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How To Slay Ice Strykewyrms Post EOC

November 15, 2013 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters, Runescape skills, Runescape Tips 1 Comment →

This will be the first of many slayer guides to be revamped into post EOC condition. (Please bare in mind I don’t have the runescape bank balance to afford maxed gear, but these guides will include most items that people can afford on an average bank balance.)

Ice Strykewyrms require 93 slayer to kill, as well as having obtained a fire cape or paying the 2k slayer points to do damage to them. They have 15,000 health, and are extremely weak to fire spells. I used the fairy rings to get to them, the code for it is DKS then go in the tunnel north of there, you may have to unblock the passages to gain access to the right side of the cave.

Below is a picture of the inventory I used, I forgot to add a yak pouch and scrolls until halfway through the task, you can use any Beast of Burden to store loot as I used the food up to pick up loot.

Each dose of prayer renewal and overload lasted around 12-13 kills with the chaotic staff or the wand of treachery and ahrim’s book combination. Bare in mind that all my guides will be based on using the momentum ability.

This is the equipment I wore, you have to have a fire cape or kiln cape to do damage to ice strykewyrms unless you paid the 2k slayer points. The aura is penance, you can swap that for vampyrism if you don’t have access to soul split.

You can get a staff of light drop from these monsters, I’ve always had bad luck getting them though. Here is the loot I collected from 166 Ice strykewyrms.

In total the loot valued at 670k at medium price, I haven’t done the hard clue scroll as of yet. The task took about an hour with minimal focus.

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. 🙂

I have also opened up my personal friends chat “BRT Cj” so that people can hang out and chat in there about slayer or anything else, please know that trolling or flaming other people in the chat will not be tolerated.

Slayer Monster Weaknesses For Kuradal Tasks

September 22, 2013 By: BRT Cj Category: Misc Runescape Guides, Runescape Monsters, Runescape Tips 1 Comment →

Since the Evolution of Combat update and New interface, I’ve barely been doing slayer, but thought that I would post a list of weaknesses for people that may need them. I may revamp the slayer guides in the future when I get some more spare time. Any questions feel free to ask below. 🙂

Abberant Spectres – Thrown Ranged

Abyssal Demons – Slash Melee

Ascension Members – Ranged

Automatrons (requires the World Wakes quest) -Fire spells, Arrows Ranged, Crush Melee

Avansies – Bolts Ranged

Aquanites – Arrows Ranged

Black Demons – Bolts Ranged

Black Dragons – Bolts Ranged

Blue Dragons – Bolts Ranged

Daganoths – Slash Melee (lighthouse daganoths)

Dark Beasts – Bolts Ranged

Desert Strykewyrms – Stab Melee

Dust Devils – Crush Melee

Fire Giants – Slash Melee

Ganodermic Creatures – Fire Spells

Gargoyles – Water spells

Greater Demons – Bolts Ranged

Grifolapine – Water Spells

Grifolaroo – Earth Spells

Grotworms – Bolts Ranged

Hellhounds – Slash Melee

Ice Strykewyrms – Fire Spells

Iron Dragons – Water Spells

Jungle Strykewyrms – Stab Melee

Kalphites – Various Types depends on one you go to

Living Rock Creatures – Crush melee on strikers, Water spells on protector/patriach

Mithril Dragons – Earth Spells

Mutated Jadinkos – Stab Melee

Nechryaels – Crush Melee

Skeletal Wyverns – Fire Spells

Spiritual Mages – Bolts Ranged, Arrows for zamorak Mages

Steel Dragons – Water Spells

Suqahs – Fire Spells

Terror Dogs – Slash Melee

Tzhaar – Various depends on type you kill ( can do fire cave challenge instead of this task)

Vyrewatch – Blisterwood Thrown weapons, or the other Blisterwood weapons

Warped Tortoises – Bolts Ranged

Waterfiends – Bolts Ranged

Zammy Boss Set Up and Beginner Guide

August 19, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters, Runescape Tips No Comments →

This guide was given to Bestrunetips by Admiral XVII.

Zamorak GWD Boss – K’ril Tsutsaroth

Armor Set Up:

  • Helmet: Verac’s Helmet
  • Necklace: Saradomin Stole*
  • Body: Karil’s Leather Top
  • Legs: Karil’s Leather Skirt
  • Ring: Ring of Wealth/Ring of Life
  • Cape: Soul Wars Cape/ Skill cape(t)/Fire Cape
  • Arrows: Zamorak Arrow *
  • Gloves: Barrows Gloves
  • Boots: Dragon Boots
  • Weapon: Chaotic Rapier/Chaotic Longsword/Abyssal Whip/Zamorakian Spear
  • Shield: DragonFire Shield/Dragon Defender
  • Weapon Special: Dragon Claws
    * = God Items for dungeon

Before heading out make sure you take a dip in the O’gloog pool for Bandos followers.
A Armadyl item is not necessary for the Armadyl followers(Avansies) are in the opposite side of the dungeon.
Make sure Auto Retaliate is OFF at all times.

Getting There:
Arriving at the God Wars Dungeon is an easy task to any explorer or boss hunter for there are several methods to get there, here are two:
*Note: In order to use “Method 1” you MUST have a pair of climbing boots

Method 1:

Start by teleporting to Taverley(Games Necklace/House Teleport) and run through the troll infested mountain side until you reach the thrower trolls (Missile prayer is needed). After, find the big snow covered boulder blocking the path to the dungeon and pass it by any of your desirable means. Keep following the path, pass the wolfs and enter God Wars Dungeon.
*Note: Teleport Runes or Chipped House Teleport Tablet May be used on “Method 2”.

Method 2:

Teleport to the Troll Stronghold and run past the thrower trolls (Missile prayer is needed). Find the big snow covered boulder blocking the path to dungeon and pass it by any of your desirable means. Keep following the path, pass the wolfs and enter God Wars Dungeon.

Inside God Wars Dungeon & Kill Count
Once you arrive inside the dungeon quickly turn Protect from missiles and head to the opposite side of the Armadyl followers. Once there you should be beside a broken ice bridge. It is suggested to get a kill count of 20 or more with prayer usage before crossing the ice bridge for once on the other side (Zamorak area) your prayer points will be completely drained. After you have used all your prayer points on as many kills as possible cross the bridge and finish collecting the Kill Count if not done so already. The Required Kill Count is 40 to be able to enter the Boss area. It is also suggested to kill imps or werewolves for Kill Count.


  • Prayer Potion(4) – 6
  • Super Anti-poisen(4) – 2
  • War Tortoise
  • Dragon Claws
  • Summoning Potion(1) – 1
  • House Teleport Tab
  • Broken Teleport Tab – Troll Stronghold
  • Super Strength Potion(4) – 1
  • Food – Rocktails x14

Summoning Familiar

  • Saradomin Brews(4) – 12
  • Super Restore(4) – 4
  • Prayer Potion(4) – 1
  • Rocktail – 1

Note: This Inventory and Familiar Set Up are made for 1st time high level players (130+) Although it can be adjusted in anyway possible to your own comfort.

Our Trip To Bandos

August 15, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 1 Comment →

This trip all started when Crowlion and myself were in our clan (E A I) talking about bossing, and Crow asked me what boss would be a good one to start with, I suggested Bandos. So later that night we went to Bandos with some people from our clan, in a 5 person team including ourselves.

It started out to be a slow trip with hardly any good drops, it was a free for all so we split big drops at the end of the trip. It got to the stage that I was getting most of the little drops from the boss that I felt guilty and was trying not to get the drops by not using my dragon claws or turmoil.

Further on into the trip, I was at about 60 odd kc when Crow got his second boss drop from the trip, which was only a rune plate body so we thought nothing of it, then 5 seconds later when he killed one of the minions he got a Bandos Chestplate which worked out to be 3.5m split each between the group. 🙂

It is possible to solo Bandos, but can get expensive and risky, if it is your first time I recommend going with at least 1 other person (that you can trust) in case you die so they can bless your grave.

The gear I take to team events like this is pictured below:

This is the inventory I used, keep in mind that I already had a yak out filled with brews and super restores in 3:1 ratio brew to restore.


The potions are the following : Black = overloads, Blue = Special Restores, Pink = Super Restores, Yellow = Saradomin Brews. The spare yak pouch is in case you have supplies still on it when it runs out of time so you can renew it, scrolls are for banking loot. The unicorn is used after your yak has died, so you can heal with the scrolls.

I forgot to take a picture of the loot at the end of the trip, but it lasted more then 2 hours. I got 1m odd personal loot (on top of the 3.5m Bandos chestplate split) through ourg bones, rune items, loop/tooth halves.

The hammer is required to get into the Bandos lair, you also need to kill 40 Bandos followers before you can go inside General Graardor’s Lair. Which is fastest by killing the goblins just west of the Zamorak entrance, which is north of the entrance you arrive in when you get into the dungeon.

More guides like this are likely to come in the future, including soloing if requested, thanks for reading. 🙂

How To Slay Aquanites

March 15, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters No Comments →

Hey guys, sorry for late guides, I haven’t been doing much slayer since getting 99.

Slayers using Kuradel and wishing to get this task need to unlock it for 50 slayer points in the rewards section.

Here is a picture of what the Aquanites look like.

Aquanites are level 114 combat, they have 1250 life points and give 125 slayer experience each and require 78 slayer to be able to kill them. Magic protection prayer seemed to be inefficient as Aquanites occasionally knock it down. They are weak to stab and ranged, in this guide I will be showing my melee method as I found it to be easier for the task. Aquanites also attack with magic, and are at the end of the slayer cave in relekka.

Below is the gear I use, the weapon is a chaotic rapier for its high stab bonus, you could use chaotic longsword or a whip if you don’t have a chaotic rapier.


The cape is ardy cape 4, it is for its stab attack bonus and magic defence bonus of +6.


I used karils for the high magic defence, and also because armadyl gives negative stab bonus. The ring is only for teleporting to get a new task, you can use a ring to help kill them faster if you prefer, perhaps a berserker ring would be beneficial for the strength bonus, or onyx ring (i) for the stab bonus.

The inventory below is only a second shot at getting it right, it contains items that help preserve space in the inventory such as herbicide (to get herb experience for herbs drops from kills), bonecrusher ( to get prayer bonus from the big bones dropped per kill), bolt pouch (to hold multi bolts). The various runes are for placeholders for frequent drops, also alch runes for the water and air battle staffs that get dropped. If you can’t use a unicorn stallion, a good alternative would be to use a bunyip with the swallow whole scrolls like with the waterfiend guide, because of the frequent raw food drops.


The sword in the bottom left corner is enhanced excalibur for the special attack that heals 400 lifepoints and gives a defence boost.


The excalibur was also positioned in that spot for using the special quickly by using the hot key method (f5 and f1). I have tested both overloads and extreme sets, and found extreme sets to be more beneficial because health was an issue with overloads. My healing methods were unicorn> Excalibur >food, as food was for emergencies.

Aquanites drop a variety of herbs (ranging from guam to dwarf weed) and seeds ranging from avantoe to torstol seeds., heaps of rune and addy bolts, hence the need for the bolt pouch that holds up to 250 in each slot. They also drop 10 rune darts frequently. As with most monsters Aquanites drop hard clue scrolls.

The way I set my herbicide potion, was so that none of the herbs were left on the ground and I got 2x the cleaning experience for all of them, to save inventory.

They also are the only monster that drops the ranging amulet, which gives +15 ranging attack, making it the best ranging amulet in game to date, but only at the price of 800k.

Below is the loot I got from 194 Aquanites, please note I didn’t pick up green or gold charms as I have 99 summoning, but from what I  saw they weren’t that common of a drop compared to the blue charm rate.

The noted seaweed and snape grass isn’t an accurate measurement of how much you will get per task, as I started collecting near the end of the task as I had spare inventory spaces, same applies for the air and water runes. The herb seeds I collected were snapdragon, kwuarm, torstol,

Hopefully you found this guide helpful, if you have any confusion about the items I used, or have any comments or suggestions on how I can make this guide better, please comment below. 🙂

Slayer Guide – Iron Dragons!

December 04, 2010 By: islay x sara Category: bestrunetips vids, Runescape Monsters 1 Comment →

Here is a video guide I made to kill Iron Dragons.

Fire Giants

December 04, 2010 By: islay x sara Category: bestrunetips vids, Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

Here is a video I made for slaying Fire Giants! I hope you like it

Slaying Ice Warriors With 1 Defence Pures

November 20, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

This guide will show you how to cannon ice warriors for 1 defence pures.

First of all you need to have 50+ mining, or in my case I had 49 but used dwarven stout to get through the tunnel.

Here is the inventory I used, note: this picture was taken about 10 kills into my tasks of 103.

Here is the equipment I used keep in mind this is a 1 defence guide, you can use better if you have higher defence, also the lightness boots can be swapped for climbing if you are 1 defence:


Here is the end result of the 103 ice warrior task:

The seeds were snapdragon and lantadyme. I started with 2000 cannonballs, so overall it was a cheap slayer task and gave around 6k experience at the end. They also drop 2-3 mithril and adamant arrows but I didn’t keep them as I needed room for the cannon.

The ice gloves are from the Ice queen in the area, but you can trap here as shown in this picture:

Well that’s it for the guide,  hope it helps, any questions comments or suggestions feel free to comment below. 🙂

How To Slay Jungle Strykewyrms

March 25, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 1 Comment →

Last but not least for the strykewyrm guides is the jungle strykewyrms. These are the lowest out of the three, but not to be taken too easily if you have low defence or hitpoints/constitution.

To get to jungle strykewyrms go north of the mobilising armies area, which can be accessed by using the spirit tree or teleporting there with 10 magic. There is also a bank there incase you need to bank quickly or if you forget something.

Jungle Strykewyrms are level 110, have 110 hitpoints/1100 constitution and they can poison for 40-80 damage, and attack with melee/magic. They require 73+ slayer to get assigned/be able to kill them.

The inventory picture below is different to what I normally take now, you won’t need bunyips if you have high defence/hitpoints as they don’t hit that often. I usually take a pet to raise while I kill these now, (like my new blue/white monkey 🙂 ). Also that is a borrowed saradomin godsword, which you probably won’t need either as I find that the enchanted excalibur is more then enough for healing.

As with most tasks I melee with I take the normal equipment, but for money reasons I can’t afford the best equipment at the moment so modify this to your needs.

As with all strykewyrm tasks it is best to stand near a rock/tree or something to dodge the 300 damage special attack as I mentioned in the other 2 strykewyrm guides. Jungle strykewyrms can drop a variety of herbs and seeds, as well as noted papaya fruits, pure essence, and the rare hexcrest, which I was lucky enough to get one on my first task, but haven’t been able to get one for around 5-10 tasks now.

Here is the loot I got from 106 jungle strykewyrms:

I can’t remember what the seeds were but they can drop snapdragon seeds. As well as alot of helpful stuff as you can see in the picture above.

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. :)

How To Slay Gargoyles

March 19, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

Since the release of the kill shot ability and the release of Kuradal’s dungeon these have been very easy to kill. I use to skip these quite often because of the need to use rockhammer on them all the time.

Gargoyles are level 111 and give 105 slayer experience each.They also require 75 slayer and a rock hammer in the inventory at all times to kill them.

Here is a picture of one of them:


They are reasonably easy to kill, and can drop rare items such as black mystic top, granite maul and adamant boots.

To get to Kuradal’s dungeon you can use the ferocious ring to teleport next to her, or use the fairy rings to go near the waterfiend area just downstairs from here. If you don’t have access to either of these options, you can go through the waterfall like it is mentioned in the mithril dragon guide by aj 692.

This is the inventory I take, this picture was taken just after using a dose of super set and summoning my bunyip. You could use saradomin godsword for the special instead of the enchanted excalibur if you have one.

I use my basic melee equipment that I use for most tasks, again you would be better off with a dragonfire shield aswell.

Gargoyles drop a decent amount of blue charms probably about 1 in 10 kills on average. As with all monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon they also drop the ferocious ring. They also drop noted pure essence, a variety of runes and as mentioned before the rare drops of granite maul, black mystic robe top and adamant boots.

This is the loot I recieved from killing 182 gargoyles:

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. 🙂