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Del Gets 99 Slayer!

March 28, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape skills 5 Comments →

Hi all, I achieved 99 slayer earlier this morning. 🙂

Please note that this was not the boss hunt, that is still to come within a couple of days, will keep you updated about when it will happen. 🙂 So if you haven’t voted on the poll yet please do, as it will finish soon. I cashed in the penguin points to get the last of the experience as it was easier then to make everyone that came to go to my slayer task. As mentioned at the end of the video I made around 85m or so from 94-99.

Here is the video I made 🙂

Here are some screenshots from 99 slayer 🙂


This is another picture from 99 slayer, after I clicked the slayer skill itself once I had leveled:

Thanks to everyone that came to the small gathering this morning, and for supporting me the whole time during my slaying. 🙂

How To Slay Jungle Strykewyrms

March 25, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 1 Comment →

Last but not least for the strykewyrm guides is the jungle strykewyrms. These are the lowest out of the three, but not to be taken too easily if you have low defence or hitpoints/constitution.

To get to jungle strykewyrms go north of the mobilising armies area, which can be accessed by using the spirit tree or teleporting there with 10 magic. There is also a bank there incase you need to bank quickly or if you forget something.

Jungle Strykewyrms are level 110, have 110 hitpoints/1100 constitution and they can poison for 40-80 damage, and attack with melee/magic. They require 73+ slayer to get assigned/be able to kill them.

The inventory picture below is different to what I normally take now, you won’t need bunyips if you have high defence/hitpoints as they don’t hit that often. I usually take a pet to raise while I kill these now, (like my new blue/white monkey 🙂 ). Also that is a borrowed saradomin godsword, which you probably won’t need either as I find that the enchanted excalibur is more then enough for healing.

As with most tasks I melee with I take the normal equipment, but for money reasons I can’t afford the best equipment at the moment so modify this to your needs.

As with all strykewyrm tasks it is best to stand near a rock/tree or something to dodge the 300 damage special attack as I mentioned in the other 2 strykewyrm guides. Jungle strykewyrms can drop a variety of herbs and seeds, as well as noted papaya fruits, pure essence, and the rare hexcrest, which I was lucky enough to get one on my first task, but haven’t been able to get one for around 5-10 tasks now.

Here is the loot I got from 106 jungle strykewyrms:

I can’t remember what the seeds were but they can drop snapdragon seeds. As well as alot of helpful stuff as you can see in the picture above.

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. :)

How To Slay Gargoyles

March 19, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

Since the release of the kill shot ability and the release of Kuradal’s dungeon these have been very easy to kill. I use to skip these quite often because of the need to use rockhammer on them all the time.

Gargoyles are level 111 and give 105 slayer experience each.They also require 75 slayer and a rock hammer in the inventory at all times to kill them.

Here is a picture of one of them:


They are reasonably easy to kill, and can drop rare items such as black mystic top, granite maul and adamant boots.

To get to Kuradal’s dungeon you can use the ferocious ring to teleport next to her, or use the fairy rings to go near the waterfiend area just downstairs from here. If you don’t have access to either of these options, you can go through the waterfall like it is mentioned in the mithril dragon guide by aj 692.

This is the inventory I take, this picture was taken just after using a dose of super set and summoning my bunyip. You could use saradomin godsword for the special instead of the enchanted excalibur if you have one.

I use my basic melee equipment that I use for most tasks, again you would be better off with a dragonfire shield aswell.

Gargoyles drop a decent amount of blue charms probably about 1 in 10 kills on average. As with all monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon they also drop the ferocious ring. They also drop noted pure essence, a variety of runes and as mentioned before the rare drops of granite maul, black mystic robe top and adamant boots.

This is the loot I recieved from killing 182 gargoyles:

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. 🙂

Maging Ice Strykewyrms

March 19, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 6 Comments →

As I mentioned in the post below about Desert Strykewyrms I will continue to do slayer guides until 99 slayer. This one is about Ice Strykewyrms.

Ice Strykewyrms require 93 slayer to kill, as well as having obtained a fire cape or paying the 2k slayer points to do damage to them. They have 300 hitpoints or (3000 constitution). Ice Strykewyrms attack with melee if within range, if not they also attack with magic. As well as that they also do the special attack like I mentioned before in the desert strykewyrm guide.

They are extremely weak against fire spells such as fire surge, below is the highest hit I managed to do with close to maxed magic gear and pots.

The familiar I have there is a Wolpertinger (92 summoning required), I use it because it’s scroll gives +7 magic which is the same as the extreme magic potion but stacks in 1 inventory spot and lasts up to 62 minutes. As you probably noticed, I use deflect magic prayer against these, but protection from magic works just as well.

Here is the inventory I took, yes I know there is way too many prayer potions in there, I realised that after about 10-20 kills because I had no room for loot so banked around 5 as well as the sharks.

I used the fairy rings to get to them, the code for it is DKS then go in the tunnel north of there. The runes are for 1640 fire surge casts.

Below is the equipment I took, you have to have the fire cape equiped to do damage to them unless you paid the 2k slayer points.

The staff of light can be dropped by the Ice Strykewyrms, it has the ability to let you cast a spell without using the runes for it 20% of the time, as well as the special attack that gives you 50% less damage taken from melee attacks for 1 minute.

Here is the loot I got from 140 Ice Strykewyrms:

They dropped rune bars 1 at a time, 200 pure essence. The seeds were kwuarm and toadflax.

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. 🙂

Slaying Desert Strykewyrms

March 19, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 2 Comments →

Hey all, I figured since I’m on the home stretch for finishing off slayer (98-99) that I’d finish off as many slayer guides as I can with the tasks I get in the meantime, since it will be doubtful I will slay after 99. First up is Desert Strykewyrms.

Desert Strykewyrms were recently added to the slayer skill a couple months back along with Ice and Jungle Strykewyrms which I will make guides for aswell in the near future. The desert strykewyrms require 77 slayer and are level 130 and also have 120 hitpoints (1200 with new constitution update). They attack with melee and range, and also have a special attack that can cause 300 damage if you can’t afford it in time (they dig under ground, all you have to do is move 2-3 squares away to avoid it, or by standing next to a cacti or a wall for the other strykewyrms).

You can’t kill any strykewyrm without getting them as a task first. As when you try to investigate it like in the picture below they won’t respond.

When you have them as a task they will respond to your investigation and look like the picture below.

To get to the Desert Strykewyrms, walk east from the palace in Al Kharid and jump over the stile, as shown in the map below.

NOTE: this area is classed as desert, so survival gear like waterskins or enchanted water tiara are necessities.

Below is a picture of the inventory I took, you won’t need as many waterskins as I took if you take humidify with you, they also drop 2x (4) waterskins often aswell.

The sword is the enchanted excalibur I use it for the special which gives 200 hitpoints and gives the same defence boost as a normal defence potion. As I mentioned before about the waterskins, you also probably won’t need the sharks, I only took them incase I got hit by the 300 damage special attack for quick healing.

Here is the equipment I took, I use this for most tasks I melee with, although if you are richer then me you can use the dragonfire shield as well instead of the rune defender.

When your waterskins run low use humidify as shown in the picture below:

You need to have the lunar spellbook unlocked to do this, the spell refills all waterskins in your inventory for 1 cast.

The picture below is my loot from a 151 desert strykewyrm task:

The seeds in the picture were 1x toadflax, torstol, snapdragon, maple and 6 cadantines. They drop 120 pure essence each time, 10 yew logs, and rest that is noted is pretty varied. They can also drop the rare Focus Sight which you can attach to your slayer helmet as long as you have a Hexcrest aswell (which is obtainable from Jungle Strykewyrms).

That’s pretty much about it for the guide, if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you think I have missed anything in the guide or even just comments about the guide feel free to comment in the box below, happy slaying. 🙂

Bonus Experience Weekend

March 13, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 3 Comments →

Personally I love this update, but some people think that this update makes skills like summoning worthless. The way I see it, we don’t get bonus experience like this everyday, so we should use it not let it pass us regretting it later. 🙂

I achievied 93-96 summoning within an hour last night when it was released, and am now a proud owner of a blue/white baby monkey. Many people got 99 summoning or close to it last night while I was training. It was fun seeing 50+ spirit kyatts swarm castle wars and edgeville banks, as well as the obelisk of course. There was plenty of random events to deal with during this time, because of the experience rate.

In a way I was disappointed about not getting 137 combat with 96 summoning, but it isn’t really that important I guess. It’s a pity that the gilded altar bonus experience doesn’t count this weekend, although it does make sense.

I would like to know what other people are using the bonus experience for, some other ideas that crossed my mind was doing herblore but I’ve been wanting the pack yak to help with slayer for a long time so chose that. 🙂 Now to power through the last 1.4m experience so we can all go boss hunting 🙂 Good luck to all that are still going for their wanted levels from this weekend and for those that are not using this experience, you don’t know what you are missing out on. 🙂

Changes To The Hitpoints Skill Update

March 04, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Wow alot of updates in 1 go, finally the last 1 to post about. 🙂

Personally this update doesn’t interest me much but it is nice to see high hits like 500+ on normal tasks like nechryaels. 🙂 Everytime I get hit high numbers for the old hitpoints method like 80 or so I still get scared lol, oh well it’ll grow on me. 🙂

Today, we have made significant modifications to the Hitpoints skill, the most important of these being that all ‘hitpoints’ are now multiplied by 10 and renamed ‘life points’, and the name of the actual skill being changed to Constitution. The numbers you see will be bigger, but they will still affect things in the same way.

It’s important to note that this will not change standard combat or the way you play the game.

The best way to describe these changes is with a few examples:

Example 1

Before today’s update:
A player has level 75 in the Hitpoints skill (this gives them 75 hitpoints).
The player has a max hit of 34.
The player is fighting a lesser demon, which has 79 hitpoints and a max hit of 8.
The player is carrying some lobsters, which heal 12 hitpoints each.

After today’s update:
A player has level 75 in the Constitution skill (which gives them 750 life points).
The player has a max hit of 340.
The player is fighting a lesser demon, which has 790 life points and a max hit of 80.
The player is carrying some lobsters, which heal 120 life points each.

Example 2

Before today’s update:
Two players are in PvP combat.
Player A has 21 hitpoints and a max hit of 7. He is carrying chickens, which heal 3 hitpoints each when eaten.
Player B has 92 hitpoints and a max hit of 45. She is carrying manta rays, which heal 22 hitpoints each.

After today’s update:
Two players are in PvP combat.
Player A has 21 Constitution (giving him 210 life points) and has a max hit of 70. He is carrying chickens, which heal 30 life points each.
Player B has 92 Constitution (giving her 920 life points) and has a max hit of 450! W00t! She is carrying manta rays, which heal 220 life points each.

Example 3

Before today’s update:
A player falls from an Agility shortcut and takes 4 damage. When the player takes damage, the amount of damage they take is subtracted from their current hitpoint total. Their current Hitpoint skill level also decreases by the same.

After today’s update:
A player falls from an Agility shortcut and takes 40 damage. When the player takes damage, the amount of damage they take is subtracted from their current life point total. Their Constitution level is unaffected.

As you can see from the above examples, your basic stat remains the same, but the amount of hits you can take (that’s ALL damage, not just from combat) have been multiplied by 10. Equally, the damage you deal has also been multiplied by 10, and all food will heal you 10 times as much.

Your current life points are displayed in the status globe at the top-right hand corner of the screen, next to the minimap. When you take damage, this number will go down, NOT your Constitution stat.

The Constitution skill on the stats interface is in the same place that the Hitpoints skill stat used to be (at the top of the second column of skills; however, your current Constitution level does NOT reflect how much damage you can take – you’ll have to look at the life point display next to the minimap to see that. The skill icon for Constitution is the same as was used for Hitpoints.

This news outlines what has changed with this update; if you’d like to know more about why we have implemented this update, please read this blog.

Mod Mark
RuneScape Lead Designer

Shattered Heart Update

March 04, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

I logged on earlier today after not noticing the updates on the home page, was talking to Crowlion bout the new rocks from this and got one while we were talking (I was doing my daily herb run). 🙂 It’s a pity you need 2 of a kind to get the rewards though, hope they are decent rewards 🙂 The update about granite lobster would have came in handy back when I was doing them, would have saved my fingers from so much clicking to cut it up into smaller pieces.

The updates about slayer look great, great added motivation for the last 2 levels. 🙂 As well as the updates to the ice strykewyrms, tried them the other day when I finally got assigned them, 2 tasks in a row no staff of light oh well next time. 🙂

While you’re out and about practising your non-combat skills or wandering around your house, keep an eye out for ‘strange rocks’. These will usually appear in your inventory and will be of interest to the archaeologists at Varrock Museum.

As you deliver each strange rock to the museum, your discovery will start to take shape; you’ll have the opportunity to gain a little more Kudos from your peers; and you’ll also get some extra knowledge in Agility, Construction, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Firemaking, Fishing, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Runecrafting, Smithing, Thieving or Woodcutting (depending upon which skill you were training when you discovered the strange rock).

The museum archaeologists encourage you to train each of the skills listed above, as only then will you be able to find every piece of…whatever it is you’re finding. Indeed, it may well be a good time to train a wide variety of skills, so as to gather resources in preparation for future skill training or the upcoming Bonus XP Weekend (starting Friday 12th March).

You can also learn something of Dahmaroc, a Second Age mage who was cursed in a battle over the limited supply of runes in those dark times. With diligent study, this could lead to another reward, this one of more solid and permanent construction…

If, for any reason, you’d prefer NOT to receive these strange rocks while training, you can talk to the archaeologists to toggle their appearance off (or back on) after taking them your first strange rock.

Mod Maz
RuneScape Content Developer
Queen of the Squirrels

Where to start Shattered Heart:

Once you’ve discovered a ‘strange rock’, take it to the archaeologists at Varrock Museum.

Requirements to play Shattered Heart:

There are no requirements to play Shattered Heart, though you will need to train all non-combat skills to get the most out of it.

In other news…

The members’ skill-total world requirement has been increased from 1000+ to 1500+. The free players’ skill-total world requirement remains at 1000+.

TzTok-Jad now has a second animation played on him when he’s being healed. This will be shown at the same time as his usual animations, so won’t interfere with the fight.

When infusing granite lobster pouches (level 74 Summoning), you can now use any size of granite, not just 500g blocks. Equally, when infusing praying mantis pouches (level 75 Summoning), you can now use any colour of ‘flower’ (whether grown from mithril seeds or bought), not just red flowers.

When buying poison chalices from Stankers at the Coal Trucks, or climbing boots from Tenzig in Burthorpe, you’ll now see a shop interface instead of having to click through chat.

We’ve added five microtutorials to the advisor system for Agility, Hunter, Slayer and Thieving, and more information has been added about a number of members’ items and locations.

RuneScape’s minigames have been renamed to ‘Activities’ and all references to ‘minigames’ have changed in accordance (predominantly on the Knowledge Base, but also a few in-game references). Some of this content has been reclassified as Distractions & Diversions, skill-based tasks or areas (on the KB); the content itself has not changed.

Strykewyrm and other Slayer changes:

* You can purchase the ability to be assigned ice strykewyrms from Slayer masters (using Slayer points after completing Smoking Kills).
* You need to be wearing a TzHaar fire cape to cause 2x damage to ice strykewyrms with fire spells (without it, fire spells inflict 1.5x damage).
* The TzHaar fire cape adds +40 damage (see other news about changes to the Hitpoints skill) to all attack types when worn to fight ice strykewyrms.
* Ice strykewyrms may cause you extra damage if you’re not wearing a TzHaar fire cape.
* Strykewyrms should no longer lose focus on the player they were attacking.
* You can now block a 5th task if you have more than 250 Quest Points.
* You can purchase the ability to be assigned aquanites by Kuradal.
* You can now purchase the ability to deal killing blows faster to those Slayer creatures that require them.
* The crystal chime now has an auto chime feature, which should help when fighting warped terrorbirds and warped tortoises.

Smelting Iron Changes Update

March 04, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update would have been great about 1-2 years ago when I mined/smelting/smithed 5k iron bars for 25k iron knives. As it cost so much for forging rings before grand exchange came out. Anyway back to topic, this update looks good overall hopefully it is as good as they say it is 🙂

Previously, when smelting iron ore, there was only a 50/50 chance that it would result in an iron bar (the rest of the time it would just be lost). Now, that success rate has changed so that, at level 15 Smithing, you will succeed 50% of the time, and from level 45 Smithing onwards, you will succeed 80% of the time (gaining an extra 1% chance of success per Smithing level earned in between).

Free players are more likely to have interest in this update, as members have access to rings of forging, a limited-use item that grants 100% success when smelting iron, but this change benefits everybody.

Mod Hew
RuneScape Content Developer

99 slayer.

March 04, 2010 By: Aj 692 Category: Runescape skills 15 Comments →

Good luck to delarue64 on his 99 slayer goal, as long as he keeps training he should get 99 by april (97 at the moment). So yea feel free to support him on his goal 🙂 & at 99 he said he is going boss hunting with anyone that wants too so suggest bosses too 🙂