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Range Slaying Jellies

May 31, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters No Comments →

I got assigned to slay 137 jellies from Summona, decided to try range them. It has been a while since I have had jellies for a slayer task, so my inventory is probably way over what you need, I took a lucky guess with it. 🙂

This is what the jellies look like.

This is what the jellies look like.

Jellies are 78 combat and have 75 hitpoints. They attack with magic based melee, like the bloodvelds do. There are a few places to kill them, including soul wars, chaos tunnels (has poison spiders in there so be careful), Mahjarrat ritual cave and the place I chose the slayer caves east of rellekka.

The inventory I used is shown in the picture below, as I stated earlier I guessed the amount of food/potions.

I didn't need much food at all. So I overshot that by far, others with lower magic defence might need more though.

I didn't need much food at all. So I overshot that by far, others with lower magic defence might need more though.

The equipment I used was full void as shown below in the picture.

I used broad bolts again, they are great for ranging. The ranger boots are borrowed, currently too poor to buy my own. :(

I used broad bolts again, they are great for ranging. The ranger boots are borrowed, currently too poor to buy my own.

Jellies dropped a decent rate of green charms, and coin drops. The picture below shows the loot I got from this task.

as you can see I didn't use any food at all, and they drop a decent amount of coins and green charms, heaps of steel weapons but i left them.

as you can see I didn't use any food at all, and they drop a decent amount of coins and green charms, heaps of steel weapons but i left them.

All in all this task was alot easier and went quicker then I expected. If you need to there are some safe spots around, but I found they didn’t hit quite enough to bother with the safe spots. It is possible to melee these if you like, the gear I’d suggest to melee them would be something similar to what I suggested with the bloodveld guide as they use the same type of attacks, although they don’t hit high they can hit often on lower levels.

If you have any questions suggestions or comments about this guide comment below, i’ll be happy to help you. 🙂

What Updates Do You Prefer On Runescape Poll

May 28, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Bestrunetips polls No Comments →

I have made a new poll, personally I prefer updates that will benefit the higher players, as it gets boring doing the same things to level, specially slayer as I think that we need something new between 90 and 99 because after a few dark beast tasks it gets boring. Maybe something at 95 will give me motivation to keep going. That’s just my opinion, let us know yours by commenting below. Thanks. 🙂

Dungeon Maps And Spam Filter Update

May 28, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

This update looks interesting, the dungeon maps should come in handy for people with quests such as desert treasure, so you can see where you are in the dungeon without getting lost. 🙂 I’m not too fussed about the spam filter, will wait to see what it is like, hopefully it will help reduce the repeated messages when people try to sell items and repeat the sentence every few seconds.

Ever since we launched the world map there have been suggestions that dungeons should be incorporated into it. As Mod Ash pointed out in his world map update Development Diary, this was not as easy as it sounds, but we think it was worth the effort, and will make navigation underground easier. Also, you can now toggle the You Are Here button on and off, in case it obscures information on the world map you want to read, and the search feature on the world map has been improved so you can find the places you search for more easily.

Our next update is a spam filter, which will relieve your chat window from repeated messages such as “you swing your pick at the rock”. We trawled through the principal skill-training activities and flagged over 2,700 messages that will now be filtered out as spam. To activate this function, just right-click on the game tab under the chat window and select “filter game”. Don’t worry about missing out on important feedback from the game; messages like “you are horribly burnt by the dragon’s fire” (in case you are fighting dragons without the proper equipment) will still get through.

We have made graphical improvements to the leprechauns, hitsplats, and the Hitpoint bar – just a few of the graphical improvements that we continue to do alongside updates to the game. You might also notice that the Hitpoint bars of monsters with more than 200 Hitpoints have been extended, but don’t worry – they haven’t been given any more Hitpoints! This is just to help you see more clearly how many Hitpoints a monster you’re fighting has. The leprechauns have also been moved closer to their Farming patches.

Last but not least we have made a change to the free world by removing most of the options that lead to members-only content, such as pickpocketing, agility shortcuts, members’ quests and more, in order to make the free game what it should be: a great game in its own right, and not a demo for the members’ game. None of these features will be removed from the members’ game, however.

Enjoy, whether as a free player or a member.

Mod Fetzki
Head of RuneScape

How To Slay Kurasks With Range

May 27, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters No Comments →

As I mentioned in some of my comments on other slayer guides we have wrote on this blog, I have started ranging my slayer tasks I get given from Summona. Most of the guides I will be writing for slayer for now will be based like this, hope this one helps. 🙂

I got assigned to kill 121 kurasks today, I tested out using the broad tipped bolts with void. They are surprisingly strong bolts, they ended up being the same strength as adamant bolts. The bolts were hitting between 30-40 for me with 98 range, making it seem faster then the old method of killing kurasks with the leaf bladed spear. They are level 106 and give 97 slayer experience each.

Below is the safe spot I used for the task, you rarely get hit on the way back to it, when the kurasks get non aggressive towards you, run back into the turoth area and back again or to the other side of the kurask area to make them aggressive towards you again.

This is the safespot for the kurasks in the slayer caves, there may be more spots but this is the safest one I found.

This is the safespot for the kurasks in the slayer caves, there may be more spots but this is the safest one I found.

The inventory I used for this task is shown below, I guessed with the amount of potions and food, as it has been a while since I have killed them. It may be worth taking a chisel and some alch runes as they drop the occasional adamant plate body  and gems too. You shouldn’t need that much food, they rarely hit you when you run to collect loot and bolts.

The potions are ranging potions, the kurasks also drop the occasional range potion (1) so you might not need this many potions.

The potions are ranging potions, the kurasks also drop the occasional range potion (1) so you might not need this many potions.

The equipment I used is in the picture below, I used snakeskin boots because I currently can’t afford ranger boots as I spent most of my cash on skills.

The slayer ring is so I can teleport to summona after the task, and to keep track of amount left to kill.

The slayer ring is used to teleport to the slayer caves and also to teleport to summona after the task, and to keep track of amount left to kill.

This is the loot I got from the task, the kurasks dropped heaps of unfinished broad bolts and arrowheads usually 30+ per drop. They dropped green charms mostly as you can tell by the picture below, but at a low rate, so not recommended to kill these if you are after charms. They dropped a few gold charms, but I don’t pick them up anymore, as they are too slow for summoning experience for me now.

The herb is a ranarr weed, and the seeds are kwuarm seeds.

The herb is a ranarr weed, and the seeds are kwuarm seeds.

That’s about it for this guide, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments about the guide please comment below. Thanks. 🙂

Missing My Mummy Quest Release

May 20, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 5 Comments →

Another quest has been added to runescape, hopefully this one will have good rewards for a change, but looking at the requirements it doesn’t look likely to. 🙁 Going to try the quest when I get a chance. Good luck to everyone that tries. 🙂

There are many secrets hidden in the depths of the desert. Forgotten tombs of forgotten rulers from a forgotten time, when the world was a very different place…or at least they were forgotten. The spread of human civilisation, however, means that many of the hidden corners of the world are being uncovered, often by treasure-hunters with little regard for preserving the sanctity of these ancient places.

Recently, one such tomb, near Uzer, was discovered by treasure-hunters. Leela of Al Kharid does care about the sanctity of this particular place, and she wants your help to recover information that is of great importance to her.

Mod Newmatic
RuneScape Content Developer

Warning – Mild Spoilers

Please note that we haven’t forgotten about your request to not start too many new quest series until we have continued with, and finished, a few of the existing ones. While it might not seem like it initially, this quest is actually part of the same quest series as Tale of the Muspah; this one just approaches things from a very different direction, so it’s probably not entirely clear how things fit together yet.

We’ve been calling this quest series Mysteries of the Mahjarrat here in the Jagex office. It is going to be tying together a few lose ends from various quests, and hopefully bringing more cohesion to parts of the Runescape mythology and storyline. While we’re starting the quest series with low-level requirements, later quests will have progressively higher requirements as we draw in the different existing storylines. Additionally, Missing My Mummy also ties into some of the ongoing desert storylines.


Requirements to start Missing my Mummy:
35 Cooking
35 Construction
35 Crafting
35 Magic
35 Prayer
Must have completed Prince Ali Rescue
Must have completed The Golem
Must have completed Icthlarin’s Little Helper

Requirements for total completion:
25 Thieving
45 Crafting
45 Prayer
50 Magic
Must have completed Garden of Tranquillity

In other news…

We have improved Low and High Alchemy so that if you don’t time your clicks correctly, it’ll still return you to the spellbook after your inventory. Hopefully you’ll find this useful when you’re going about your daily alching! You can also queue up one to cast while the current spell is being performed.

We have added an activity bar to the Soul Wars minigame. If you’ve been taking part in the game the bar should remain green, but if you don’t take part the bar will slowly turn orange, and eventually run out, at which point you’ll be removed from the game.

You’ll find that after killing someone in a Bounty or PvP world you’ll have a bit of time to pick up drops before potentially being whisked away for a random event.

Bounty Hunter Now Re-Opened!

May 06, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 2 Comments →

Jagex has just updated runescape, and released the bounty hunter mini game back in, but with a few changes. I never really liked bounty hunter myself, but hopefully this will give some people happiness of player killing again, even if it is different to before. 🙂 The update about noting identified herbs looks good, as it was annoying having to drop by a bank halfway through a herb run to bank the herbs.  It looks like the pvp tricks won’t work anymore, with the update of being able to attack people for using fun weapons or splash casting on each other. 🙂

This week’s update introduces Bounty Hunter ‘Wilderness-only’ PvP worlds (or ‘Bounty Worlds’). Our aim was to get something that feels as close to the original Wilderness as we can manage, and to add another thrill with the Bounty Hunter mechanic. The new worlds are limited to the Wilderness, and use the old ‘who can attack who’ levels.

Bounty Worlds are basically a mix of 3 previous PvP games. It has the best bits we can reuse from Bounty Hunter, PvP worlds, and the old Wilderness. In short, we’ve increased the chance to get your opponent’s items and we added the thrill of hunting a bounty within the Wilderness while surrounded by hundreds of potential PKers.

Here’s how it works:

You can attack anyone within the level range determined by the Wilderness level, starting with 1 just above Edgeville to 56 at the top of the map. If you kill someone who isn’t your bounty target, it is considered a ‘rogue kill’. There is no penalty for rogue kills any more. It will add 1 to your ‘rogue kills’ highscore, and you will get a drop based on the ‘drop potential’ mechanic from PvP worlds (see here for more details). We have, however, made it so that, when drop potential is converted to items, it is 3 times more likely to give you items your target was carrying, as opposed to generated items. The average size of the rewards is based on your drop potential the same as in PvP worlds.

After you have spent 30 minutes in a dangerous area on a Bounty World, the system will start looking for suitable ‘bounty targets’ for you. After 60 minutes, the chance of being assigned a target increases further. (Note: this doesn’t have to be all in one go, and isn’t reset by leaving.) Your target will always be a similar level to you. To make things even more interesting, you will also be their target! If you kill your target, it will add 1 to your ‘bounty kills’ highscore, and you will receive a generous boost to your drop: the average size of these drops is boosted by an extra hour of drop potential (just as if you’d spent an hour in a hot zone), on top of the drop you would receive normally. In addition to this, we’ve made it more likely that you’ll get items from your opponent’s actual inventory for killing your target – this also applies to rogue kills and in normal PvP worlds, but at a lower rate.

To make sure you have a chance of getting to the rewards, there are a couple of extra rules. Firstly, if your bounty target is fighting someone else in a single-way combat area, you will be able to attack your target, and their original foe will be locked out. Secondly, if you are fighting your enemy but do not inflict enough damage to count as the ‘hero’ (in the same way as drops are awarded when fighting monsters), your target will remain your target. Basically, your bounty target will remain your bounty target until one of you kills the other, or one of you leaves the Wilderness for more than ten minutes.

It isn’t all about the rewards, of course: it’s also about the thrill of trying to hunt someone down in an environment where the levels are well-matched. That’s why we brought back the old Wilderness levels, and restricted the action to the old Wilderness area. You can only fight in the Wilderness, and the only other area available is Edgeville, where you can restock and prepare for battle. You have to be in one of those areas before you can log into a Bounty World. So, head to Edgeville, switch to a Bounty World, and see if you can work your way up the Rogue/Bounty Hunter highscore tables.

Lead Developer

In Other News…

Thirsty adventurers should head to the poll to take part in our latest vote: Guaranteed Content – Name a Pub. We have made a shortlist of your very best pub suggestions, and now we need you decide which one is your favourite. The winning idea will be added to the game in the coming months. You can find the poll under the ‘Community’ drop-down tab above.

Similar to the changes we made to the way PvP worlds work to prevent people from using fun weapons or low-level spells, we have updated the system to detect other ways of fighting without taking any risks. Now, if you see anyone in single-way combat who is fighting without taking any apparent damage over an extended period of time, you can jump in and teach them how fighting works.

The lilies of the valley have finished blooming, and have been removed from the game. Any you might have had lying around have been whisked away.

Leprechauns can now convert identified herbs to banknotes for you. Previously, if you’d accidentally cleaned the herb, the leprechaun wouldn’t accept the herb.

The in-game skill guides now link to an appropriate page in the Game Guide if you wish to find out more information.