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Dungeoneering Occult Floors

August 19, 2010 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills No Comments →

I have not been working on the dungeons of late, but like the idea of these extra floors. The extra xp per floor with prestige will certainly help 🙂 The bag for the strange rocks will help with bank space too 🙂

As the depths of Daemonheim reach ever closer to the strange power at their end, its magic has begun to affect the inhabitants who stalk its halls. Those humans abandoned on the floors above are the lucky ones, as the ones driven further down by their master have…changed, and have been joined by the magically gifted and the undead.

Members who venture through the twelve occult floors will have to face these tainted foes, mostly in the form of six new boss monsters. One boss that requires some skill to defeat is the Grave Creeper, who hides in a series of tombs – if you don’t quickly bless the graves he taints, the room can become engulfed in flame…and you with it. Then, as mentioned in this month’s Behind the Scenes, there’s Yk’Lagor the Thunderous, so named because he’s a talkative guy (voice acting supplied by the developers). Heed his warnings or be the focus of a melee pummelling, but don’t stray too far away else his magic attack can quickly take out your whole group!

Before you get to face these new bosses, you’ll likely come across one of nine new challenge rooms. These are not all exclusive to the occult floors and will tax both members and free-players alike. Withstand the pain of deadly herbs (slaughtercress, papreaper and parslay came from player suggestions in the Aggressive Herbs – Name Ideas! forum thread), build bridges over bottomless pits, and perform last rites on a tormented spirit.

Traversing through the occult floors will allow you to increase your maximum prestige up to 47, with which you should be earning anywhere up to about 40% more XP than if your maximum prestige were 35 (depending upon your dungeon setup and how well you do). In turn, you’ll earn more Dungeoneering tokens – just the thing for buying some of the five new rewards. Free players can learn a technique to become more efficient at smithing and charge special boxes with spells to cast. Members can enjoy such delights as herbicide (an automatic herb burner) and Rigour, a new prayer for rangers, among other things.

Mod Mark, Mod Chris L, Mod Liono and Mod Trick
The Dungeoneering Team

In other news…

As previously mentioned by Mod Trick, we’ve now implemented the feature to reset your Dungeoneering class rings. This is a one-time only option, so choose wisely this time.

We’ve added a useful new item to the Dungeoneering smuggler’s shop. The toolkit contains a selection of the more useful items used in most dungeons which should help speed up the start of your dungeons.

When progressing through dungeons, if you’ve purposefully selected a lower complexity, the complexity level will no longer increase as you progress through the floors.

Barnabas in Varrock Museum has noticed the popularity of the strange rocks and can now help you further by offering a bag to store them in. On a related note, the chance of getting a rock from Construction activities has been increased slightly.

The music interface now has a search feature so you can easily find the tracks you’re after, which should be useful when you’re creating a playlist or simply looking for those tracks you’ve just unlocked.

Elite Treasure Trails Update

August 05, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks great, can’t wait to get an elite clue scroll and find out what the rewards are like. 🙂

The update about scroll boxes looks good, as it was annoying accidently looting the rewards and having to fight off reverants or even pkers back in the old days. 🙂

Treasure Trails have been given an improvement today with fiendish new challenges to test even the mightiest adventurer, but also many new rewards to tempt them. You may find that the likes of Bork, the Corporeal Beast and the Skeletal Horror (among others) now have a rare chance of dropping an elite clue scroll.

These clues are a step beyond what has gone before, whether it’s a scanning orb that only highlights the next clue when you’re standing near it, or a simple compass showing the direction of the next clue but not the distance. Even finding your next clue might not be so easy, as you may disturb a powerful follower of Guthix or end up racking your brains over one of the tricky new Celtic knot puzzles.

Stick with it, though, and you may be lucky enough to receive one of the 150+ new reward items! There are new bows, Third Age druidic gear, dragon masks, animal staves, kits to improve the look of dragon armour, and items for followers of Armadyl, Bandos and even Zar- (shh!)

Many of the new reward items are for the elite trails, but easy, medium and hard trails have had some added too. We’ve also added a mechanism to ensure that each and every treasure trail completed will reward you with at least one treasure trail-specific item, by introducing new items common to all levels of trails.

The cross-trail items include Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak arrows (which have a chance of causing elemental damage and vanish on impact); single-use teleport scrolls to out-of-the-way places like Nardah and Miscellania; stackable biscuits that each restore one Prayer Point (plus a few life points); and existing items like sweets, torn pages and firelighters. Oh, and let’s not forget the meerkat summoning pouches, which will bring a cute little treasure-hunting familiar to your side…

Finally, we’ve introduced scroll boxes, which look different from caskets. This way, you can know for certain that opening a scroll box will always lead you to another clue scroll, and that when you do finally get a casket, you’ll know not to open it in a dangerous area, because it will always contain…TREASURE!

Adventurers, the trails await!

Mod Maylea
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news…

Treasure Trails supplemental:

As part of the Treasure Trails update, some of the older clues and puzzles requiring specific items or combinations of items have been substituted with more suitable ones.

Demo mode removed:

This week sees the removal of the demo mode option for new players; existing demo mode users will be able to continue playing for the time being.

Dwarf cannon:

You can now have multiple parts of a dwarf cannon in your bank or inventory, but you may only set one cannon up at a time. This is a slight change: previously, you could only have one of each of the four dwarf cannon parts or one cannon on the ground.

Shattered Heart rocks:

You should now be able to get strange rocks from any Construction activity that would garner you Construction XP (building furniture, making flatpacks) while in your player owned house.