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Dungeoneering Skill Release

April 12, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

Finally the new skill for 2010 is released! 🙂 It looks interesting, won’t have a look at it til I finish off doing monkey madness on my new pure though, was halfway through it when it was updated. Good luck to all that try the new skill, will update when I get round to trying it out myself 🙂 The xp counter update looks good too, was great to have on the bonus weekend 🙂

EDIT: I have now reached 50 dungeoneering, the second binded item helps alot but this seems more of a mini game then a skill. It’s still a fun way to have a break from normal skills. 🙂

Dungeoneering Skill!

“As my foot touched the first icy cobblestone, a sense of dread flowed through my already shivering limbs. I could feel a presence, powerful and malevolent, hidden in the darkness before me. Cautiously, I rounded the corner, and was hit by a blast of hot, sulphur-smelling air. There was a sound of cracking bone and gristle that turned my stomach. Then my eyes adjusted and I saw it: a hulking demon, sitting before a blood-spattered stone door and feasting on the bodies of my fallen brothers. It was in that moment, as I raised my axe and prepared to charge for vengeance or death, that I gave the place the name it now bears…the Dungeons of Daemonheim.”

It’s out! The new skill is here and it’s available on free-to-play! You’ll receive all the equipment you need to train the skill when you arrive, so catch a boat to Daemonheim from behind the Al Kharid bank to start your new adventures!

Within each dungeon, the adventuring party is asked to solve puzzles and fight monsters, while using their skills to overcome the fiendish challenges that stand in their way. Use your skills to equip your party members, search for loot and keys and explore the floor until you find the epic boss monster at the end.

The environment contains hundreds of new objects, NPCs, rooms and locations covering an area more than 60 times the size of Falador – more than any single update ever has!

After adventuring (with a group of up to 4 other players), you’ll be able to access a wealth of new skill upgrades and reward items, including new weapons and armour for both the free and members’ game.

If you have any questions, please use the dedicated forums (Adventuring Parties, Dungeoneering Feedback and Dungeoneering Help) and read the associated KB articles.

Mod Mark
Lead Designer – RuneScape

Mod Trick, Mod Liono, Mod Chris L and Mod Benny
Principal Dungeoneering Developers

In other news…

The 2010 Easter event has been removed with this update.

We’ve added a button left of the minimap which you can toggle to show the total XP you have gained during your login session. After your feedback of this feature from the Bonus XP Weekend, this XP counter is here to stay!

Boss Hunt For Del’s 99 Slayer

April 01, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Bestrunetips polls 5 Comments →

EDIT: As we realised this would be held on the easter weekend, so therefore it will be reschedueled for a week or so. As many people wouldn’t be able to come. Sorry for doing this, but I promise we will go armadyl soon.


Well the poll is up and the winner is Armadyl by 2 votes. Thanks for everyone that voted, the boss hunt will commence on friday or saturday night this week, will keep updated. Everyone is welcome to turn up and come to the armadyl hunt. Will open up the bestrunetips clan chat for the event and probably afterwards for ingame help if people need it. Note any spammers will be kicked. Thanks and hope to see you there. 🙂