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Dharocks Pking Guide


Dharoks pking - this is based on your attack strength defence and hit points is 99 and your prayer is at least level 60+.


In your inv you need a dragon scimmy or whip (depending how rich you are) your rune defender adds and super set, 2 prayer pots and the rest sharks. You want to be wielding full Dharoks including axe, amulet of glory or strength, climbing boots or rune boots, and a fire cape if not any other cape will have to do.


Starting off the fight you should immediately put on protect item and smite if you are doing a smite fight. Wield your dragon scimmy or whip and rune defender  use this until you get to about 60 hit points, then pull out your dds use the first spec on attack second and third on strength and then the last special on shared, then u pull out your axe and do a quick crush hit. This should either knock them out or if they decided to safe it up, they will be on about 40 hp, switch your attack style back to hack and do 4 or so hits with that, then use your dragon scimmy till you get to about 40 hp then quickly use axe a few times, then back to the dragon scimmy. This works most effectively for me. Practice using this technique on friends in the duel arena to start out with, never just go out into the wildy expecting to do good, because no matter what your stats are its how u fight not your level.


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