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Pyramid Plunder

Pyramid Plunder is a minigame in Sophanem that gives the best thieving experience. The guardian mummy at the pyramid has set up 8 treasure rooms with things that we humans might consider valuable. He gives you 5 minutes to steal as much as you can.

plunder welcome


Started Icthlarin's Little Helper quest
21 thieving

Highly recommended:
Weight reducing gear (boots of lightness, penance gloves, spotted or spottier cape)
Charged glory amulet or ring of dueling if you have a pharaoh's sceptre, or completed the contact quest.

Starting out:
First thing, you need to get to Sophanem. You can do this either by magic carpet or with a pharaoh's sceptre. Once there the pyramid has 4 anonymous looking doors that you have to pick lock to get to the mummy. Only one of the 4 doors has the mummy inside, and it changes around every once in a while.

plunder door

Now for the fun part, once you find the mummy right click on him and press "Start-minigame". The first room looks like this...

plunder room

1: speartrap
These are at the beginning of every room, you have to click them to pass. There is a slight possibility of failing these and losing a few hit points

2: urns
There are 13 urns on every floor. Urns have snakes in them that can bite you, and also poison you. The poison hits low so it's not worth it to bring anti poison potions. You can get the following items from urns depending on the floor you're on: Ivory comb, Pottery scarab, Pottery statuette, Stone seal, Stone scarab, Stone statuette, Gold seal, Gold scarab, and Gold statuette.

plunder loot

3: grand gold chest
There is one grand gold chest on every floor. There is a possibility when you open a gold chest that scarabs will attack you poison you (again, low poison). You can get the same items from these as the urns, and there is a rare chance of getting a pharaoh's sceptre!

4: sarcophagus
Like the gold chests, there is only one of these on each floor. These take a while to open and give some strength experience when opened successfully. When opened unsuccessfully a mummy will come out and attack you. Depending on the floor you're on, you can get all the items including a sceptre (rare).

5: pick-lock tomb door
There are 4 of these on every floor and are used to get to the next floor. Only one of the 4 doors will go to the next room.

6: leave tomb door
These are on every floor, in case you want to leave pyramid plunder.

How to get the best experience from pyramid plunder:

The experience gain becomes better each floor, so if you're 58 thieving you're not going to get the best experience from starting on floor one. Instead, skip rooms to the second highest room you can go to.

Thieving - room to skip to
Level 21 - room 1
Level 31 - room 1
Level 41 - room 2
Level 51 - room 3
Level 61 - room 4
Level 71 - room 5
Level 81 - room 6
Level 91 - room 7

Once you are at the right room for your level, steal from as many urns as you can, but leave enough time to steal ALL of the urns in the highest room you can go to.

The grand gold chests: these provide good experience because they are so fast to open. Either search all of the chests on every floor, or start searching on one level and all the higher levels.

The sarcophagus: these take a long time to open, and only give strength experience. Don't search them if you're going for fast experience, you can get sceptres from the grand gold chest too.

Banking: there are a few ways to bank, but the best is to have a sceptre and a ring of dueling or glory amulet. Use the glory/ ring to teleport to bank, and then use the sceptre to teleport back. A second way is to complete the contact quest, which gives access to a local bank. And finally the highly un recommended way is to bring some gold pieces, noted lobs and to fly to the city north of Sophanem to sell then re buy your lobs.

Thank you for reading, enjoy Plunder.

plunder finish


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