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Slaying The Phoenix Guide

January 28, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: runescape mini games, Runescape Monsters No Comments →

To do the phoenix slaying mini game everyday you have to complete the in pyre need quest, which I have already made a guide on if you would like to see it click here. You also have to have 51 slayer to kill the phoenix, you recieve 5k slayer xp the first time and 500 xp there on, aswell as 7.5k firemaking xp per kill aswell.  Everytime you kill the phoenix it gets reborn into a baby phoenix again giving it unlimited life, after you kill it talk to it to get 5 phoenix feathers which can be used to make phoenix pouchs (level 72 summoning required).

Some people might have problems with the equipment I use, so just adjust it to suit your own needs. This is the equipment I use.

You can use any other skill cape or even a fire cape would work great, I just take this armour as karils has a decent all round defence for magic melee and range so I don’t need to pray as much. The falador shield 3 is for the fight against the phoenix as it has a good prayer bonus and can give me full prayer restore once a day. Explorer ring 3 gives prayer and magic defence +1 aswell as 50% energy restore 3 times per day so it comes in handy for the cave aswell, for some people you may want to use a different ring such as a ring of life until you get use to the risks of fighting through the cave.

This is the inventory I take, I would suggest taking some summoning familiars with you, but at the moment there is still the glitch where it disappears after 2 floors and you can’t call it or summon a new familiar til you log out. If you log out or lag out during the cave you have to start all over again. 

For lower levels it might be worth taking tuna potatoes and more of them as the monsters in the cave can hit high and it is multi combat. I take the enchanted excalibur as it gives free defence pot dose aswell as 20 hp or so healing in a quick time period. You need the secateurs, knife and tinderbox at all times or you can’t go through the cave at all. The lunar staff is to get the entrance easier with fairy rings ( the fairy ring is south east of the entrance and the code is AKQ). The prayer potion is just incase I run out of food or need extra prayer on the phoenix at the end. I use the dds if I can on the phoenix, it doesn’t seem to get poisoned, but it does quick damage to it if you get good specials. Use Protect from mage prayer against the phoenix as it can hit 20+s pretty consistantly if you don’t.

Earlier today I killed all the monsters in the cave on the way to the phoenix aswell as the phoenix when I got there and this is the loot I got from it.

The creatures drop the occasional potion and food such as super set range pots, lobsters and curry. Sorry about the picture you can’t see the arrows and bolts very well they were rune and adamant arrows and addy bolts, the herbs were ranarr and dwarf weed. They also drop some talismans and crossbow string at times too.

Anyway I hope this little guide helps, any questions let me know and I’ll see if I can help. 🙂

Magic Spell Reorganising Update

January 27, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Jagex recently updated runescape tonight, I just read the news update then, it looks pretty good. The organising spells looks good, use to get annoying trying to find the ape atoll teleport in the middle of everything lol. 🙂 The you are here thing on the map might be helpful although I never use to have trouble with it before anyway. Teleporting to Fist Of Guthix might be handy although I’ve never really liked the mini game it might make it easier to get to the lower level wildy clues or other things in that area.

Have you ever wanted to teleport to a location you haven’t been to for a while, only to find yourself looking through every icon to find the one you need? Our latest upgrade will put an end to this. The magic interface has a new feature that will enable you arrange your spells by category, and display either combat spells or teleport spells at the top of the interface. The default order will be the current, level-based one. This applies to all magic spell books.

The “you are here” button will now mark where you are on the world map, which you can open by clicking on the globe next to the minimap in the top-right-hand corner. This should make it easier for you to plan your journeys, as you’ll have a much clearer idea of your starting point.

One idea that came from the forums was to add a new teleport option to the ring of duelling so that it takes you to the Fist of Guthix minigame, and also to make the ring react more quickly when it has been activated. So we did exactly that! Thanks for the idea.

We’ve also made a small change to PvP worlds, so now the Teleport Block spell will be available to all players, not just members (although its level and rune requirements will stay the same).

Finally, it is now easier to ask gardeners to chop down trees for you, the LootShare radius is larger (and more symmetrical) than before, and Pikkupstix can now enchant the Slayer helmet for use as a Summoning headdress.

The full list of this week’s patches and fixes is available in the Recent Updates forum.

Enjoy these upgrades, and let us know what you think.

Mod Fetzki

RuneScape Content Team Leader

In other news…

You can now refill your plant pots from Farming patches even if you have a crop growing on the patch.

If you need crushed gemstone, such as in the Fairy Tale Part I quest, you can now get it by smashing opals, jade and red topaz with a hammer.

If you completed the Hazeel Cult quest by supporting Hazeel but have lost the Mark of Hazeel, you can now get another one from Clivet.

The “Empty” option on pots of bonemeal has been placed below the “Use” option, so that you don’t accidentally empty them quite so often.

Players are no longer allowed to sit around Fletching and alching things while they’re meant to be participating in the Great Orb Project.

It seems that some players have been wielding ‘fun’ weapons in single-way PvP to increase their drop potential. We’ve changed this so that any players with ‘fun’ weapons no longer increase their potential.

Ever tried to find a world to play on in the US and not known which would be suitable? Well, now we’ve added several of the states in which RuneScape is most popular to the world-select page. Even if your state isn’t on the list, why not log in to one of the others? This change doesn’t affect the world numbers available, and there’s nothing to stop you from playing on whichever world you choose.

Sacred Clay Tool Poll

January 07, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Bestrunetips polls 4 Comments →

Hi e??????veryone, just thought I’d make a post here so if you like some but not all of the tools you can say so here. 🙂 I personally like the pickaxe and the hammer the most because of the cheaper cost for construction and smithing levels aswell as the quicker mining experience to get me closer to 85+. Can’t wait to mine the rune at dark beasts looks so profitable. Anyway let us know what you think. 🙂

In Pyre Need Quest Release

January 06, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 4 Comments →

Jagex just updated runescape again to release the in pyre need quest, looks good, although the timing wasn’t that great as it updated about 2 minutes before my stealing creations game finished oh well these things happen.  Perhaps powerfishing at barbarian waterfall will be easier with the make x thing for filleting fish will try it out later and tell you how I go. 🙂 Sounds great about the second stealing creations world too. Anyway back to stealing creations then I’ll try the quest later. Goodluck to all those that are trying it now. 🙂 I have now finished a guide for in pyre need, if you would like to see it click here.

The phoenix, an ancient creature from RuneScape’s distant past, is in need of your help. While flying to her roost she was injured, and now she lies wounded and dying in the depths of her fiery cave. By chance, a knowledgeable priest has discovered her home, and now he waits for an adventurer with the necessary skill and courage to aid the phoenix in her hour of need. Perhaps that adventurer will be you! Or are you…chicken?

In this quest you will navigate lava-filled caverns, learn the secrets of an ancient ritual and, if all goes well, save the phoenix from certain death.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you will be able to return to the phoenix’s cave for a repeatable distraction and diversion reward that you can claim once a day. You will also gain the ability to summon a phoenix familiar to aid you in your battles – something that many of you voted for in April’s Guaranteed Content poll. Sorry that you’ve had to wait a while for this!

Mod Liono

RuneScape Developer


Where to start In Pyre Need: 

Speak to the priest of Guthix outside the cave south-west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Requirements to complete In Pyre Need: 

Level 52 Crafting

Level 53 Fletching

Level 55 Firemaking

Requirements to the complete the Phoenix Lair Distraction and Diversion, after the quest:

In addition to the above requirements, level 51 Slayer

In other news…

The skeletons in Olaf’s Quest tunnels have been changed to make it easier for you to attack at range. These piles of bones will no longer interfere with you when you’re ranging, or at any other time for that matter, as they’re long dead!

You can no longer attack another player’s familiar in single-way combat on a PvP world. This was never intended, and so should no longer be a problem.

There is a newly installed “make-x” feature for filleting fish such as sturgeon, salmon or trout that should make it easier for you to obtain the materials for making barbarian potions. Also, the barbarian super-restore potion will now correctly restore your Summoning points, just like other restore potions.

One of the changes made to While Guthix Sleeps meant you could no longer cast Ice Barrage on the barriers in Castle Wars. This has been rectified so that the spell now works as it previously did.

In response to your suggestions, a second world for Stealing Creation has been added, as the current one can get a bit busy at times!

A handful of songs (Garden, Still Night, Medieval, Adventure and Expanse) have been updated to sound better than ever. So tune in, and listen out for your favourite!

Finally, the Christmas holiday event has now been removed, but you can still enjoy the Myths of the White Lands quest.

Delarue64 Gets 99 Defence Thanks To Slayer!

January 05, 2009 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Items, runescape mini games, Runescape Monsters, Runescape skills 2 Comments →

Hi everyone, I acheived 99 defence last night. I thought I’d do a post about it, took a screenshot of getting 99. I made a video about it, will put that on youtube later on this year when I fix it up with the other 99s I achieved in 2008. Below is a screenshot of me getting 99 defence, I am the one in bronze armour with the fire cape on. I had a number of friends come along to my 99 defence party, they were Crowlion, Aj 692, Smiffy287, Halo3316, Slayer 6711 and Zee120. Thanks to everyone that came, couldn’t have done all the training without the support. 🙂

I got the last 5 experience for 99 on a level 1 rat in lumbridge with full bronze armour and bronze two hand sword. That’s about it for this post I think, anything else I think of I’ll put in.

I have uploaded the video on youtube, I have embedded it to this post just below. Enjoy!

If anyone wants to know what to train on, I suggest doing slayer if you are a member because it gives you a variety of monsters to kill so you don’t get bored, aswell as all the random loot you get from coins to dragon items or even a draconic visage if you get dragons. Goodluck with all your training and slaying if you choose to do some slayer. 🙂