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Clan Wars Mini Game Guide

Clan wars is located in the wilderness, so be careful of revenants when walking. If you are a member you can use a games necklace to get there. If you are not then just go to varrocks wilderness entrance and just walk straight till you come to a small building with 2 portals.
You can have up-to 100 people on each team, sometimes your team will have an advantage and sometimes you will be outnumbered.
Clan-wars is a safe mini-game for members and free players, to start you will have to join a clan or make your own clan, once you have done this you can challenge other clans to duel in a special arena.
The idea of this mini-game is to fight other clans to see who can survive, also it gives you combat experience. So if you’re bored and have nothing to do. You can gain combat levels whilst having fun.
This mini-game has no rewards but is fun to play with your friends.
Good luck with clan wars.

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