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Castle Wars Guide

Castle Wars is a safe mini-game for members. Where two teams (Zammy or Sara) battle for 20 minutes in a special arena. The idea of the game is both teams have a flag at the top of their castle, they have to defend their own flag from being taken whilst capturing their opponent’s flag. To score a point you have to go to the enemy’s castle and capture their flag then you have to take it back to your castle and place it in your flags spot. Once the game is finished the winning team will be awarded tickets which they can use to buy armour and weapons from Lanthus who is located in the castle wars lobby.

There are a few ways of getting to castle wars:
1. Ring of dueling is the quickest because it teleports you into lobby
2. Go to Yanille and go out of the west gate and keep walking west until you come to a big building with a bank in it
3. from Ardougne walk west to battle field and keep walking until you come to an observatory then walk south until you come to castle wars building.

The certain items you can obtain whilst playing castle wars:

Bandages: These heal you and also restore your energy, you can also right click them and use to heal a team- mate
Barricades: Barricades are used to block your opponents, you may only use 10 barricades at a time.
Explosive Potion: These have a number of uses, you can use them on barricades to blow them up, you can use them on cave walls to collapse them and can also be used to clear caves, they may also be used to blow up your opponents catapult, (if you drop potions they will give you 15 damage)
Bronze pickaxe: These can be used to collapse cave walls and also to clear the rocks from a collapsed wall, can also be used as a weapon.
Tinderbox: These are used to light barricades and catapults.
Bucket: These can be filled with water and are used to put out lit barricades and catapults.
Toolkit: These are used to repair the main doors of your castle, can also be used to fix catapult.
Rock:  Use rock on the catapult to fire it.
Rope:  If you use rope on your opponents castle walls you may climb the rope to get into their castle easier.

There are a few effective ways of winning at castle wars if you have a good team.
1. Try to split up into two groups on your team attackers and defenders. The main attacker is normally someone with a high combat level who is guarded by the lower levels. The defenders are normally people with ancient magicks and rangers who wait until one of their opponents takes there flag outside their castle, then the mage normally barrages them and the rest pile until there target is dead and the team will pick up their own flag. This is the most effective way because the other team will have to kill the player who has the flag. Whilst the mages and rangers protect the player.
2. Using the underground path. this way is also effective because you can go underneath your opponents, and take control of their castle whilst someone sneaks past and takes the flag, If you are going to use this way you may want to stock up on explosive potions so you can collapse the walls as you return to your castle to stop your opponents from attacking you.

Melee: Rune pl8, rune legs, rune kite or defender, rune boots, glory amulet, combat bracelet, or better if you can afford
Range: The best dragonhide you can afford and equip, mage short, rune c'bow, dark Bow, Glory, snakeskin/ranger boots and a prayer book if you are using crossbow and have completed horror from the deep and arrows/bolts.
Mage: any robes that gives a mage bonus (mystic or better is recommended) any staff so you can auto cast, Prayer book if you have done horror from the deep, and runes!!
My preferred armour:  Black dragonhide body chaps and vambraces, infinity boots, rune crossbow, glory amulet, book of balance, Dragon scimmy, DDS, Dragon long sword.
I find my armour effective because, it has a good melee defence and mage defence, this works well against ancients and also against melee.

Good luck and have fun playing castle wars.

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