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Slayer Monster Weaknesses For Kuradal Tasks

September 22, 2013 By: BRT Cj Category: Misc Runescape Guides, Runescape Monsters, Runescape Tips 1 Comment →

Since the Evolution of Combat update and New interface, I’ve barely been doing slayer, but thought that I would post a list of weaknesses for people that may need them. I may revamp the slayer guides in the future when I get some more spare time. Any questions feel free to ask below. 🙂

Abberant Spectres – Thrown Ranged

Abyssal Demons – Slash Melee

Ascension Members – Ranged

Automatrons (requires the World Wakes quest) -Fire spells, Arrows Ranged, Crush Melee

Avansies – Bolts Ranged

Aquanites – Arrows Ranged

Black Demons – Bolts Ranged

Black Dragons – Bolts Ranged

Blue Dragons – Bolts Ranged

Daganoths – Slash Melee (lighthouse daganoths)

Dark Beasts – Bolts Ranged

Desert Strykewyrms – Stab Melee

Dust Devils – Crush Melee

Fire Giants – Slash Melee

Ganodermic Creatures – Fire Spells

Gargoyles – Water spells

Greater Demons – Bolts Ranged

Grifolapine – Water Spells

Grifolaroo – Earth Spells

Grotworms – Bolts Ranged

Hellhounds – Slash Melee

Ice Strykewyrms – Fire Spells

Iron Dragons – Water Spells

Jungle Strykewyrms – Stab Melee

Kalphites – Various Types depends on one you go to

Living Rock Creatures – Crush melee on strikers, Water spells on protector/patriach

Mithril Dragons – Earth Spells

Mutated Jadinkos – Stab Melee

Nechryaels – Crush Melee

Skeletal Wyverns – Fire Spells

Spiritual Mages – Bolts Ranged, Arrows for zamorak Mages

Steel Dragons – Water Spells

Suqahs – Fire Spells

Terror Dogs – Slash Melee

Tzhaar – Various depends on type you kill ( can do fire cave challenge instead of this task)

Vyrewatch – Blisterwood Thrown weapons, or the other Blisterwood weapons

Warped Tortoises – Bolts Ranged

Waterfiends – Bolts Ranged