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Ritual Of The Mahjarrat Quest Release

September 14, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

The long awaited for Ritual Of The Mahjarrat quest is finally released, hopefully it lives up to the hype of being a grand master quest. It has high requirements so would guess that it will have a good reward, going to check it out now, good luck to all those that have the requirements to try it also. 🙂

“They signal their arrival with a devastating shriek, and leave nothing but ash, flame and destruction in their wake. All tremble in fear as they approach, and the ground rumbles in sympathy.”

There is news of a devastating attack on Mos Le’Harmless, and Sir Tiffy is quick to call you for help. Rumours seem to hint towards an ancient evil, once thought to be myth, and the implications of its appearance could spell disaster for this plane. It is unclear what they want, and there is nothing to say why they have risen now.

Yet, with one threat comes another: the planets have aligned, signalling the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. These mighty and ambitious beings are looking to draw the life from one of their order, sacrificing them to regain lost energies and add flesh to bones. The ritual will also offer near-limitless power to a single Mahjarrat who has already been gathering superhuman strength and influence. With an arsenal of weapons taken from the gods, could the ritual be your last opportunity to stop him before he achieves complete domination?

With two monumental threats such as these, humanity risks being utterly crushed. Fighting now would require armies of bold and fearless warriors, yet only a precious few are able to stand up and face them. The question is: are you ready to join the defence of RuneScape?

Survive to the end of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and you can be sure of a wealth of rewards. Aside from the customary (but large) stack of XP, you will gain access to a new spell, a new reward dungeon, ranging and mage gear, the opportunity to gain three new boots and other rewards that we would rather keep secret!

If you want to play a leading role in one of the biggest events of RuneScape’s history, we encourage you to log in now…

How to start

Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador park.


The Temple at Senntisten
While Guthix Sleeps
Hazeel Cult
Enakhra’s Lament
The Slug Menace
Fairy Tale III – Battle at Ork’s Rift
Rocking Out
A Tail of Two Cats
Fight Arena
Level 76 Crafting
Level 77 Agility
Level 76 Mining
You must be capable of fighting creatures of combat level 275
Paul, Mod Chris L and Mod Srowley
RuneScape Content Developers

New Rewards For Minigames Update

August 23, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks good, great to see that playing mini games are going to be more rewarding and less monotonous. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the Master Runecrafter robes look like, all in all it looks like a great update. 🙂 I wanted to get the pet Jad, but can’t be bothered getting the 100 zeal for now.

We’ve added a veritable bounty of high-level rewards to our minigames, including armour sets to boost Thieving and Runecrafting XP gain, macabre customisation options for dark magic users and an infernally adorable pet Jad. If there’s a minigame that you’ve never tried before, or one that you’ve not played for a long time, now is a terrific time to start!

New equipment
We’ve added 5 entirely new sets of gear which are now available to high-level minigame devotees.

Master runecrafter robes: This set is available to arcane scholars persistently participating in the Great Orb Project. In addition to all the stat bonuses of the lower-level Runecrafting robes, each piece of this set offers a bonus to Runecrafting XP gain, with a total bonus of +2.5% when the whole set is worn.

Black Ibis outfit: Once worn by members of an ancient, secret society, this clothing can be obtained through Pyramid Plunder. In a similar vein to the Master Runecrafter Robes, each article of clothing provides a bonus to Thieving XP gain (with a few exceptions), for a total of +2.5% for the whole set.

Hybrid armour: These three new armour sets provide substantial bonuses to multi-talented combatants while playing Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix and TzHaar Fight Pits:

Battle-mage armour: This set is great for warrior-wizards who use both melee and magic to overcome opponents.

Trickster armour: Ideal for the cunning combatant who needs to switch between ranged and magical attacks at a moment’s notice.

Vanguard armour: Perfect for the versatile frontline fighter who likes to weaken enemies at range before closing to finish the job in melee.

While these hybrid armour sets provide no benefits to statistics outside of PVP minigames, they do look very cool.

Quake with fear, humans!
The moment it burst forth from its infernal cocoon in the sulphurous depths of the TzHaar City, the infant TzRek-Jad was ready for battle. While domestic life isn’t quite what it envisaged, it can now be acquired by Soul Wars players who are skilled enough to handle it as a pet. When it looks up at you with its big, winsome eyes, you can never be quite sure whether it’s planning to crush your skull or just wants its belly rubbed. However, it doesn’t need feeding and will not run away, and is an excellent deterrent to unwelcome doorstep canvassers.

Customisation Options
Those with no qualms about exploring the most depraved avenues of arcane knowledge can now obtain items from Shades of Mort’ton with which to customise their equipment. First of these is the shade skull, which can be attached to elemental staves or battlestaves by high-level crafters for a newly ghoulish appearance. Those who delve deeper, however, may find a necromancer’s kit which can be used to upgrade the Dagon’hai robes, giving them a Prayer bonus and a new, macabre look.

…and many more!
There are plenty of other great rewards to be won by dedicated minigame players, including:

Proximity chinchompas for use in Castle Wars.

Glistening shells that grant bonus XP on the Fishing Trawler, as well as tiger sharks to catch and cook, and shark’s teeth to craft into necklaces.

New lunar spells including ‘Borrowed Power’, which allows lunar magic users to use selected offensive spells.

To start, play any of the following minigames. See the individual minigame pages for full details of the rewards.

Castle Wars

Stealing Creation

Fist of Guthix

Pest Control

Shades of Mort’ton

Fishing Trawler

Great Orb Project

Pyramid Plunder

TzHaar Fight Pits

Soul Wars

Mod Raven

In other news…

In Morytania, as the moon waxes red, the gloom grows close and oppressive and whispers in the dark become harder to ignore. The men and women of Burgh de Rott dare not speak of the impending darkness, but the voices of innocents still ring clearly in that murky fenland town…

Players who have unlocked wishes in the Livid Farm minigame have been refunded the produce points spent on them. Wishes are no longer accessible until the Borrowed Power spell has been purchased.

Finally, we’ve made some changes to the way that the ‘skulled’ status is applied while in the Wilderness.

Temple Trekking Revamp Update

August 17, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks good, will try it out once it is out in a few minutes, hopefully it lives up to the hype that was created earlier in the month with the behind the scenes release. Can’t wait to see what the rewards are like, it’s good that they have made it easier to get lumberjack clothes, I remember when I got mine before the update, took a week on and off playing. 🙁

The update about familiars no longer needing to be dismissed to enter the grand exchange is great, was always a pain to dismiss them, especially for god wars or slayer when you already have them pre-loaded but forgot something you needed to buy beforehand.

Protect travellers journeying through Mort Myre in our Temple Trekking revamp, with a range of new rewards, finer control over the route through the swamp and a new, diverse set of companions who grow in experience and skill as they travel.

The pilgrims are an eclectic bunch, including mad wizards, militia members and elderly men, and have bucked up their ideas following their previous trips through the swamps. As such, they will now be able to aid in fending off any enemies that decide to cut your trip short, instead of sitting back and making you do all the hard work! In turn, you can trade them food to help them survive the arduous journey through the murky morass.

Each time you help the locals embark on this perilous journey, you’ll be rewarded handsomely in resources and XP tomes. By continuously travelling with them, you will help them to level up, unlocking new skills and items to make subsequent journeys through the swamps that little bit more interesting. The mage Pazuzu, for example, will gain the ability to secure enemies in place with Bind, weaken their defences with Vulnerability and, eventually, to destroy them with Fire Wave and a Staff of Light.

Rather than selecting an easy or hard route for the trek as a whole, you will be taken to a hub after each encounter, where you will be able to continue down an easy, moderate or difficult route. Persistently escorting and developing a particular person will build their trust in you, and will allow them to foresee the dangers that lie down the branching paths ahead; great news if you’re low on food and need a safer route home, if you’re looking for a particular piece of gear, or if you just really hate vampyres.

The rewards have also been given an overhaul and a multitude of new items have been added, including a new outfit that everyone levelling Construction will find invaluable. On top of this, it is now much easier to obtain the full set of lumberjack clothes, which are a great help while levelling Woodcutting. These are just some of the great rewards up for grabs by the tenacious temple trekker.

How to start:

Check the noticeboard in Burgh de Rott (requires In Aid of the Myreque).
Check the noticeboard outside of Paterdomus (requires Legacy of Seergaze).

Mod Chris L

In other news…

Along with the revamp of the Temple Trekking minigame, Morytania and many of its inhabitants, from the supernatural to the slimy, have received some major graphical updates.

The trees around the major cities of Lumbridge, Falador and Varrock have been made taller and more detailed than ever before in the latest of our visual improvements.

Finally, familiars no longer need to be dismissed when entering the Grand Exchange. Instead, they will be hidden until you leave the area. The familiar’s timer will also pause while you’re in the area.

Warped Floors Update

November 03, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

The long awaited for third batch for dungeoneering is finally out. 🙂 From a quick glimpse the rewards look great, especially the spirit cape and bone necklace. 🙂

Good luck to all that are 95+ dungeoneering already, will look forward to seeing the floors when I reach there myself.

On a side note, the update about decanting potions in noted form is good, except it wouldn’t work for the extreme potions. 🙁

For those worthy enough to reach them, the Warped Floors delve another thirteen floors deeper underground. Six new bosses await dungeoneers here, such as the crazed human test-subject Blink, who has been driven mad by his love for portal magic. Use the room’s cover to your advantage and perhaps you’ll live to survive his furious attacks – but there are no promises. Then there are the hope devourers, behemoths with a hunger for an opponent’s faith. If you fall to this beast, you won’t be the first, or the last.

No Dungeoneering release is complete without challenge rooms, and this update comes with eight new combat and skill-based trials, including one Warped-specific room. This warped room will require sturdy constitution and a mind for puzzles, as you move from room to room through a labyrinth of portals.

With the deepest set of floors comes the final peak of our XP upward curve, allowing Prestige veterans to access the tastiest XP and token rates. Now there’s no excuse to stop at a mere level 99 – it’s onwards to true skill mastery and level 120!

If you’re a reward fiend, then worry not: there are eight new items for those with a token hoard big enough. The bone necklaces restore prayer points when you bury bones (a perfect complement to the bonecrusher), while a spirit cape will reduce the cost of your combat familiar’s special moves. Members might also get their hands on a tamed stalker pet, a curious creature with a nasty habit of collecting your eyelashes and toenail clippings…


Mod Trick, Mod Chris L, Mod Liono and Mod Mark
The Dungeoneering Team

In other news…

The black mask has a new “Remove-charge” option to aid players wanting to sell their masks via the Grand Exchange.

Bob Barter, the Herblore expert at the Grand Exchange who decants your potions into 4-doses for you, will now accept noted potions.

The Daemnonheim boss Icy Bones now correctly drops his ‘Troll scrawlings’ – a part of the Dungeoneering journal.

The Yanille pet shop owner will now allow players to sell as many spirit shards as they like.

All skillcapes have now been reworked to use identical skill icons.

The Halloween event will now remain in-game until next week.

The Void Stares Back Quest Release

October 06, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 3 Comments →

?????? ?????????

The third grandmaster quest for 2010 is now released, hopefully they keep up the trend of the other two and have good rewards to go with it. 🙂 The login screen change is useful, less clicks to log in now. Hopefully the updates with runecrafting are good, use to hate runecrafting bloods through the abyss because of the extra movement/clicks to make them.

I was in the middle of a bandos trip, hopefully they don’t have many updates to fix stuff after this is done, as I want to get back there soon. 🙂

EDIT: Here is a picture of the solution to the 3rd or 4th puzzle, hope it helps. 🙂

For fighting the Queen at end, I used a combination of special restores, saradomin brews, super restore/prays, rocktails, yak full of rocktail/brew/restore combo. To defeat the queen, protect the archers at all costs, by killing the defilers when they spawn, as they kill the healers. When the queen is about to do the special attack that does 500+ damage to everything around it, use the Korasi’s sword special attack to stop it.

Good luck to all that try, the complete rewards are below in this picture.




The books of equilibrium give 50k experience each to any combat skill.


The Void Stares Back marks the end of the Void Knight quest series we started this summer. So far, you have investigated and tracked a released pest; unscrambled Korasi’s memories; witnessed the death of Void Knights at the hands of a mysterious figure; pushed around beer barrels; infiltrated a Black Knight workshop; and played with puzzle boxes.

Once more, the Void Knights call on you for assistance. Their skills at stealth are not nearly as keen as your own and Korasi needs you to infiltrate the Black Knights again. Doing so will lead to many dangers, both mental and physical, but will enable you to discover who the real mastermind behind this nefarious pest-fuelled plot is, and what they really wanted those puzzle boxes for…

Finding out is the easy part, though, as stopping them will push your diplomatic and strategic skills to the limit as you command your knightly allies against a truly unhinged foe. Oh, and you might want to brush up on your Conquest tactics as well.

After all of these trials, tribulations and moral quandaries, your standing among the Void Knights will be judged, but we’re sure you’ll not be found wanting…as you’ll also be thoroughly rewarded with a variety of experience and some upgraded Void Knight gear that shows off your true colours.

Mod Nancy, Mod Moltare and Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developers


Where to start The Void Stares Back:

Talk to Captain Korasi in Falador Park.

Requirements to start The Void Stares Back:

80 Magic
78 Attack
78 Strength
71 Firemaking
70 Construction
70 Crafting
70 Smithing
55 Summoning
10 Defence
A Void Dance
Complete the Conquest tutorial
A combat level of 100+ is recommended

In other news…

The various Deflect curses now work properly with the God Wars Dungeons boss, Kree’arra. Previously, it would ignore the Deflect curses, but worked with the normal Protect From prayers.

A quick option has been added to altars in Daemonheim to allow you to quickly restore your Prayer points. That’s particularly useful if you’re in combat at the time!

Moved some of the higher parts of the Wilderness wall so preferred runecrafting routes are unaffected.

Using an empty plant pot on a farming patch will now fill all of the empty ones in your inventory.

The login screen has been simplified and reworked to make it even easier to login.

You’ll now arrive closer to the Blood Altar when travelling there via the Abyss.

We’ve fixed the magical blastbox to work correctly with the Fire Bolt spell.

Added a confirm message when dismantling godswords.

Elite Achievement Diaries Update

September 08, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Finally it looks like they have given more higher level content, hopefully with decent rewards. Can’t wait to get stuck into the new update, good luck to all that try as well. 🙂

This week sees an Elite tier of tasks added to all existing Achievement Diaries (save for Ardougne, which already had Elite tasks, though there is now an Ardougne cloak 4 reward), plus a review of all the old rewards to make them work in a consistent way and be more user friendly. The Lumbridge/Draynor diary has had Hard tasks added instead, all of which are available to free players.

Should you rise to the challenge, you’ll be skilling your way around the world baking pies, fletching bows, manic mining, fighting some seriously dangerous critters and a lot more besides. Face some of the biggest challenges that exist in the world of RuneScape to complete these diaries and, if you succeed, you’ll find yourself worthy of receiving the Elite rewards!

Rewards, I hear you cry? Yes, in true Achievement Diary tradition, you’ll not only get experience lamps, but also some useful rewards to help in your everyday RuneScape life. These can range from the very generic, like teleports, to the very specific, like a handy shortcut in Brimhaven Dungeon.

You’ll also find that existing Achievement Diary rewards will have changed very slightly. Things like toggles for teleports, where possible, are now done by talking to NPCs rather than on the objects. If you have earned the ability to toggle the destination of the Watchtower or Varrock Teleport spells, you’ll find your POH portals will also take you and your friends to wherever you’ve toggled them to go!

Quite a lot of the existing rewards now no longer require the related diary clothing to be worn for you to benefit from them, but, to make sure you’re not missing out on your rewards, you’ll also receive a little message for those times when you would have received a benefit if you had been wearing some Achievement Diary clothing.

The Achievement Diary section of the Game Guide lists all of the new tasks and indicates which rewards require you to be wearing the reward clothing and which ones do not.

Good luck, elite adventurers!

Mod Maz
Senior RuneScape Content Developer
Queen of the Squirrels

Dungeoneering Occult Floors

August 19, 2010 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills No Comments →

I have not been working on the dungeons of late, but like the idea of these extra floors. The extra xp per floor with prestige will certainly help 🙂 The bag for the strange rocks will help with bank space too 🙂

As the depths of Daemonheim reach ever closer to the strange power at their end, its magic has begun to affect the inhabitants who stalk its halls. Those humans abandoned on the floors above are the lucky ones, as the ones driven further down by their master have…changed, and have been joined by the magically gifted and the undead.

Members who venture through the twelve occult floors will have to face these tainted foes, mostly in the form of six new boss monsters. One boss that requires some skill to defeat is the Grave Creeper, who hides in a series of tombs – if you don’t quickly bless the graves he taints, the room can become engulfed in flame…and you with it. Then, as mentioned in this month’s Behind the Scenes, there’s Yk’Lagor the Thunderous, so named because he’s a talkative guy (voice acting supplied by the developers). Heed his warnings or be the focus of a melee pummelling, but don’t stray too far away else his magic attack can quickly take out your whole group!

Before you get to face these new bosses, you’ll likely come across one of nine new challenge rooms. These are not all exclusive to the occult floors and will tax both members and free-players alike. Withstand the pain of deadly herbs (slaughtercress, papreaper and parslay came from player suggestions in the Aggressive Herbs – Name Ideas! forum thread), build bridges over bottomless pits, and perform last rites on a tormented spirit.

Traversing through the occult floors will allow you to increase your maximum prestige up to 47, with which you should be earning anywhere up to about 40% more XP than if your maximum prestige were 35 (depending upon your dungeon setup and how well you do). In turn, you’ll earn more Dungeoneering tokens – just the thing for buying some of the five new rewards. Free players can learn a technique to become more efficient at smithing and charge special boxes with spells to cast. Members can enjoy such delights as herbicide (an automatic herb burner) and Rigour, a new prayer for rangers, among other things.

Mod Mark, Mod Chris L, Mod Liono and Mod Trick
The Dungeoneering Team

In other news…

As previously mentioned by Mod Trick, we’ve now implemented the feature to reset your Dungeoneering class rings. This is a one-time only option, so choose wisely this time.

We’ve added a useful new item to the Dungeoneering smuggler’s shop. The toolkit contains a selection of the more useful items used in most dungeons which should help speed up the start of your dungeons.

When progressing through dungeons, if you’ve purposefully selected a lower complexity, the complexity level will no longer increase as you progress through the floors.

Barnabas in Varrock Museum has noticed the popularity of the strange rocks and can now help you further by offering a bag to store them in. On a related note, the chance of getting a rock from Construction activities has been increased slightly.

The music interface now has a search feature so you can easily find the tracks you’re after, which should be useful when you’re creating a playlist or simply looking for those tracks you’ve just unlocked.

Elite Treasure Trails Update

August 05, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks great, can’t wait to get an elite clue scroll and find out what the rewards are like. 🙂

The update about scroll boxes looks good, as it was annoying accidently looting the rewards and having to fight off reverants or even pkers back in the old days. 🙂

Treasure Trails have been given an improvement today with fiendish new challenges to test even the mightiest adventurer, but also many new rewards to tempt them. You may find that the likes of Bork, the Corporeal Beast and the Skeletal Horror (among others) now have a rare chance of dropping an elite clue scroll.

These clues are a step beyond what has gone before, whether it’s a scanning orb that only highlights the next clue when you’re standing near it, or a simple compass showing the direction of the next clue but not the distance. Even finding your next clue might not be so easy, as you may disturb a powerful follower of Guthix or end up racking your brains over one of the tricky new Celtic knot puzzles.

Stick with it, though, and you may be lucky enough to receive one of the 150+ new reward items! There are new bows, Third Age druidic gear, dragon masks, animal staves, kits to improve the look of dragon armour, and items for followers of Armadyl, Bandos and even Zar- (shh!)

Many of the new reward items are for the elite trails, but easy, medium and hard trails have had some added too. We’ve also added a mechanism to ensure that each and every treasure trail completed will reward you with at least one treasure trail-specific item, by introducing new items common to all levels of trails.

The cross-trail items include Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak arrows (which have a chance of causing elemental damage and vanish on impact); single-use teleport scrolls to out-of-the-way places like Nardah and Miscellania; stackable biscuits that each restore one Prayer Point (plus a few life points); and existing items like sweets, torn pages and firelighters. Oh, and let’s not forget the meerkat summoning pouches, which will bring a cute little treasure-hunting familiar to your side…

Finally, we’ve introduced scroll boxes, which look different from caskets. This way, you can know for certain that opening a scroll box will always lead you to another clue scroll, and that when you do finally get a casket, you’ll know not to open it in a dangerous area, because it will always contain…TREASURE!

Adventurers, the trails await!

Mod Maylea
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news…

Treasure Trails supplemental:

As part of the Treasure Trails update, some of the older clues and puzzles requiring specific items or combinations of items have been substituted with more suitable ones.

Demo mode removed:

This week sees the removal of the demo mode option for new players; existing demo mode users will be able to continue playing for the time being.

Dwarf cannon:

You can now have multiple parts of a dwarf cannon in your bank or inventory, but you may only set one cannon up at a time. This is a slight change: previously, you could only have one of each of the four dwarf cannon parts or one cannon on the ground.

Shattered Heart rocks:

You should now be able to get strange rocks from any Construction activity that would garner you Construction XP (building furniture, making flatpacks) while in your player owned house.

Dungeoneering Update

July 19, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills 4 Comments →

The long awaited for dungeoneering update is finally out, hopefully it lives up to all the hype it was given. 🙂

From what I’ve read it looks great especially the construction hotspots. 🙂

Off to try this update out. 🙂

This week we bring you extensive improvements and new rewards for our brand new skill, Dungeoneering!

Hidden Resource Dungeons
Experienced dungeoneers will now be able to locate secret dungeons scattered far and wide across the world of RuneScape. Not only will these dungeons give a one-off Dungeoneering XP reward for locating them, but they also contain extremely useful resources within. Each dungeon requires a specific Dungeoneering level to access, from level 10 up to level 85. Rewards include new rune rocks, greater numbers of ‘busy’ monster spawns, herb spawns and trees to name a few. For a full list of the reward dungeons, including four for the free game, check out this Knowledge Base page.

Construction Hotspots
Players will be able to use their Construction skill in a dungeon to build useful locations in the start room. Requiring a hammer and some of the logs and bars found within the dungeon, you’ll be able to make:

* A group gatestone portal
* A photo booth
* A farming patch
* A range
* A prayer altar
* A skillcape stand, to show off your mastery of Dungeoneering.

Group Gatestone
The group gatestone portal is the default location found in the Construction hotspot. A group gatestone is given to the party leader, and anyone using the group gatestone portal will be teleported to wherever the group gatestone is, or next to whoever is carrying it. We’ve also added a Group Gatestone Teleport spell to allow you to teleport directly to the group gatestone from anywhere in a dungeon, not just through a group gatestone portal in the start room. This is available in the free game. Also, the Gatestone Teleport spell now requires no runes to cast, and the Create Gatestone and Group Gatestone Teleport spells each only require one type of rune to cast.

Class Rings
Dungeoneers will now be able to upgrade their ring of kinship to help them adventure through Daemonheim. By simply right-clicking on the ring and spending a few Dungeoneering tokens within any dungeon, you’ll be able to improve your ring from Tier 1 through to Tier 10 in any of the ways noted below. For more information, visit this Knowledge Base page.

Melee rings:
Tank – Damage is reduced when wielding a shield
Tactician – Increases chance of hitting in accurate stance
Berserker – Increases Strength levels when calculating damage

Ranged rings:
Sniper – Increases chance of max-hit in long-range stance
Keen-eye – Chance of reducing target’s Defence when in accurate stance
Desperado – Increases Ranged levels when in rapid stance

Magic rings:
Blazer – Elemental spell damage is increased
Blaster – Chance to slow down your opponent’s attack speed and snare them
Blitzer – Increases the chance of casting elemental spells faster

Medic – Increases the amount you heal other players
Gatherer – Chance of extra resources and skill task damage reduction
Artisan – Chance of saving resources and increasing rune production

New Titles
You may have noticed the titles displayed on the dungeon completion interface (what we affectionately refer to as the WINterface) and likely have received some or all of the existing 32 titles that you can get. With this update we’re adding 18 brand new ones, which were inspired by our own playing styles during this year’s testing of the new skill. Good luck finding them all! For more information on titles and how to obtain them, check out the Dungeoneering FAQ.

Dungeon Instances
If you log out or lose connection, your dungeon will now persist for up to 10 minutes, which should give you plenty of time to get back into the game and dungeon. When you log back in, you’ll find yourself exactly where you left, not in the waiting room as before. This means you’ll be able to take a short break if in a single-player dungeon or rejoin a dungeon if you’ve been caught by a nasty bout of lag. Dungeon instances will not persist over a system reboot.

Dungeon Sizes
Solo dungeoneers are now able to select medium-sized dungeons, and parties of three or greater can now select large-sized dungeons.

The Grouping System
Autogrouping rooms will now allow a player to select a specific floor from those available in the selected theme, and you will only be grouped with 3-5 players who have also selected that floor, so you will not incur an XP penalty due to level differences.

Prayer Improvements
Players can now use bones found within Daemonheim directly on a prayer altar. Doing so will give 4x the usual Prayer XP for burying those bones.

Have fun!

Mod Mark, Mod Chris L, Mod Liono and Mod Trick
The Dungeoneering Team

In other news…

After some feedback about the World Map marker feature, we’ve implemented a couple of changes: their name has been changed to “Your Marker” to avoid confusion with quest start markers, and you can now right-click to remove them.

Love Story Quest Release

July 06, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News, Runescape quests 4 Comments →

The new quest is finally out! 🙂

Hopefully the rewards are good, looking at the requirements it looks promising, and it’s good to see that the dragons get a makeover finally. 🙂

Rumour has it that the rewards are:

2 qp, 50k mage and con xp, 40k smith and craft, 30k cash, con and mage abilities.
EDIT: rumours came true, the abilities are ability to chip teleport tabs to go to different house portals,  ability to build dungeon pits, dark stone style for your poh  and permanent discount on servants.
Bonus reward, take the ring back to mabel to get 10k xp lamp.
Here is a picture:

Also get 100 house teleport tablets.

Prepare to take your place at the Wise Old Man’s side as he comes out of retirement to confront an extremely unpleasant figure from his past! If you can handle the combat, the puzzles, the vicious sarcasm and the romance, you could unlock some new Construction and Magic abilities for yourself.

The quest begins at a barn north-east of Draynor Village, where a damsel in distress is looking for an adventurer to help her. Sounds like a straightforward little quest, right? Before long you’ll find yourself chipping teleport tablets, solving puzzles and entering a deadly battle where you’ll be fighting not just for your life, but for the reputation of adventurers everywhere.

It’s time to discover whether the bank guard is coming down from his tree, what the Wise Old Man is planning for the Wizards’ Tower and what Traiborn means when he talks about thingummywuts.

Mod Ash
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start Love Story:

Speak to Mabel at the barn north-east of Draynor Village, near the windmill.

Requirements to start Love Story:

Swan Song
Recipe for Disaster – Saving Sir Amik Varze
Level 77 Magic
Level 68 Construction
Level 68 Smithing
Level 67 Crafting

In other news…

As mentioned in this month’s Behind the Scenes, we’ve graphically updated some of the dragons in game. This includes, but is not excluded to, green, blue, red and black dragons (including baby variants), plus bronze, iron, steel and mithril dragons. Check them out if you can handle the heat!