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Merry Christmas From Bestrunetips

December 25, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: christmas 4 Comments →

Hi I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas on behalf of  Bestrunetips, hope everyone has a good day. 🙂

A Christmas Warble Event Release 2009

December 22, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

I personally am not going to try this event for a couple days so all the overcrowded lag goes away from the event. Good luck to all that try it. 🙂

Christmas time has come round again and the Queen of Snow has invited guests to her realm for one of her legendary Christmas feasts, and perhaps a snowball fight or two. Hop into one of the Christmas cupboards in Varrock, Falador or Draynor to join in the festivities along with Santa Claus, Jack Frost, and an entourage of guests from across RuneScape.

Hard as it may be to believe, not everyone in the Land of Snow is full of Christmas cheer. The Queen of Snow’s neighbour, Ebenezer Scourge, isn’t known for his goodwill or for his love of a good party, but that’s nothing to worry about. Nothing’s going to go wrong. I’m quite sure that this year we’ll have a quiet Christmas. I’m almost certain that there’ll be no kidnapping, ghosts of Christmas past, magical curses or vigilante snow imps.

Adventurers with the impish cunning to see this one through will be richly rewarded with a dramatic new emote, a fiendish costume, and not to mention a tasty-looking and festive wieldable item.

Merry Christmas from all of the RuneScape team!

Mod Edam
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start A Christmas Warble:
Enter one of the magic wardrobes in Varrock, Falador or Draynor Village.

Requirements to complete A Christmas Warble:


In other news…

We’ve enabled a new graphical feature called ‘particles’ in the game engine. You’ll most likely notice our first use of particles during the Christmas event. Use of particles can be set to high, medium or low in the Graphics Options menu. Players with older versions of Java might not be able to experience the effects to their full potential. If this is the case, you may not be able see the snow particles or change this detail setting.

Blood Runs Deep Quest Release

December 16, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News, Runescape quests 3 Comments →

This quest looks interesting, hopefully they have good rewards 🙂

The updates to Kuradal’s dungeon look promising, hopefully it won’t ruin it though as it is a very good dungeon 🙂

I wonder what the new creatures are. Will look when I get a chance to log on later. 🙂

The update to tzhaar shops will annoy some people but I like it as it makes tokkul earned from slayer tasks or just killing the creatures there worth it again.

Good luck to anyone doing the quest 🙂

The mysterious Lunar Isle rarely gets many visitors, and especially not of the ‘washed up on the shore unconscious, battling hidden demons’ kind. Eminent lunatic Baba Yaga requires your help in answering just one question: who is this stranger?

Finding the answer to this question will prove to be just the beginning of a journey that will see you delving back into the dream world, rescuing old friends and rallying the Fremennik of all isles, leading them to war against their deadliest and toughest foe – a new breed of horror from the deep.

Dust off your armour, weapons and runes – and we do mean ALL of them – and ready yourself for battle, Farstrider. This day, death (and glory) is upon all who call themselves Fremennik. And to the victor, the spoils, for any adventurer brave enough to succeed will be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of XP, new equipment and much respect.

“I’m glad to be continuing the Fremennik quest series and carrying on the prophecy storyline set up in Glorious Memories. This quest has proven to be a different challenge from that quest, though, with a much heavier focus on combat, as befits the Fremennik people.”

“I’m also happy to be furthering the Princess Astrid/Prince Brand thread from Throne of Miscellania. To get the most out of the storyline, your character must be as they were during that quest, so some players may wish to visit the Makeover Mage before starting this quest. I hope you enjoy it.”

Mod Hew
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start Blood Runs Deep:
Speak to Baba Yaga in her walking house on Lunar Isle.

Requirements to complete Blood Runs Deep:
75 Attack
75 Strength
65 Slayer
High Magic and Ranged levels are also recommended
Dream Mentor
Glorious Memories
Horror from the Deep
Completed all easy, medium and hard tasks in the Fremennik Achievement Diary

In other news…

We’ve made some necessary changes to how shops in TzHaar work. For full details, please read this forum thread.

Kuradal’s Dungeon Improvements

After some of your feedback about last week’s Slayer dungeon update:

* Kuradal can now assign dagannoths.
* Murky Matt can now combine ferocious ring charges.
* Hellhounds should now respawn at their normal rate.
* We’ve squeezed in a couple of extra creatures.
* You won’t get any Random Events while in Kuradal’s Dungeon.

Kuradal’s Dungeon, New Highest Slayer Master

December 09, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills 7 Comments →

A new update for Runescape has just happened…looks like we have a new slayer master called “Kuradal”. It looks like it she has some interesting tasks for high level characters and that there may be some more incentives to get higher agility levels… let us know what tasks she gives you..we shall share too, but I have been stuck on 198 spiritual mages for a while.. 1st task is 99 firemaking..less than 200k to go. 🙂

08-Dec-2009 – Kuradal’s Dungeon

Kuradal, daughter of Duradel, left Shilo Village to experience the fullness of combat and surpass her peers in the art of Slayer. Years later, she has settled somewhere she would call “comfortable” – the Ancient Cavern! Using only her raw power, she has rounded up various creatures of RuneScape and secured them in an off-shoot of the dungeon. Here, she’ll offer her skills as a new slayer master, allowing exclusive access to the dungeon if you have something in there to kill.

Is there more to this slayer master and dungeon? Kuradal is a keeper of many secrets and she has one task she might offer you that’s a little less conventional than other Slayer tasks…but that’s for you to discover. As for the dungeon, who knows what the creatures have foraged from their new location?


* To be assigned a task from Kuradal, you need 75 Slayer and 110 Combat.
* 86 Agility is required for the low wall-climb shortcut
* 90 Agility is required for the dungeon wall-run

Mod Chris L
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news…

The Contact NPC spell from the lunar spellbook has been reworked. You should see at least one new face and some extra functionality that you might find quite useful!

The Cryptic Clue Fest event has now been removed.

All fonts should now be back to normal.

The Temple at Senntisten Quest Release

December 03, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape quests 3 Comments →

A new quest has just been released “The Temple at Senntisten”. It starts in Nardah at the desert. 50 prayer is the only skill required, although there are a few quests and museum kudos needed before finishing the quest. I won’t be doing this straight away, but wish all luck in completing it 🙂

The 5 minute warning may help with those who have trouble losing their cannons. Remember that if you do lose your cannon that you can still get it back from the guy south of Ice Mountain.

If you’ve passed all your archaeology exams you’ll know just how strict the researchers at the Digsite can be, so when an unproven archaeologist shows an interest in restoring the temple you discovered in the caverns under the site, the archaeological expert there is somewhat suspicious.

As it so happens, your colleague Ali the Wise is also an acquaintance of this Dr Nabanik, and has suggested that you might be of assistance. With Dr Nabanik’s experience and your adventuring know-how combined, perhaps you can restore this long-forgotten temple.

It won’t be easy, though. Only original artefacts are good enough for this expert in all things ancient, and the current owners of these artefacts are unlikely to give them up without a considerable fight.

“Since creating the first quest in this recent Mahjarrat series – The Tale of the Muspah – I’ve been eager to develop more. Mod Newmatic (Missing My Mummy), Paul (Curse of Arrav) and I combined forces to bring you this latest episode of Mahjarrat-based antics.”

Mod Roderick
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start The Temple at Senntisten:
Speak to Ali the Wise at his home in Nardah.

Requirements to complete The Temple at Senntisten:
50 Prayer
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
The Curse of Arrav
125 Kudos with Varrock Museum

In other news…

There’s a new setting in the display options menu for CPU usage, so you can set how much of your computer’s CPU resources are available to RuneScape. You may have to test it out to see which setting works best for your setup.

The delivery cost for dragon daggers has been slightly adjusted and their initial shop supply has been improved.

The recharge costs for most items (excluding gloves) from Fist of Guthix have been reduced.

Five minutes before your cannon fully decays, you’ll notice some new animation effects to give you a bit more warning.

For those who have not completed the Cryptic Clue Fest, we will be removing it from the game on the week commencing 7th December, so you have a few more days to unravel it.