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Nomad Killing Guide Video

October 09, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Tips 1 Comment →

Hello all,

I have made a video about killing nomad in the quest nomad’s requiem, as I have noticed so many people have trouble with this fight, here is the information about the fight.

Aj used armadyl chestplate, plateskirt, helm of neitznoit, fury amulet, rune crossbow with diamond bolts (e), dragon boots, blessed spirit shield, defence cape, barrows gloves, whip and dragon dagger p++ in inventory for specials.

The familiars Aj used were war tortoise, and spirit kyatt. You can substitute these for pak yak and steel titan if you have them.

When preparing inventory and Beast of Burden, make sure you keep saradomin brews and super restores at a ratio of 3:1 brew:res. Take a couple rocktails for emergencys, boost pots don’t seem to be worth the effort, apart from overloads if you have them. Use soulsplit instead of deflect magic if you have it, have drain mage,range and melee ones on, Aj only had sap drains in this video.

After your beast of burden has ran out of inventory dismiss it and summon an attacking familiar, spirit kyatt seems to do a good job for low levels.

Avoid stepping on the orange things he drops as they do 400 damage as you might be able to see in this vid when Aj made that mistake.

When Nomad teleports you and freezes you to the spot, that’s when he will do a special attack that will do your constitution level minus 1, so heal up over your health limit with brews/rocktails.

When he talks about wrath, that is when he will do 750 damage attack.
He will talk about how your senses will serve you, that is when he will split up into 4, attack the one that attacks first if you can, also your familiar will probably pick him out first.

Nomad will heal when you get him to 1/3 health, then will go into melee rage mode when you get him back down to 1/4 health, when he does that make sure you turn deflect/protect melee on or he will down you quickly.

Some tips about spirit kyatt scrolls, it seems that it can backfire and attack you, and hit pretty accurately, make sure to call it if it turns on you.

At the end of the video, you speak to the imp and go back to see nomad’s dead body. After the quest complete scroll, you can talk to the imp and ask him about rewards and you can pick your colour cape.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy it. 🙂


The Void Stares Back Quest Release

October 06, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 3 Comments →

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The third grandmaster quest for 2010 is now released, hopefully they keep up the trend of the other two and have good rewards to go with it. 🙂 The login screen change is useful, less clicks to log in now. Hopefully the updates with runecrafting are good, use to hate runecrafting bloods through the abyss because of the extra movement/clicks to make them.

I was in the middle of a bandos trip, hopefully they don’t have many updates to fix stuff after this is done, as I want to get back there soon. 🙂

EDIT: Here is a picture of the solution to the 3rd or 4th puzzle, hope it helps. 🙂

For fighting the Queen at end, I used a combination of special restores, saradomin brews, super restore/prays, rocktails, yak full of rocktail/brew/restore combo. To defeat the queen, protect the archers at all costs, by killing the defilers when they spawn, as they kill the healers. When the queen is about to do the special attack that does 500+ damage to everything around it, use the Korasi’s sword special attack to stop it.

Good luck to all that try, the complete rewards are below in this picture.




The books of equilibrium give 50k experience each to any combat skill.


The Void Stares Back marks the end of the Void Knight quest series we started this summer. So far, you have investigated and tracked a released pest; unscrambled Korasi’s memories; witnessed the death of Void Knights at the hands of a mysterious figure; pushed around beer barrels; infiltrated a Black Knight workshop; and played with puzzle boxes.

Once more, the Void Knights call on you for assistance. Their skills at stealth are not nearly as keen as your own and Korasi needs you to infiltrate the Black Knights again. Doing so will lead to many dangers, both mental and physical, but will enable you to discover who the real mastermind behind this nefarious pest-fuelled plot is, and what they really wanted those puzzle boxes for…

Finding out is the easy part, though, as stopping them will push your diplomatic and strategic skills to the limit as you command your knightly allies against a truly unhinged foe. Oh, and you might want to brush up on your Conquest tactics as well.

After all of these trials, tribulations and moral quandaries, your standing among the Void Knights will be judged, but we’re sure you’ll not be found wanting…as you’ll also be thoroughly rewarded with a variety of experience and some upgraded Void Knight gear that shows off your true colours.

Mod Nancy, Mod Moltare and Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developers


Where to start The Void Stares Back:

Talk to Captain Korasi in Falador Park.

Requirements to start The Void Stares Back:

80 Magic
78 Attack
78 Strength
71 Firemaking
70 Construction
70 Crafting
70 Smithing
55 Summoning
10 Defence
A Void Dance
Complete the Conquest tutorial
A combat level of 100+ is recommended

In other news…

The various Deflect curses now work properly with the God Wars Dungeons boss, Kree’arra. Previously, it would ignore the Deflect curses, but worked with the normal Protect From prayers.

A quick option has been added to altars in Daemonheim to allow you to quickly restore your Prayer points. That’s particularly useful if you’re in combat at the time!

Moved some of the higher parts of the Wilderness wall so preferred runecrafting routes are unaffected.

Using an empty plant pot on a farming patch will now fill all of the empty ones in your inventory.

The login screen has been simplified and reworked to make it even easier to login.

You’ll now arrive closer to the Blood Altar when travelling there via the Abyss.

We’ve fixed the magical blastbox to work correctly with the Fire Bolt spell.

Added a confirm message when dismantling godswords.