side of the castle into the woods with goblins and spiders and you will see a tree patch just near the north west side of the castle. Cut down the tree if you already have one then dig out the roots with your spade then plant your sapling here, pay the farmer, then teleport to varrock.

When you get to varrock, head east into the castle then go east when you see a room full of guards and you will find another tree patch. Do the same as before then teleport to falador. After you arrive at falador bank if you need to then go to the patch to the north west of the centre until you see a gate that leads towards taverly, go just below the gate and you will see another tree patch. Do the same steps as before then teleport back to falador if you have the runes, if not just walk back. Head to the next patch in falador park which is east of the centre. Another tree patch is located next to the southern entrance of the park, same steps as before then bank to the south east of the patch. Take out 4 fruit tree saplings, charged glory, palm tree and mage tree sapling (if you are high enough for them or have any of them). Use your glory to go to al kharid ( take a cactus seed if you don't have a cacti already in al kharid).

Once you arrive at al kharid head north east towards the cacti patch pick the spines if you have one there already, if not just plant one there. When you finish here go west til you get to the glider gnome, take it to the tree one which is gnome stronghold. When you get to the gnome stronghold head down the ladders til you get to the ground floor with the gnome king, go out the door then plant a palm tree to the south east of the grand tree if you have a seed. If you have a mage tree sapling head south west til you see a patch. Then bank if you have to, go to the spirit tree which is north west of the bank or just west of the palm tree spot. Use the spirit tree to get to tree gnome village.

After arriving at tree gnome village head west and squeeze through the gate and get elkoy to take you out of the village, once outside of the village head south west until you get to another fruit tree patch. Pick your fruit if you have a tree already there then plant another one and pay the farmer. When you finish here teleport to ardy then bank at the southern bank.

After you have banked take out 30gp, a spirit tree and calquat tree sapling( if you have the required levels for them and have them aswell). Once you have that done head south west then take the boat to brimhaven. When you arrive at brimhaven get off the boat then go south til you get to a fruit tree patch, do the usual routine with planting them. If you have a spirit tree sapling head east and plant it there. If you have a calquat tree sapling head south through the jungle, once you see the general store start to go south east towards a calquat tree patch (you can't pay the farmer to look after the calquat tree). When you have finished planting everything you can here, you can fill up on pineapples just south of the fruit tree patch. Once you are full of pineapples, use your elf crystal to go to lleyta.

Just east of the teleport location is a fruit tree patch, do the usual then bank. That is the end of the tree run, now I'll tell you the payments you need (you can pay the farmers in note form).

Name of tree Type of tree Payment
Basket of Tomatoes
Basket of Apples
Basket of Oranges
10 Cactus Spines
25 Coconuts
9 Raw Sweetcorn
4 Baskets of Apples
3 Baskets of Strawberries
5 Baskets of Bananas
10 Watermelons
10 Pineapples
Palm Tree
15 Papaya

Now that is done, I'll tell you how to get fruit tree seeds for free and make some profit for a little bit of effort. Go to miscellania, take 1.2m with you, or atleast 525k with you to put in the coffers to pay for the workers efforts. Set your kingdom on max on maples, and the rest on coal or flax depending on your needs, for every 100 or so maples you get you will recieve a birds nest. Get 100% approval before putting your cash in though, every 1-2 days you need to put it back to 100%, which only takes about 1 coal or maybe 2 coal depending on the percentage loss. The workers take 75k out of the coffers every day if you have 100%. To make profit sell the maples and coal or flax depending on what you chose and use the tree seeds for farming.

That's it for the guide, good luck with farming and if you have any suggestions questions or comments click here.



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