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Web Of Shadows Halloween Event 2009

October 27, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Hopefully the reward from this event will be useful, I rarely do the events unless they are worth doing for the reward. The update about withdrawing 1 item from grand exchange is helpful, it was a pain to buy an item then withdraw it as a note or have to right click just to take it out normally.

A dark house portal has appeared to the south of Falador once again. Tremble as you approach it, for it leads to the house of the Grim Reaper, Death himself!

In this year’s Halloween event, Death has a problem with an uninvited guest. Choose to help out and you will journey to a realm rarely trod by creatures with only two feet, and converse with its irritable monarch.

Completing the event will reward you with two new wearable items – one of which has a mind of its own – so seek out the house of Death…if you dare!

We’ve also created a wallpaper based on this event, which you can download here.

Mod John A
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start Web of Shadows:
Enter the dark house portal south of Falador.

Requirements to complete Web of Shadows:

In other news…

We’ve made some improvements to the way banks calculate your free space. Free-players who used to be members will no longer have to dump all their members items to be able to use their banks and everyone can now see their usage in more detail on the interface. For more information, please read the Controls – Banks page.

We’ve updated the bank to make it automatically resize to fit your screen better. The interface will automatically extend downwards to show you more of your bank items.

Zahur in Nardah, who’s moved to the building east of the bank, will now decant all of your potions (in any combination) into 3-dose vials for you. He charges a small fee for this service to cover the cost of any extra vials needed.

We’ve swapped two tasks in the Ardougne Achievement Diary. The medium diary might look a little odd if you’ve already completed it, but you should still be able to wear the cloaks for their effects.

An auto re-pick feature has been added when harvesting your mushrooms, berries and fruit from Farming patches.

When collecting a single item at the Grand Exchange, left-click will now withdraw the actual item and right-click will withdraw it as a note. Withdrawals for multiple items will behave as before.

Anti ’76k’ing Update

October 27, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 5 Comments →

Personally I have never liked PVP although I like this update because it has made most of the prices go back to the price they were a few years back, even higher for some items. The 76kers made slayer less profitable by getting all the common slayer items and lowering the value of them. This update motivates me more to get the legendary 99 slayer. 🙂 Good luck to all pkers that are out there, hopefully this update doesn’t ruin it for you.

As many of you know, since the opening of PvP Worlds, ‘76k’ing has become a very common practice. We’ve never been happy about this as we believe it spoils the game experience for players who want to play on PvP Worlds as intended and exhibit their PvP skills, with high rewards for high risks, rather than it being a safe method for earning large amounts of money. Looking at our forums, it looks like many players feel the same way.

Designing and developing a solution to this issue that worked, but which did not lessen the rewards for legitimate kills, turned out to be rather tricky. We’re hopeful that the solution we’ve come up with will reduce 76King without having too significant an impact on legitimate PKers.

Players who trade kills will find that the drop they receive is lessened in value. Legitimate PKers might find that some of their kills will result in smaller drops (e.g. when getting revenge on someone who has just killed you), but since you’ll still only lose as much Earning Potential as is used for the drop, your average drop will stay the same.

Duel Tournament Changes

October 20, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 1 Comment →

I personally have never entered a duel tournament yet, so I’m not sure if this update will make it any better then it was. Hopefully it does make it better. Good luck to all that go into the dual tournaments. 🙂

Duel Tournaments have undergone a little bit of an overhaul. Everything will look the same, but we’ve been working under the hood to make some improvements to the mechanics of this minigame. The changes are as follows:

On entering the Duel Tournament waiting room, you will now be assigned to a single registrar. This assignment is partially based on combat level, but also on many other factors.

The registrar you are assigned has a Tournament Rank cap. You will not be able to gain rank beyond that cap until you move on to the next registrar. The best way to move up a registrar is to train your combat skills.

Registrar caps are as follows:

* Registrar 1: rank cap of 1999

* Registrar 2: rank cap of 2499

* Registrar 3: rank cap of 2999

* Registrar 4: rank cap of 3499

* Registrar 5: no rank cap

Please note that you will not lose any rank due to this update if it is currently above your assigned registrar’s cap. To remind yourself of your current cap, simply examine your assigned registrar.

We also now record when your rank passes a multiple of 500, which is referred to as a rank milestone. This milestone will be saved so that if you lose a tournament, and that loss would take you below your milestone, your rank will simply be set to the milestone amount. For example, if you had reached a Tournament Rank of 1045, your milestone rank would be recorded as 1000. If you subsequently lost a tournament which would reduce your rank by 50 points, it would only drop your rank down to 1000, since that is the last milestone you reached.

Finally, the most exciting change: we now reward the entrant who places second in a tournament with 20% of the entry fees! Now all your hard work will get some reward.

Mod Nancy

RuneScape Content Developer

Ardougne Achievement Diary Release

October 20, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 10 Comments →

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I took a break from RuneScape, but I am back now. 🙂

As I was trying to get a dragon pick from the chaos cannoneers Jagex updated and released the ardy achievement diary, hopefully it will have a good reward like the other diaries 🙂

Good luck to anyone that tries it. 🙂

It’s time again for another Achievement Diary, for those players who like to explore what’s available in a specific area. It’s the turn of Ardougne to come under the all-seeing-eye of the diary taskmasters, but we’re not limiting things to just a few tasks here and there this time. A number of them have either come from or been inspired by player suggestions on the forum thread we ran for this not too long ago.

Explore the Ardougne area as you’ve never done before! From the Legends’ Guild to Castle Wars, and from the Combat Training Camp to Yanille, there’s something for everyone. You’ll uncover some fiendishly difficult tasks that will push your skills to their limits, plus a rather ‘sneaky’ reward at the end of your travels. Hopefully, everyone will learn a thing or two along the way too.

So get out those gloves of silence and your teleport runes, and take a walk round Kandarin today.

Mod Maz
RuneScape Developer
Queen of the Squirrels

Where to start the Ardougne Achievement Diary:

Speak to Dr Orbon in the church, Ardougne’s town crier or Aleck in Yanille’s Hunter shop.

In other news…

Health bars will no longer become completely red unless the player/monster has zero hitpoints.

When you’re in resizeable mode, the chat window can now be vertically resized to show more lines of text, chat and other messages. Your stats interface will also expand itself to remove the need for a scroll bar.

After completing Within the Light, you can ask Eluned to help you add a choice of destination to your teleport crystals.

Your gravestone should now be indicated on the minimap.

The position of your Friends and Clan Chat list vertical bars are now remembered between logins, provided you’re using the signed applet.

You are now allowed to purchase multiple skillcapes.

We’ve changed the way the TzHaar Fight Cave records your progress. In future, if you get disconnected during a wave, you’ll automatically restart from that wave rather than having to begin the minigame again. You can still use the logout button to make the minigame log you off when you’ve completed your current wave.

The interface that lets you change the left-click function of the Summoning status globe (next to the minimap) will no longer be closed by combat.

Murky Matt at the Grand Exchange can now combine the charges on members’ teleport jewellery.

Within The Light Quest

October 13, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape quests 8 Comments →

A new quest has come out called Within The Light. It requires 69 agility, which might stop a few players finishing this quest, but it also requires the yucky Mourning’s End II quest to be completed, which will make it tougher for even more people. The clan chat rule may help when changing worlds for evil trees and shooting stars.

Those who have unraveled the mysteries of the plague in West Ardougne, met with the elves and infiltrated the Death Guard will find themselves able to help Arianwyn once again, as they go Within the Light.

In reactivating the Temple of Light’s safeguards, you may have thwarted the Death Guard’s plans to harness the ancient elven power of a certain altar – at least for the time being – but just what is so special about this altar? Why did the elder elves go to such trouble to protect this one particular altar? Find out as you further explore the mysterious Temple of Light.

This quest is a continuation of RuneScape’s longest-running quest line, the first three parts of which – Plague City, Biohazard and Underground Pass – were originally released for RuneScape Classic. Four further quests later – Regicide, Roving Elves, and Mourning’s Ends Parts I and II – plus the Catapult Construction side story, and we reach Within the Light.

As it has been a while since those quests were released, this quest introduces a new NPC in Lletya – the elven scribe – who will happily help you to recall your past elf-related glories. Within the Light ties together some of the strands of this storyline, which will start to give you a better idea of what is to come.

Mod Chris L
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start Within the Light:
Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya.

Requirements to complete Within the Light:
69 Agility
70 Fletching
75 Woodcutting
75 Ranged
Mourning’s Ends Part II: The Temple of Light

In other news…

The last suggested name for Clan Chat channels persists when changing worlds and between logouts, and will attempt to rejoin the channel if it still exists.

The Wilderness Agility Course has been added to the allowed areas for Bounty and Bounty (+1) worlds.

When inputting numbers (for example, when withdrawing items from your bank) you can now use ‘k’ (or ‘K’) for thousand, and ‘m’ (or ‘M’) for million.

New Herblore Potions For High Levels

October 07, 2009 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape skills 5 Comments →

Runescape has introduced some high-level potions for herblore. There was little reason for getting above 82 herblore before this update, but some of the latest potions look like they will be useful. It will also increase the prices of some potions and second ingredients. Interesting that the new potions are untradeable…this means that you need to get herblore levels to use the potions. I have 82 at the moment, so will need to do some work in order to experiment with the new potions.

The lowest new potion is the Recover special, which requires 84 herblore, a Super energy potion and a papaya. The recover special recovers one quarter of special attack bar. Super antifire is next at lev 85, followed by extreme combat potions. The highest level potion is Overload which requires 96 herblore, the 5 extreme potions, and a torstol. The Overload potion gives…

Overload is so strong that it racks the body with spasms and burns the digestive tract, so be prepared for 50 damage in chunks of 10 when you drink it! You will regain these 50 Hitpoints when the stat effects wear off.

Overload gives you the stat effects and magic boosts of ALL five of its potion ingredients – extreme attack, extreme strength, extreme defence, extreme magic and extreme ranging – for a period of five minutes. Unlike the other extreme potions, which gradually return your stats to their normal level, overload will keep these bonuses at their boosted level for five minutes and will then reset them back to their original state (healing the 50 Hitpoints at the same time).

So the overload potion looks very strong. It is also untradeable and gives 1000 herblore xp.

The right click on the glory will be helpful too 🙂

High-level Herblore Potions
This week, high-level herbalists will find a variety of new, untradeable potions at their disposal. Using your increased knowledge of the Herblore skill, you will find you now have the ability to add tertiary ingredients to some potions to increase their effect.

These potions aren’t just limited to stat boosts either. Have you ever wanted to take your godsword on dragon-slaying trips? Now’s your chance, with the super antifire potion (at level 84). Are you approaching near mastery of the Herblore skill? If so, there’s a potion that may just ‘overload’ your entire body (at level 96) – dare you drink it?

On a side note, those who can mix the extreme magic potion will find it doesn’t work in a similar way to its lower-level equivalents. When used, this potion will boost all offensive spell damage by 40% for a duration of six minutes, and will stack with magic staves that boost magic damage.

Mod Chris L
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news…

As part of the conversion of the worn interface and inventory to a newer internal file format, certain items now have clearer right-click options when using them. For example, the amulet of glory now lists the four different destinations it can take you to instead of just saying ‘Operate’.

The Game Engine team have made sure the player list is now randomised to prevent priority being given to some players over others because of their IP address.

You can now navigate around the world map using arrow keys.