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P2P Quick Training Guide

By Dread I.

Many players such as myself get tired of training skills so we can reach a goal of 99. Now we all know that getting a skill to 99 can be a hassle, time consuming, and just boring at times. Well there’s a method I’ve tried and seems to help me a little in experience gaining. I’m pretty sure a well fare amount of people know about this style of training but I’ll put this guide explaining it to the ones that don’t. By the way this is my first guide so I’m going to try my best.

- Part One-
Stealing Creation Mini-Game (Basic Intro)

Now many people know a lot about the mini-game called ‘Stealing Creation’ located just south of the ‘Wilderness Volcano’. It’s an entertaining game and it also takes some amount of time to complete a full game (20 minutes). The game consists of pretty much just skilling and knowing how to get around without getting killed by higher levels then you. The point of the game is to collect sacred clay which are scattered in the game area and rack up the most points. The sacred clay is in 5 different forms:

  • Sacred Clay Tree (woodcutting)
  • Sacred Clay rock (mining)
  • Sacred Clay Fishing Pool (fishing)
  • Sacred Clay Butterfly Catching (hunting)
  • Sacred Clay Fragments (normal picking)

But there’s more. The ‘Sacred Clay’ in each category (as listed above) are separated by classes. The class of the clay starts from 1-5. Each class requires a specific level to be able to collect it. For example:

  • Sacred Clay Class 1 – requires a level of 1+ on the skills listed previously.
  • Sacred Clay Class 2 – requires a level of 20+ on the skills listed preciously.
  • Sacred Clay Class 3 – requires a level of 40+ on the skills listed previously.
  • Sacred Clay Class 4 – requires a level of 60+ on the skills listed previously.
  • Sacred Clay Class 5 – requires a level of 80+ on the skills listed previously.

*The required levels listed also imply if you can use and transform the clay into useful tools which will be explained later on in the guide.

Now that you have collected clay you might be wondering what to do with it. Well there are only 2 options. You can either deposit it into your base and get points or you can go to a ‘Creation Kilt’ which are located through out the game area and transform your clay into various tools which will be extremely helpful to rack up some serious points. You will have a variety of tools available for you to make with the clay you collected. Now remember when I said this game was mostly about skilling well this is were it starts. To make the tools you need for collecting clay you need a required smithing level (please read foot note under ‘Sacred Clay Classes’). Keep in mind that the higher the ‘Sacred Clay Class’ the better the tool you have made with it will work. Use the tools you have made and start racking up points for your team to win and to earn major price points as well.

- This is a Basic Info. Of the mini game ‘Stealing Creation’ it is not completed but it covers some of the basic game activities you must do to completely play the game.

- Part Two–

Now that you have the basic knowledge of the mini-game you can now earn tons of reward points which you can use to get some nice prices. The prices consist of:

  • Sacred Clay Headgear
  • Sacred Clay Legs
  • Sacred Clay Plate
  • Sacred Clay Skilling Tools
  • Sacred Clay weapons

Now these rewards are made to be transformed into several different tools, weapons, and armor. Now these prices don’t seem like much but there’s something special about them you should know. These prices give you 2x the experience you would receive in a fair amount of skilling levels, all melee skills, all range, and all mage. Let’s say for example you are trying to get 99 fletching. Now you are getting tired and bored of training it on yew and magic logs and you want it to go faster. Well you can go get a ‘Sacred Clay Knife’ made from the tools prices (which you can transform) and receive double the experience you would for just one yew or magic log.

Now you also have to remember that these prices have a limited amount of their ability to give double experience (charges). They start at 100% till they drop to 0%. Once you have run out of charges you will not be able to receive double experience and it will become just a normal tool (you will not be able to transform it anymore once it runs out of charges). So you might want to rack some points you keep repeating this method. Well this Method of training is to get some experience on whatever skill you’re trying to master. I wish you Good Luck and I hope this helps

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