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Desert Bandits Guide



Desert bandits are a place for melee training usually, people do 'tank' range there though it can be good range experience. The bandits are easy to get to, can be hard the first time if you don't go in the desert much but you will get used to it I go there all the time.

killing bandits



  1. You will need to wear something to do with Zamorak or Saradomin, so they automatically attack you, otherwise when you attack one of them they stick up for them self and will all pile you.
  2. The Excalibur, yes really the Excalibur, just use special with it often to raise your defence to stay there longer, it can be useful.
  3. Training style: the best weapons to use here are whip and dragon scimitar, whether you're training attack, defence or strength.
  4. Armour: best armour for this is "'tank" gear or strength gear. "Tank" includes barrows, a shield (dragon square or crystal works fine). Tanking is good if you want to stay there along time. Strength gear is effective training, hitting higher with a bigger strength bonus this includes: fighter torso (from barbarian assault), rune defence (from warrior's guild), helm of Neitiznot (from fremennik isles quest) and fire cape (from fight caves). With Zamorak or Saradomin skirt/legs
  5. Potions are also recommended, super attacks and super strengths are very effective.


  1. Shanty pass (duh).
  2. Food (sharks, monks & lobsters work.)
  3. The recommended gear.
  4. 200gp (for carpet ride)
  5. Ring of duelling or glory amulet to teleport back.

bandits inventory


  1. Starting at shanty pass
  2. Enter into the desert and go south east a bit and talk to the carpet guy.
  3. Take your weapon off, can't go on the carpet with your hand occupied.
  4. Ask him to go to "bandit camp."' And pay him 200gp.
  5. Once you're at the bandit camp, go south until you reach the bandits (you cant miss it.)
  6. There are four different places you can go in the bar to west, this is not recommended to train, unless you are going to melee protect, because they are level 74. The south house, this is my personal favourite it's a good room with 3 bandits. The east house is also like the south one. The south tent it also a place, not as good as the south and east house.

route to bandits



  1. The bandits are a very popular place for training and can get crowded in every world.
  2. When you are training here someone might log in and try to kick you out if they are a higher level, the best thing to do in a situation like this, is just hop worlds and save your time and don't waste it by trying to make him leave.
  3. I have had a lot of arguments here with other people trying to take over my room. Best thing to do it hop, or argue back, make sure you don't swear because they will report you if they don't like you.
  4. If you lag, or go to the bank for more food and only leave for 2 minutes and you come back and someone is in your room, ask them politely to hop or change rooms because you were there, most people respect thing but I have been in situation where they haven't and had hour long arguments on who's a "nerd." Don't listen to them they are the noobs, that's what I tell them and usually they back off or call me a nerd because I'm higher.
  5. When your training quietly, some people might come along and start pick pocketing the bandits, this is bad, because when ever they fail their attempt the bandit will stop attacking you and ignore you. This has happened many time to me, ask them to leave to change rooms. They are usually doing "desert treasure" and looking for lock picks, suggest to them to go to "Rogues Den" in Burthrope, there are 25 lock picks in stock there, but you need 50 agility and thieving to access the shop.


I hope this guide is useful to you.

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