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Romeo And Juliet Quest Guide

Items Required:

Cadava Berry

Other Requirements:


Start Point:

Speak to Romeo in varrock centre. NOTE: the map shown above below shows you all the locations that you need to go.

map of varrock


Pink = cadava berry bush, Blue = Juliet, Yellow = Romeo, White = Apothecary and Red = Father Lawrence.


  • Speak to Romeo in varrock centre (have the cadava berries with you when you start, saves stopping halfway through quest). He will tell you to go find Juliet.


cadava berry bush


  • Juliet can be found west of the west varrock bank as shown in map above. When you talk to Juliet, she will give you a love message to give to Romeo.
  • Head back to Romeo and give him the message, and he will tell you to go find father Lawrence which can be found in the church north east of where Romeo is.
  • After a bit of talking and a cutscene father Lawrence will tell you to talk to the apothecary to make the cadava potion for Juliet.
  • The apothecary can be found south west of Romeo. He will talk for a bit then say he's got all the ingredients except the cadava berries, talk to him again and he will give you the potion.
  • Go back to Juliet and give her the potion, you will get a cutscene and she will die.


dead Juliet cutscene


  • Head back to Romeo and tell her that she died and then there will be one more cutscene and that's it quest done.

romeo and juliet complete



5 Quest Points.

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