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Agility Changes

January 21, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 6 Comments →

This update will motivate me to get my agility higher, as it looks interesting to pickpocket 4x the normal amount and catch butterflies barehanded, I already have high enough agility for the fishing ones but haven’t tried that out yet.

Agility has long helped adventurers excel in other skills in subtle ways – e.g. letting them run for longer while crafting runes or letting them take shortcuts to get to resources faster. Today, Agility steps up in its role as a support skill in a more direct way.

Adventurers keen on Fishing will be interested to know that a high Agility level now gives them a small chance to catch two tuna, swordfish or even sharks in one go. There’s no additional experience when this occurs, but who could say no to a free shark or two?

Similarly, adventurers with high Agility and Thieving levels now stand a chance of pickpocketing double, triple or even quadruple the usual amount of loot from unsuspecting targets.

Finally, those with exceptionally high Hunter and Agility levels can now return to the butterflies they once lumbered after with their big clumsy nets and show the amateurs how it’s really done, by catching butterflies in the palm of their hands before releasing them (just to prove they didn’t smush them). Such a display of skill and finesse will be rewarded with a large dose of Hunter experience and a little extra Agility experience too.

Mod Edam
Runescape Content Developer

Barbarian Assault Improvements Update

January 21, 2010 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 2 Comments →

Just after this update there was a big uproar on the forums about the fighter torso getting the strength taken off of it, after an hour or two they updated again and replaced the strength bonus.

The update looks helpful for those that like to play barbarian assault, sorry for the late post. Looks like there should be less free loaders in soul wars now. The penance horn looks good, but having to play to recharge looks too monotonous for me.

Some time ago, we released the minigame Barbarian Assault. From your feedback (and from playing the game ourselves) it’s become clear that the rewards were not quite up to scratch, so we have devoted some time to improving them. Although our focus has mainly been on the rewards, we also took this opportunity to alter some small aspects of the minigame itself (though we do also have a long list of other ideas for potential future updates).

The list of changes is extensive, but here are some of the main ones to whet your appetite:

* New Penance horn that lets you gain double XP in Agility, Firemaking and Mining (in a similar fashion to the tools from Stealing Creation).
* New colours of abyssal whips.
* New Penance trident weapon.
* Penance armour stat improvement and Prayer restoring set bonus.
* Penance gloves now reduce more weight.
* Gamble points rebalanced (they still include a rare chance for dragon armour).
* Ability to show off your achievements in the roles of attacker, defender, collector and healer.
* High score tables for the attacker, defender, collector and healer roles.
* Waiting rooms increased in size.
* Additional wave room ticket system for saving progress through battles.
* Blue penance eggs now reduce the target Penance’s stats and deal damage.

If you speak with Commander Connad at the Barbarian Outpost (you can teleport directly there with a games necklace) he’ll show you all the new rewards, which are also listed on the Barbarian Assault KB page.

Bring on the Penance!

Mod Tim
RuneScape Lead Content Developer

In other news…

The various dwarves of RuneScape have had a visit from the Makeover Mage, who has given their chatheads a new look.

The Soul Wars cape from Nomad’s Requiem can now be stored in your POH costume room.

Activating your special attack bar will no longer interfere with auto-cast timing.

Players will no longer receive activity points in Soul Wars when bandaging players that are already at full health.

Because of the recent snow we’ve been having, snowballs have stayed frozen for a bit longer than usual. The snow has now gone, though, so you’ll find your snowballs will now melt, unless you have the snow globe from the Christmas 2007 holiday event.

Nomad’s Requiem Quest

January 12, 2010 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape quests 2 Comments →

A new quest has been released… the first one for 2010. Nomad’s Requiem is meant to be another long quest “grandmaster quest”. It is sounds like it will be reasonably tough, but we shall have to wait and see. Soul wars is a major part of it, so it looks like I will have to play a game of Soul Wars sometime. I have not done one yet, lol.

Soul Wars has a dark underbelly that Nomad would rather you didn’t see. His disappearances have become more and more frequent of late, and each time he returns looking…different. It seems he has been working on something with dangerous implications for the whole of RuneScape, and there is a chance – but only a chance – that you can stop it.

Our second Grandmaster quest is wildly different from While Guthix Sleeps; instead of searching the world for answers, Nomad’s Requiem is set wholly beneath Soul Wars. Don’t be foolish enough to think that this makes it less challenging, however. Indeed, expect quite the opposite: this quest is densely packed with intricate puzzles, punishing environments and at least one battle that will push you harder than almost any other on RuneScape, whatever combat level you’ve reached. You have been warned!

Those who persevere and complete this quest will be rewarded with Zeal Points (among other things), which are stored at Soul Wars and can be spent in your own time. Zeal Points can be traded in for varying amounts of XP in any combat skill (except Summoning), Slayer XP, charms to train Summoning, or a pet Slayer creature. For a more detailed explanation of how Zeal Points work, check out the Soul Wars rewards on the Knowledge Base.

Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start Nomad’s Requiem:
Speak to Zimberfizz at Soul Wars.

Requirements to complete Nomad’s Requiem:
King’s Ransom (including the Knight Waves)
75 Magic
70 Prayer
66 Mining
65 Hunter
60 Construction
Must have fully completed the Soul Wars tutorial
Must have completed at least one game of Soul Wars (win, lose or draw)
Having very high (85+) stats in all combat disciplines is advised, unless you’re particularly good at combat

In other news…

We have improved how Zeal earned from playing Soul Wars is cashed in. If when spending 10 or 100 Zeal you gain a level in your chosen skill, then your new level will be taken into account as soon as it is earned, and the remainder of the 10 or 100 Zeal will be applied based on your new level. Remember that if you spend 100 Zeal at a time, you receive a 10% bonus to any XP gained, so now it is better than ever to save up your Zeal.

We’ve adjusted the apparent lag when using your inventory and clicking and dragging items around. This also means you won’t drop the wrong item selected if you’d clicked too fast. Additionally, a slot will not remain highlighted when it shouldn’t.

The tooltip description for the Soul Split curse has been corrected to reflect the actual amount of hitpoints restored.

You can now set an option to not offer the ability to switch between prayers and curses when recharging your Prayer at an altar. A few altars originally left out, including the ones found in the God Wars Dungeon, now offer this switching facility.

We’ve added a huge amount of drop sounds to items. It’s a nice little feature that should let you realise if you’ve dropped something by accident that you didn’t mean to.

The Christmas 2009 holiday event has now been removed from the game.