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Elemental Workshop III Quest Release

May 25, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

The third installment of the elemental workshop series finally 🙂 Hopefully it has good rewards, although looking at the latest trend with the series and the requirements it doesn’t look like they will be that great. 🙁 Going to try the quest out tomorrow sometime inbetween my quest to 91 runecrafting lol. Good luck to all that attempt it 🙂 Hope it rewards the time spent.

The Elemental Workshop below Seers’ Village holds many secrets, long forgotten by the world above. Even as you read this, adventurers are scouring the world of RuneScape to find the means to pass through the body door, eager as they are to unlock more of this ancient forge’s mysteries.

Your efforts in the previous Elemental Workshop quest quite literally required a piece of your mind, but you’ll need it in a more typical, puzzle-solving capacity to get the contraption hidden behind the body door working again. Grasp the inner workings of this contraption, another of Vitruvius’s ingenious machines, and you will be able to show off your mental prowess with equipment made from the new body bar, and the ability to create body armour with elemental metals.

And for those adventurers who cannot master the puzzle, only insanity awaits…

Mod Dylan
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start The Elemental Workshop III:

Seers’ Village chapel.

Requirements to start The Elemental Workshop III:

Elemental Workshop II
Level 20 Mining
Level 33 Defence
Level 33 Smithing

In other news…

You can now right-click the ‘Now playing’ song to add it to your music playlist.

We’ve added three more areas where NPCs can now appear and offer to teleport you to the Fish Flingers D&D. These locations are Piscatoris, Shilo Village and Barbarian Village.

You can now choose the colour of your split chat. In the in-game options menu, click the Split Private Chat check box and select a colour.

We’ve overhauled a core part of our graphics engine to give it four times as much fidelity for modelling and animation; as a result you may notice that various aspects of the in-game graphics look smoother. Because this change has involved modifying many thousands of models and animations there’s a small chance certain combinations won’t look quite right. We encourage you to submit bug reports if you spot anything amiss. You may also find the game client takes slightly longer to update this week while it processes all the changes we’ve made.

Mini Dot Point Guide For Fairy Tale Part 3 Quest

May 14, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape quests No Comments →

Hi all, I just completed the quest, so thought I’d write a little dot point guide to help 🙂 WARNING THIS SHOWS SPOILERS, DON’T LOOK IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ABOUT THE QUEST.

  1. Travel to Zanaris using fairy rings and talk to the fairy. (make sure you have the certificate in your bank or in your inventory before accepting the teleport in step 2)
  2. Get teleported to the queen and get briefed about the mission.
  3. Pick up a hammer and secateurs from north west corner of the area, use them on each other to get the tooth extractor.
  4. Go to the house north of the bank in Zanaris, use the extractor on the door, talk to Gnarly the goat, and give him milk then agree to carry him back to the queen.
  5. Return to the queen, get another briefing from the tooth fairy.
  6. Talk to the Ork general outside the windmill in Zanaris. Then talk to a normal Ork in Zanaris that is wondering around.
  7. Talk to fairy FixIt near the fairy rings, then follow the code to talk to the Ork on the island about the tooth that he knocked out, then pickpocket it from him.
  8. Go back to the fairy rings and go to BKQ, talk to the general, then the dryads til you get told the code for getting a mango.
  9. Get the mango, give it to the general then extract the tooth from the mango.
  10. Go to the 3rd Ork general code then talk to the general, convince him that the pain is bad and that you are a real dentist then take the tooth out.
  11. Return to the tooth fairy, get another briefing, and gear up in magic defence gear and melee weapons, possibly take super/extreme set and a prayer potion in case.
  12. Equip the wand after you are ready to fight, then follow the codes to get to the fairy godfather area.
  13. Look through the branches, talk to tooth fairy after the cut scene.
  14. Go through the branches, put on mage/melee prayer depending on your gear, kill the Ork generals and warriors then plant the 3 teeth in the south corner of the area, wait for them to grow.
  15. Once they are grown they will fight the godfather and kill his shield, once the shield is down you can attack him, kill him then talk to him and you get another cut scene, then talk to the fairies after you get teleported there, you will be told to talk to the master farmer in Draynor and given a free teleport to get there.
  16. Talk to him and he will complete the quest.
  17. Congrats 🙂

A Fairy Tale Part III Quest Release Update

May 13, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Finally the 3rd installment of the fairy tale quest series, looks like a fun quest. 🙂

The update about barrows puzzle doors is great as it was annoying to have to try click and get attacked all the time or end up clicking the wrong answer in the rush to click. 🙂

Good luck to all that try the quest. 🙂

Things look grim indeed for Zanaris and the fairy folk who live there, and it may already be too late. The Fairy Godfather’s little coup d’état worked, and he’s opened up a rift to an ork-filled realm to rally an army. In particularly, his personal retinue of ork generals have made him, how you say, untouchable.

Thanks to your efforts, the Fairy Queen managed to survive this coup, and since returning to active duty has built up a Fairy Resistance. Her chief military advisor, the Tooth Fairy, feels the time is right to mount a counter-offensive and neutralise the Godfather and his orks once and for all.

In a Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift, the third and final part of this fairy quest trilogy, you’ll be drafted to put the Tooth Fairy’s battle plan into action, preparing for the final push to take out the Fairy Godfather and his cronies. Dealing with him and his army of orks will take military precision, solid tactics…and more than a little bit of amateur dentistry. It will also test the combat skills of you and your allies in a fight to determine fate of Zanaris.

Your efforts to help the fairies will not go unrewarded; the spoils of this war include another magic farming tool and use of the fairy ring network without a staff. Maybe even Martin the Master Gardener will have some extra reward for you, seeing how it was he who set you on this path in the first place…

While carrying out the Tooth Fairy’s orders, you’ll probably notice that Zanaris has had a bit of sprucing up (as mentioned in these Developers’ Blogs), and that the orks are that little bit uglier. There’s never been a better time to set things right in the fairy kingdom – it’s time to fight for tooth, justice and the Zanarian way!

Mod Tytn

Lead RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift:

Speak to the Fairy Queen at Fairy Resistance HQ
(you’ll need Fairy Nuff’s certificate to travel there; you can get a replacement from Fairy Nuff’s grotto north of Zanaris bank if you no longer have it).

Requirements to start A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift:

A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen
Wolf Whistle
Level 59 Magic
Level 54 Farming
Level 51 Thieving
Level 37 Summoning
Level 36 Crafting
Ability to survive a battle against the equivalent of a level 180 foe

In other news…

Picking flowers as part of the Lily of the Valley holiday event has now been removed.

You can now obtain Shattered Heart’s strange rocks from mining gold and coal in the Living Rock Caverns, stealing from chests and stalls, making molten glass and throwing pottery, and from smithing cannonballs.

The Barrows has been adjusted so that when stood next to a puzzle door, you will no longer be interrupted by nearby NPCs attacking you.