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New Potions and Runecrafting Updates

November 17, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills 4 Comments →

Blood runes may go up in price due to the 4 new high level magic spells that have been introduced. There is an interesting update to runecrafting, where you now get a chance of getting extra runes while going to an altar. This may lead to a decrease in price of nature runes, as there is a big gap between obtaining 1 and 2 (level 91). I have level 92 runecrafting, so may be able to do Nature runes now rather than deaths and astrals. Jeffsterz will have to update his comprehensive runecrafting guide at some stage.

The pharaoh’s sceptre change is a good one… I hated having to examine it every time to examine the amount of charges left in it.

Potions, Spells and Runes

We’ve taken a careful look at the extreme Herblore potions we released a few weeks ago and have now reintroduced them to safe PvP minigames – that includes Castle Wars, Soul Wars, safe Clan Wars, TzHaar Fight Pit, and the Duel Arena (but not ‘no-potion’ fights or Tournaments).

As part of this, we’ve slightly changed the way in which the extreme magic potion works – it now provides a visible Magic stat boost of 7, which decreases over time as with other stat-boosting potions. The normal magic potion’s level boost has been increased to +5. We have, however, also made a change to the Magic skill itself, so that if your Magic level is boosted by any means, you will inflict +3% magic damage per boosted level. This is on top of the +10% magic damage you inflict when wielding certain staves.

Part of the reason for these changes is that we’ve added four new high-level elemental battle spells to the standard spellbook. The Wind Surge (level 81), Water Surge (level 85), Earth Surge (level 90) and Fire Surge (level 95) spells each require one blood and one death rune, and some air runes (and some water, earth or fire runes for those respective elemental spells).

The max hit of Fire Surge is:
28 without boosts
30 with a magic damage-boosting staff
33 with extreme magic/overload
37 with both extreme magic/overload and a magic damage-boosting staff

With those updates, you’re going to need some more runes, so, to top it all off, Runecrafting also gets a tweak. As of today, crafting multiple runes out of one essence has changed for the better. Before, you would only gain the ability to craft an extra rune at specific Runecrafting levels (e.g. 2 air runes at level 11, 3 air runes at level 22, 4 at level 33, and so on). Now, there is a ‘chance’ of getting an extra rune on ‘some’ of your essences if you are between those set levels, with that chance increasing as your level increases (e.g. at Runecrafting levels 12-21, you will gain 2 or 3 air runes per essence). If you want to imagine it visually, what used to be a step graph has been smoothed out into a curve. This is explained in a little more detail in the Game Guide, but the bottom line is that you’ll receive more runes for your hard work.

Mod Chris L (potions/Magic), Mod Rathe (new spells) and Mod Nancy (Runecrafting)
RuneScape Content Developers

In other news…

Your run mode setting is now stored between logins.

You can now take Ava’s Attractor and Accumulator to Lanthus and you will be able to retrieve dropped ammo while in Castle Wars. There’s also a toggle option on both items to allow you to stop receiving junk.

The pharaoh’s sceptre now displays its remaining charges in the name of the item.

The Summoning skillcape now has a boost option to match other skillcapes.

Cannons will no longer waste cannonballs on NPCs in the process of dying. You can now also top up the ammo when it’s already firing and there’s an auto-setup feature.

Bones to Peaches and Bones to Bananas can now be used to convert any bones up to and including big bones.

Slaying Bork

November 15, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 12 Comments →

Bork is in the chaos tunnels and is 267 combat and attacks with melee and can hit up to 25. He can be killed once every 24 hours if you have 44 slayer and after you have completed the hunt for surok mini quest. Bork gives 2 green, 7 crimson and 5 blue charms per kill, as well as some cash, gems and gives 250  slayer experience (5k for the first kill). During the fight Surok(dagon’hai elite after mini quest) will cast magic spells that can hit up to 27, you can negate this with mage protect prayer as explained later on.

After half killing Bork, he will summon 3-6 ork legions which are level 70 and attack with melee and range and can hit up to 8 each. These drop gold charms and sometimes green or other charms but most of the time they are gold. You can negate these attacks by putting on the protect from summoning prayer.

This is the inventory I take to bork (note: the ground bait was for my guthix chick, you can take a familiar with you if you need to).

bork inv

The melee gear I take with me is below and I use mage protect prayer for surok.

bork equip

I have made a map from the world map taken ingame on runescape, the red squares are the portals to use to get to bork.

map to bork

Run through the wildy towards the zamorak mage from edgeville then go west until you find the entry into the chaos tunnels. You will be at the gargoyles area if you did this right. (note: sometimes while going through the portals it can take you to the wrong place.)

Bork is relatively easy although I haven’t tried at lower levels, I kill off the ork legions as they appear, although other may decide to kill off bork as when he dies they do too. Bork is immune to poison. After you kill him the dagon’hai elite will teleport out then the chaos tunnels will start to collapse and you get hurt every now and then by falling rocks, like when you loot the barrows chest. You can use your black mask/slayer helmet for the attack and strength bonus on bork.

Hope this guide helps good luck all and happy bork slaying. 🙂

Champion’s Challenge And Hairstyle update

November 10, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks great for slayer with the get task option and making gargoyles easier to kill. 🙂

I’m not all that fussed about the challenge scrolls, maybe they will give decent rewards to get me interested. New hairstyles look ok, gets boring with the same ones over and over. 🙂

Skill total worlds don’t seem all that much of a necessity in the game but atleast it might stop people begging now. 🙂

It’s good that they changed some stuff in the stores as it was annoying having to run back and forth collecting vials of water because no-one sold them on the grand exchange at times. The update about the confirmation of alching something over 500k looks good as it was annoying to alch weapons or axes back in the day.

Fairy ring changes look good 🙂 was annoying to find the code or try remembering them all the time.

Overall I think this update is great and should please many people. 🙂

A new challenge awaits worthy adventurers at the Champions’ Guild! It doesn’t matter if you have never seen a champion scroll in your life or have defeated all of them already, there will be something for you. The leprechaun champion is taking on all-comers – there’s no need to find a challenge scroll to fight this little pugilist. Just head on over to the Champions’ Guild and prepare yourself for some ‘no items’ fisticuffs.

Also, three new races have just joined the guild. If you prove yourself to be their enemy, one of them might just drop a scroll challenging you to a duel with their champion, so keep an eye out when battling monsters! Meanwhile, Glophren, the gnome champions of champions, is waiting for the worthiest of adventurers so he can finally issue his challenge. Will you be one of them?

What with the days getting shorter and colder, we thought we’d brighten things up with some new hairstyles! The much requested ‘mullet’ haircut is now available, as well as a few variants on existing styles. The full list is as follows…

Male hairstyles: Dragon variant, Mohawk shaved, Mullet.

Female hairstyles: Asymmetric fringe, Half-up/half-down, Headband, Page boy.

Mod Maylea (Champions’ Challenge) and Mod Nancy (Hairstyles)
RuneScape Content Developers


In other news…

Two worlds have been designated ‘Skill Total’ worlds – that’s world 113 (free) and 114 (members). Only players who have a total level of at least 1,000 will be able to log into these worlds. If this proves to be popular, we can always add more worlds.

We’ve created a handful of item packs for some shops, similar to the box of spirit shards. In certain shops, you can now buy the whole stock of eyes of newt, empty or water-filled vials, raw bird meat, and empty baskets or sacks in one go.

A click-delay issue has been fixed in Castle Wars. The game engine has been modified to adjust the behaviour of these clicks back to their previous speed.

An animation has been added for when players are viewing the world map. Other players will see them in-game looking at a map.

A large number of items with parentheses after their names have had spaces added for consistency and easier searching on the Grand Exchange (e.g. “Agility potion(4)” is now “Agility potion (4)”).

An altar has been added to an upper floor in Falador Castle for players to recharge their Prayer points at.

We’ve added a confirmation when casting High Alchemy on items with a Grand Exchange value of 500,000gp or higher. This should prevent the accidental alching of those expensive items.

We’ve also converted the Superheat, Enchant lvlx and Plank Make spells to work in a similar fashion to High and Low Level Alchemy spells (i.e. you can now queue up your next cast).

Slayer Masters have now been given a right-click ‘Get-task’ option to speed things up a bit. You can also find out how many more kills you need with a right-click option on enchanted gems, which will even work if you are currently in combat. Finally, gargoyles have a new ‘Smash’ option when they’re near death to allow you to more easily finish them off with a rock hammer.

Drop tables for the TzHaar have been significantly reworked and now drop more TokKul than before. This is to make up for the changes in the ThZaar shop prices earlier this year. The TokKul awarded for defeating TzTok-Jad in the Fight Caves has also been doubled.

The fairy ring network has been given an auto-dial feature. You’ll still need to discover each fairy ring destination to put in your log, but once there they can be simply clicked on to input the code for you.

Yanille has had more points of entry added to it in the form of a new ladder and doorway.