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Tips To Get Multiple Enhanced Excaliburs

December 23, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Bestruntips Tips & Secrets, Runescape Items, Runescape Tips No Comments →

I recently got told by a friend about a method to get more then one enhanced Excaliburs, as I died at Armadyl God Wars Dungeon and lost my only one I had.

You need to have completed the hard Seers diary for this to work.

For those that don’t know what an enhanced Excalibur does, it gives a special attack that requires 100% special, or 90% with ring of vigour that gives 15% defence bonus, the same as a super defence potion, heals 20hp per 2 seconds for 10 seconds, or 20 seconds if you have done the elite Seers diary. You can swap weapons and still have the healing and defence effect active, however if you log out you will lose the healing effect. This is a cheap replacement for Saradomin Godsword, and is often used at Armadyl God Wars Dungeon.

It is a simple and often not used method for multiple items, talk to the lady of the lake in Taverly, just south of the tree patch and ask about getting your Excalibur back, (it will cost 500gp per excalibur) then drop it and ask for another one, repeat as many times as required then pick them up and ask her to enchant them, she will enchant them all in one go.

Hope this mini tip helped, more coming in the future. 🙂

Buying Battlestaffs Is Now Easier

March 18, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Misc Runescape Guides, Runescape Items, Runescape skills, Runescape Tips No Comments →

It looks as though there was another improvement to Runescape during its latest upgrade. You now get all of the battlestaffs from Zaff (in Varrock) in noted form. This means that there is no repeat trips needed that waste your energy. Nice update Jagex.. keep them coming.

For those that do not know already, buying battlestaffs from Zaff for 7000 each, then selling them in the Grand Exchange is very profitable. Currently the price in the Grand Exchange is 8284 per battlestaff. So that is 1284 profit per staff.

The problem is that without any Varrock Achievement diary completions, you can only get 8 battlestaffs a day (that is still over 10k profit per day though). If you finish the 1st level of Varrock Achievement Diary, then you can buy 16 per day (over 20k profit per day). 2nd level give the ability of buying 32 in a day (over 40k profit in a day) and 3rd level lets you buy 64 battlestaffs per day (over 80k profit per day).

So you can see that this is a profitable system. I buy the full 64 every day that I play.  Having them noted saves having to do 3 trips.

Also, you can buy air orbs from the GE (currently 1093) and make air battlestaffs (as long as you have over 66 crafting). This will then give you some handy crafting experience (137.5 each). Cost is 8093 and you can alch them for 9300 for the cost of 1 nature rune.  This is what I do with my battlestaffs. Profit is over 64K minus the nature runes, and 8800 crafting experience.

All the best. 🙂

Godsword Poll

March 18, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Bestrunetips polls, Runescape Items 2 Comments →

We have just made up a new poll that asks which godsword you prefer. I personally love the Saradomin Godsword. The SGS has specials that restore both hitpoints and prayer, the amount depending on the size of the damage done. This means that food is left to a minimum with slayer tasks.

Also I often rent the Sara Godsword out for about 50k/hr, so it makes money for me while I am asleep. 🙂  Only problem is creating the junk maple longs (u), although at least my neglected fletching level is increasing.

What did you pick and why?

Lost Cannon In Runescape

February 19, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Items, Runescape Tips 11 Comments →

Have you ever lost your dwarven cannon before on Runescape? Well last night I lost mine for the 1st time when my Internet connection was lost for several minutes.

Although I know that it was only pixels and only a game, it was still a bit sad to know that I had lost about 600k due to a faulty Internet connection.  However, after telling Delarue64 about me losing the cannon, he told me how to get it back… and for free. 🙂 Below is how you too can get your cannon back for free.

It is actually quite simple to get your cannon back. First you have to find Nulodion, who can be found in the western building to the north of the Dwarven Mines. He will then give you some options.

Here are the 1st questions that Nulodion asks

Here are the 1st questions that Nulodion asks

Obviously, you choose I’ve lost my cannon.

Nulodion shows some sympathy

Nulodion shows some sympathy

So Nulodion shows some sympathy towards you losing the cannon.

Nulodion telling me to keep it quiet

Nulodion telling me to keep it quiet

Whoops, looks like I did not keep it quiet… I have put it on this blog post, lol.

Yay, I got my cannon back. Also shows the map where to find Nulodion.

Yay, I got my cannon back. Also shows the map where to find Nulodion.

So thanks Delarue64 for showing me how to get my cannon back for free. 🙂  I hope that others benefit from this post too. 🙂

Delarue64 Gets 99 Defence Thanks To Slayer!

January 05, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Items, runescape mini games, Runescape Monsters, Runescape skills 2 Comments →

Hi everyone, I acheived 99 defence last night. I thought I’d do a post about it, took a screenshot of getting 99. I made a video about it, will put that on youtube later on this year when I fix it up with the other 99s I achieved in 2008. Below is a screenshot of me getting 99 defence, I am the one in bronze armour with the fire cape on. I had a number of friends come along to my 99 defence party, they were Crowlion, Aj 692, Smiffy287, Halo3316, Slayer 6711 and Zee120. Thanks to everyone that came, couldn’t have done all the training without the support. 🙂

I got the last 5 experience for 99 on a level 1 rat in lumbridge with full bronze armour and bronze two hand sword. That’s about it for this post I think, anything else I think of I’ll put in.

I have uploaded the video on youtube, I have embedded it to this post just below. Enjoy!

If anyone wants to know what to train on, I suggest doing slayer if you are a member because it gives you a variety of monsters to kill so you don’t get bored, aswell as all the random loot you get from coins to dragon items or even a draconic visage if you get dragons. Goodluck with all your training and slaying if you choose to do some slayer. 🙂

My Trip To Barrows

October 21, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Items 82 Comments →

Last night I did a few trips to barrows (which I haven’t done for about 6 months). On the first trip I recieved an Ahrims Robeskirt and some death, mind and chaos runes. The second trip I didn’t have so much success although I did get about 3,000 coins and lots of runes.

When I went to try on the third trip, I forgot my spade because I banked everything at Varrock and went to buy the battlestaffs for the day. So I travelled to Burge De Rott to collect my spade from the bank, I was doing well, I killed them all except when I was up to Guthans I forgot that he wasn’t fully killed and went up the stairs then realised what I did, so I went back down killed him with 4 dds specials. Now all I had left was Ahrims in the tunnel. I thought that this should be easy as I had a good magic defence from karils top and skirt, I was wrong I nearly died from lag got down to 20 hitpoints then i managed to heal myself up and finish Ahrims off (because the lag had stopped). When I got up to the chest I saw somebody get a Guthans Warspear, I thought that all the luck from the chest would be gone. I was wrong, when I opened the chest I got a big surprise, I got my first ever double drop. The drop gave me Torags hammers and helmet, runes, and some coins.

The items I take to barrows are:

  • spade
  • super set
  • 2 prayer pots (4)
  • house teleport tablet
  • karils top and skirt
  • mage shortbow or crystal bow
  • 1000 mind
  • 200 death runes
  • ddp++ (dds)
  • whip
  • slayer staff
  • glory or fury amulet
  • helm of neitznoit
  • skill cape (t)
  • rune defender
  • fighter torso or rune platebody
  • rune platelegs
  • dragon boots
  • 100 rune arrows
  • Barrows gloves
  • ring of life (is a must incase you lag)
  • and around 13 sharks

On some trips I don’t need to use any prayer pots on other trips I use up to 2 doses depending on the time it takes to kill Dharocks, Ahrims and Karils. The order I kill all 6 brothers is Dharock, Karil, Ahrim, Verac, Torag then Guthans last (depending on which one is your tunnel). I always leave the tunnel brother till last as it is easier and doesnt take as long to do the trip. I use magic dart to kill the melee brothers, DDS specials and whip to kill Karil and mage or crystal bow to kill Ahrim. After the trips and once I have collected the loot from the chest I teleport to my POH (player owned house) and use my altar to get my prayer back up and then teleport to canifis with the portal.

Maybe one day I will be able to get a Guthans Warspear of my own, until then there is no harm in trying for it.

Happy Barrowing!



Dragon Drop Today

October 06, 2007 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Items 102 Comments →

Today was one of those rare days when I got a dragon drop. The last and only other time I got a dragon drop (apart from dragon boots) was when I managed to get a dragon medium helmet from a fire giant slayer task about 1 year ago.

As it turned out, today’s drop was a dragon left half, which is not as good a drop as it was when I saw Delarue64 get it at my place about 1 and a half years ago. When delarue64 had his dragon left half drop from a Basilik, they were worth over 2 million each. Now they are only worth about 450,000. However, I decided to pick it up rather than leave it on the ground. lol. Coincidently, Delarue64 was at my place again today and saw me get the dragon left half. So we had some shared luck there.

So how did I get this drop?  I recently, last weekend, completed the Karamja achievement diary, which allowed me to get the Karamja gloves 3. These gloves are quite handy, as they allow quick access to Shilo Village. This means quick access to the slayer master “Duradel”, which I took full advantage of. One of today’s tasks was 15 Steel Dragons. The very 1st Steel dragon slayed dropped the dragon left half. It was such a surprise.

I am hoping for more regular dragon drops, but we shall have to wait and see.