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Watchtower Quest Guide

Items Required:
1 gold bar, 1 lit candle, 1 death rune, 1 dragon bone, 1 bat bone,1 jangerberries,2 ropes, 1 vial of water, 1 pestle&mortar,1 Guam leaf, 20gp if you have a low agility you might want to take about 100gp to be safe.

Recommended items:
Decent armour, food and a weapon if you want to fight. Also an anti-dragon shield will help you get past the dragons without too much trouble.

Skill Requirements:
14 herblore, 40 mining, 14 magic, 15 thieving, 25 agility.

Rewards: 5,000gp,the ability to use the Watch Tower Teleport Spell,15,250 Magic experience and 4 Quest Points.

How to start:
You will have to speak to the watchtower wizards just outside of yanille.
Once you get to the building you will notice you cannot climb up the ladder. You will have to go outside the building and climb the trellis. Once you climb up you will be on the second floor, you have to climb up the next ladder to speak to the wizards.

Once you have spoken to the wizard you will have to get some items (fingernails, eye patch, armour) also you will need a dagger or a robe to get these items you will have to go outside the tower and search all the bushes outside until you find these. Once you have all these items you will have to speak to the wizard again. He will then speak to you about some crystals.

You will now have to talk to Og who is located in a settlement just outside Yanille's west gate. Speak to him, he will give you a key and ask you to get a gold bar that has been stolen by Toban a little bit south of Og you will come to a small island you will have to use one of your ropes with the branch to swing across, once you are on the island talk to grew, he will want you to get his enemies (Gored) tooth. To get to Gorad and Toban you will have to find the cave entrance.

The cave entrance is Just South-East of castle wars. Once you are on the island you need to get Gorad's tooth, to get the tooth you will have to kill him. once you have killed him speak to Toban, He will ask you to get him a dragon's bone Use the dragon bone on him (be careful not to bury it), once you have given him the bone he should give you a Statue. Now you need to open the chest on the island to get the gold bar.

Go back to the island south of Og and speak to grew Give him Gorad’s tooth, he will then give you another statue. Now you will have to go back to Og and give him the gold bar. He will then give you another statue. Now take the 3 statues back to the watchtower wizard, use all 3 parts of the statue on him, he will then give you an ogre statue. Just outside of yanille (south) there is a city, Walk up the path until you come to a crossroad, Take the west path you should come up to two ogre guards speak to him, He will throw you out of the city, now you have to go back to him and use the statue on him.

Now you are allowed into the city, go down to the market place, while you are there steal a rock cake from the counter. Now leave the market and come back up the hill, now follow the path instead of turning into the market, you will come to two more guards. speak to them, he will ask you for a rock-cake give him the rock cake, you will then be allowed to climb over the rocks on the bridge.

Follow the bridge until you come to a broken bridge, Speak to the guard there he will ask you for 20gp to cross the bridge, (if you fail you will need another 20 gp) once across talk to one of the ogres they will give you a puzzle. The answer to the puzzle will be a death rune, to solve it you will have to use a death rune on the ogre, once you have done this he will give you a scavid map.

Now you will need a lit candle and the map, leave the city and go back to the entrance. You will see a cave at the crossroads enter it with the candle and map. Once you enter you will see a scavid speak to him. You will have to learn their language, around the city there is 5 caves you will have to enter them all and speak to the scavids. They will then speak to you, but you can’t understand them, you will have to choose the right response to their question. Remember the answers.

Once you have spoken to all 5 speak to the scared scavid, you will now have to speak to him again. Once you have done that, go back to the crossroads, Take the other path now, you will come to two ogre guards. To pass them they will need a gold bar, Use a gold bar on them. Now follow the path until you come to a cave enter it, you will see a Mad scavid speak to him, Answer him, once you answer him he will give you another crystal. (while you are here, get 2-4 nightshades, Don't eat them as they will poison you).

Now go back to the market make sure you take an anti-dragon shield, you will see a cave with guards around it. Use the night-shade on the guard. Now enter the cave, don’t attack anything just run straight through the cave and you will come to an exit, now exit the cave and go back to the wizard. He will tell you about a magic potion that can kill the ogre shaman. Now get your Jangerberries, Guam leaf, vial of water, bat bones, pestle& mortar, add the guam leaf to the vial then add the jangerberries, use your bat bones with the pestle & mortar to get ground bat bones, use them with the potion.

Now give the potion to the wizard and he will enchant it for you. Now get your pickaxe and nightshade and go back to the cave, before you enter you will need to give the guard another night-shade. Now use the potion on all the shaman once you use the potion on all the shaman the last 1 should drop another crystal, Before leaving the cave go to the center you will see a rock mine it for the last crystal.
Now go back to the wizard with all 4 crystals and speak to him after you speak to him you will need to flip a switch to activate the crystals.

crystal switch

Quest Complete!

quest complete

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