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Best Rune Tips Quest Guide

In Pyre Need

Items Required:

Nothing, the priest of guthix will give you all the items you need for the quest (secateurs, knife, tinderbox).

Levels Required:

55 firemaking, 53 fletching and 52 crafting.

To start:

Talk to the priest of guthix south west of the piscatoris fishing colony.


  • Talk to the priest of guthix south west of the fishing colony, do all the questions then enter the cave (make sure you get the items from him before you go in). NOTE: when you collect the twigs off the trees, use your knife on them to get ribbons.
  • Walk around the first level until you see a green area on your map or the cinnamon tree then click harvest as shown in picture below.

cinnamon tree

  • Then go through the door which is random at times, for me its been in the north west and north east corner.
  • In the next room repeat the same step for the last floor but this time look for a sassafras tree, then continue to the next room.

sassafras tree

  • Same as before but you are looking for an ailanthus tree.

ailanthus tree

  • Once again but different tree which is a cedar tree.

cedar tree

  • Last tree to go which is a mastic tree, then head into the next room where you will see a wounded phoenix.

mastic tree

  • Walk past the wounded phoenix and you will see what looks like an altar and a pile of logs infront of it, use one of your ribbons on the pyre then the wounded phoenix will walk onto the pyre. Light the pyre then the wounded phoenix will crumble to dust and be reborn as a young phoenix.
  • Talk to the little phoenix and it will end up giving you 5 phoenix quills and tell you about a daily challenge that you can do. Which is to go through the cave doing the same process with the trees and the pyre at the end, although this time the guards will be alive and the phoenix will attack you before you can light the pyre. After all the talking with the phoenix go back outside and talk to the priest of guthix to finish the quest.
  • Quest Complete congratulations! :)

in pyre need complete

  • Just an extra note, the phoenix at the end is level 235 and uses magic, so it is best to use protect from magic prayer on it, and the guards on the way to the phoenix range from 86 i think to 128 in all 3 styles of attack (mage range melee). You need 51 or higher slayer to kill the phoenix and you get 5k slayer xp for killing the phoenix the first time then 500 from then on.
  • The Guards drop items like coins charms food potions and some other stuff.
  • There is currently a glitch that doesnt let your pet go past the second floor when going through for the phoenix, well it didn't work for my bunyip, hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Goodluck with your phoenix slaying.

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