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Slaying Ice Warriors With 1 Defence Pures

November 20, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

This guide will show you how to cannon ice warriors for 1 defence pures.

First of all you need to have 50+ mining, or in my case I had 49 but used dwarven stout to get through the tunnel.

Here is the inventory I used, note: this picture was taken about 10 kills into my tasks of 103.

Here is the equipment I used keep in mind this is a 1 defence guide, you can use better if you have higher defence, also the lightness boots can be swapped for climbing if you are 1 defence:


Here is the end result of the 103 ice warrior task:

The seeds were snapdragon and lantadyme. I started with 2000 cannonballs, so overall it was a cheap slayer task and gave around 6k experience at the end. They also drop 2-3 mithril and adamant arrows but I didn’t keep them as I needed room for the cannon.

The ice gloves are from the Ice queen in the area, but you can trap here as shown in this picture:

Well that’s it for the guide,  hope it helps, any questions comments or suggestions feel free to comment below. 🙂

What to buy from the stores of runescape for Profit!

November 16, 2010 By: islay x sara Category: Runescape Tips 3 Comments →

This is a Daily Money Making guide you can only doing once a day. you spend 30Minutes max and make over 200k 🙂 Hope it helps.

Go to Al Kharid (located next to Lumbridge) use 10Gp if you haven’t done Prince Ali Rescue to get through the gate to Al Kharid.
Run South-West to Shantay Pass to trade with Shantay.
Buy all stock of Feathers (1000).
–Kingdom, make sure you have done the two quests Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble otherwise you cannot do this method.
Run East to trade with the Etceterian Fishmonger.
Buy all 1000 Feathers.
Run West to trade with the Miscellanian Fishmonger.
Buy 1000 Feathers.


Teleport using the Camelot teleport then run down to Catherby. Run to the docks and speak to the General Store owner Arhein (remember you must “Talk” to him) buy 40 Pineapples and 80 Seaweed (they will be baught noted at 2Gp each)

Teleport to Falador. Run North-West into Taverly to trade with Jatix he is the Druid located in the shop to buy starter Herblore equipment.
Buy all packs for of Vials (300) and 1000 Eye of Newts.
–Port Sarim
Run South to the Fishing Shop to trade with Gerrant.
Buy  all 1000 Feathers.
–Gu’Tanoth make sure you have done Zogre Flesh Eaters quest otherwise you cannot access Gu’Tanoth.
Run out and South around the City. Run into Gu’Tanoth marketplace to trade with the Herblore Ogre Merchant.
Buy all packs of Vials (300) and 1000 Eye of Newts.
–Oo’glog make sure you have done the quest As a First Resort.
Run West to trade with Chargurr.
Buy all packs of Raw Bird Meat (300)
Jump in the Salt Spring just North. Run South-West to trade with Frawd.
Buy 1000 Feathers.
Run East to the Bank. Deposit the Raw Bird Meat.
Run West to trade with Aemad in the General Store.
Buy all packs of Vials of water (300)
Activate the Karamaja Gloves 3 (must have done Karamja Achievement Diarys Easy – Hard) and Clap teleport to Shilo Village or take a boat to Brimhaven / Karamja pay 10gp to use the Cart. Run South to trade with Obli.
Buy all packs of Vials (1000) and 1000 Vials of Water.
Run East to the Fishing Shop to trade with Fernahei.
Buy 1000 Feathers.
–Rellekka -&- Lunar Island must have done the quest Lunar Diplomacy.
Teleport to your House (if it’s just south of Rellekka). Run North to the town marketplace to trade with the Fishmonger.
Buy 1000 Feathers.
Run just West to trade with Sigmund the Merchant.
Buy all packs of Vials (300) and 300 Vials of Water.
Run North-West and sail to Lunar Island. Run North-West into the City to trade with Melana Moonlander.
Buy all packs of Vials (1000).
Run North to the Chicken House to trade with Baba Yaga.
Buy  20 Battlestaves.
Run South into the bank. Deposit the Battlestaves. Operate the Games Necklace to the Barbarian Outpost. Run North and up the Lighthouse to trade with Jossik.
Buy all packs of Vials (1000) and 1000 Vials of Water.
Only do Entrana if you can be bothered as it is a little out of way.
Cabbage Teleport and run South to the Dock. Deposit your Ring. Take the boat to Entrana. Run West to trade with Frincos.
Buy all packs Vials (300) and 1000 Eye of Newts.


Teleport to Varrock then run to the staff shop with Zaff in it and buy 8-80 Battlestaffs from Naff (Varrock Diary Achievements will increase amount baught per day and note they will be baught noted)

Feel free to leave suggestions on where else you can simply make money to add to this guide!


Warped Floors Update

November 03, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

The long awaited for third batch for dungeoneering is finally out. 🙂 From a quick glimpse the rewards look great, especially the spirit cape and bone necklace. 🙂

Good luck to all that are 95+ dungeoneering already, will look forward to seeing the floors when I reach there myself.

On a side note, the update about decanting potions in noted form is good, except it wouldn’t work for the extreme potions. 🙁

For those worthy enough to reach them, the Warped Floors delve another thirteen floors deeper underground. Six new bosses await dungeoneers here, such as the crazed human test-subject Blink, who has been driven mad by his love for portal magic. Use the room’s cover to your advantage and perhaps you’ll live to survive his furious attacks – but there are no promises. Then there are the hope devourers, behemoths with a hunger for an opponent’s faith. If you fall to this beast, you won’t be the first, or the last.

No Dungeoneering release is complete without challenge rooms, and this update comes with eight new combat and skill-based trials, including one Warped-specific room. This warped room will require sturdy constitution and a mind for puzzles, as you move from room to room through a labyrinth of portals.

With the deepest set of floors comes the final peak of our XP upward curve, allowing Prestige veterans to access the tastiest XP and token rates. Now there’s no excuse to stop at a mere level 99 – it’s onwards to true skill mastery and level 120!

If you’re a reward fiend, then worry not: there are eight new items for those with a token hoard big enough. The bone necklaces restore prayer points when you bury bones (a perfect complement to the bonecrusher), while a spirit cape will reduce the cost of your combat familiar’s special moves. Members might also get their hands on a tamed stalker pet, a curious creature with a nasty habit of collecting your eyelashes and toenail clippings…


Mod Trick, Mod Chris L, Mod Liono and Mod Mark
The Dungeoneering Team

In other news…

The black mask has a new “Remove-charge” option to aid players wanting to sell their masks via the Grand Exchange.

Bob Barter, the Herblore expert at the Grand Exchange who decants your potions into 4-doses for you, will now accept noted potions.

The Daemnonheim boss Icy Bones now correctly drops his ‘Troll scrawlings’ – a part of the Dungeoneering journal.

The Yanille pet shop owner will now allow players to sell as many spirit shards as they like.

All skillcapes have now been reworked to use identical skill icons.

The Halloween event will now remain in-game until next week.