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How To Slay Aquanites

March 15, 2011 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters No Comments →

Hey guys, sorry for late guides, I haven’t been doing much slayer since getting 99.

Slayers using Kuradel and wishing to get this task need to unlock it for 50 slayer points in the rewards section.

Here is a picture of what the Aquanites look like.

Aquanites are level 114 combat, they have 1250 life points and give 125 slayer experience each and require 78 slayer to be able to kill them. Magic protection prayer seemed to be inefficient as Aquanites occasionally knock it down. They are weak to stab and ranged, in this guide I will be showing my melee method as I found it to be easier for the task. Aquanites also attack with magic, and are at the end of the slayer cave in relekka.

Below is the gear I use, the weapon is a chaotic rapier for its high stab bonus, you could use chaotic longsword or a whip if you don’t have a chaotic rapier.


The cape is ardy cape 4, it is for its stab attack bonus and magic defence bonus of +6.


I used karils for the high magic defence, and also because armadyl gives negative stab bonus. The ring is only for teleporting to get a new task, you can use a ring to help kill them faster if you prefer, perhaps a berserker ring would be beneficial for the strength bonus, or onyx ring (i) for the stab bonus.

The inventory below is only a second shot at getting it right, it contains items that help preserve space in the inventory such as herbicide (to get herb experience for herbs drops from kills), bonecrusher ( to get prayer bonus from the big bones dropped per kill), bolt pouch (to hold multi bolts). The various runes are for placeholders for frequent drops, also alch runes for the water and air battle staffs that get dropped. If you can’t use a unicorn stallion, a good alternative would be to use a bunyip with the swallow whole scrolls like with the waterfiend guide, because of the frequent raw food drops.


The sword in the bottom left corner is enhanced excalibur for the special attack that heals 400 lifepoints and gives a defence boost.


The excalibur was also positioned in that spot for using the special quickly by using the hot key method (f5 and f1). I have tested both overloads and extreme sets, and found extreme sets to be more beneficial because health was an issue with overloads. My healing methods were unicorn> Excalibur >food, as food was for emergencies.

Aquanites drop a variety of herbs (ranging from guam to dwarf weed) and seeds ranging from avantoe to torstol seeds., heaps of rune and addy bolts, hence the need for the bolt pouch that holds up to 250 in each slot. They also drop 10 rune darts frequently. As with most monsters Aquanites drop hard clue scrolls.

The way I set my herbicide potion, was so that none of the herbs were left on the ground and I got 2x the cleaning experience for all of them, to save inventory.

They also are the only monster that drops the ranging amulet, which gives +15 ranging attack, making it the best ranging amulet in game to date, but only at the price of 800k.

Below is the loot I got from 194 Aquanites, please note I didn’t pick up green or gold charms as I have 99 summoning, but from what I  saw they weren’t that common of a drop compared to the blue charm rate.

The noted seaweed and snape grass isn’t an accurate measurement of how much you will get per task, as I started collecting near the end of the task as I had spare inventory spaces, same applies for the air and water runes. The herb seeds I collected were snapdragon, kwuarm, torstol,

Hopefully you found this guide helpful, if you have any confusion about the items I used, or have any comments or suggestions on how I can make this guide better, please comment below. 🙂