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Tips For Slaying Dark Beasts

October 25, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 8 Comments →

Last night I got my first dark beast task, they took a while for me to find because it’s been ages since I did the mournings end quests but I found it in the long run. 🙂 To do dark beasts you have to have 90+ slayer and have to atleast started mourning’s end 2. They are level 182 and have 225 hitpoints and also give 225 slayer exp each, aswell as around 900 experience in your method of killing. Dark beasts are always aggressive and attack with magic and melee, the magic attack is only the first attack if you are out of range of their melee attack (if you stand still its only 1, if you move its more then 1). The magic attack looks like a fire blast spell.

This is the equipment I took to the dark beasts.

I took the strength cape (t) because I was after prayer bonus more then strength, you can use fire cape if you prefer. The proselyte armour is for prayer bonus, and the saradomin sword is for an extra inventory spot for when you have to wear the mourners gear to enter the area aswell as extra prayer bonus. You can use a whip and shield if you like, but I prefer taking an extra prayer potion then having an extra free space. There is a rune mining rock located in the far north west section as seen in the picture below so if you have 85+ mining it might be worth taking a rune pickaxe aswell for the occasional runite ore.

The only things I missed with my inventory was to swap the ardrougne teleport tablets to the karmaja gloves and to take a holy wrench to make the prayer pots last more, but the 16 prayer potions I took was enough for the 167 dark beast task, with 2 doses to spare.

The dark beasts are the only monster that drops the dark bow, I was lucky enough to get one on my first task, pretty quickly too I think it was within the first 50 kills or so. They drop alot of adamant square shields, and death talismans and a decent amount of chaos, death and blood runes. Dark beasts seem to be good for blue charms too as you can tell from my loot picture below.

I used protect from melee prayer all the time as that is what they mainly attack with, be careful if you see someone else slaying dark beasts, as the dark beasts can swap opponents if someone gets to close to each other. If you need space while killing the dark beasts, you can drop the new key because you can always get another one from the desk near the head mourner which is near the entrance of the dark beasts.

To enter the dark beast lair you have to be in full mourner gear and have no other visible items on and the new key to unlock the door. An example of this is in the picture below.

Slaying dark beasts can be very long and boring but well worth it in experience and loot wise, this task took about 2-3 hours. If you have any questions about the guide let us know and we will try to help as much as we can. 🙂

Have fun slaying dark beasts and good luck with your dark bow drops.

How To Slay Waterfiends

October 23, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 50 Comments →

When I first had a waterfiend task I blocked them because I thought that they would be too hard, kinda like I did with skeletal wyverns, but after a little research on other sites I found out that they weren’t as bad as they looked. 🙂 The waterfiends are level 115 and give 128 slayer experience per kill, they attack with magic and range.  I recommend having 80+ in melee stats aswell as hitpoints, and atleast 40+ prayer and 70 range and defence for the karils armour. If you want to do these for training instead of slayer change the slayer helmet to neitznoit. I don’t recommend going to the waterfiends in the chaos tunnels, as it is multi combat, and waterfiends can be a handful with just 1v1.

(NOTE: to do waterfiends using this method you have to do some of the barbarian training from the barbarian on the lake outside the cave). I don’t recommend doing these if you lag alot, as they can kill pretty quickly if your not careful.

The easiest way to get to the waterfiends is to use a games necklace to barbarian outpost then put it in the bank in the deposit box inside the barbarian assault building. Then head south til you get to a pier with a whirlpool at the end of it. Enter the whirlpool, before you go down the stairs on the next level pot up and put your protect from magic prayer on to avoid the mage attacks from the brutal green dragons, and make sure you have a anti dragon breath shield or dragonfire shield on or you won’t make it to the waterfiends (you can drop the anti dragonbreath shield if you are only going to use 2handed weapons as there won’t be anymore brutal green dragons to worry about while in this area).

equipment for waterfiends

Above is the equipment I used to kill them, except for the sgs for specials, you can change the slayer ring to another ring if you like, I use this ring now if I have a long slayer task like this one was.

Once your ready to go down, head south past the brutal drags then west when you can til you get to the waterfiends, put on range prayer and your weapon, unless your using a 1 handed weapon of course. Waterfiends are weak against crush attacks so I recommend using a saradomin sword as it is fast and very accurate for the crush style attack. If you can’t afford to buy a saradomin sword, I recommend using a zamorakian spear as it is the second best crush weapon in my opinion besides the godswords, but they’re too slow for the waterfiends except they are good for specials (especially the saradomin godsword as it heals hitpoints and prayer with 1 special).

I usually take 2-3 bunyips (depending on amount assigned) 10 p pots 1 super restore/summoning potion, 1 super set, holy wrench, teletab or another quick teleport out, 100-200 swallow whole scrolls for the bunyips as the watefiends drop alot of raw sharks and lobsters and the rest sharks or tuna potatoes. I use berserker ring now instead of the ring of life, although you could use an explorer ring aswell as it gives a teleport and +1 prayer bonus, I recommend using ring of life the first time you go down there as it might be tricky at first.

Keep the range prayer on all the time until they become unaggressive, which is usually about 8-10 minutes of killing. Then turn on and off after you kill them. There is a log near the waterfiend spot that takes you out of the cave if you happen to forget a teleport. Some people take guthans with them to help, I tested it out and found that you get hit more with guthans on no matter what prayer you have on, if you do use guthans its best to use mage prayer as it doesnt have that great of mage defence but has a good range defence.

task of 181 waterfiends completed loot

The picture above is from a 181 waterfiend task I completed a couple days ago, the godsword is a saradomin godsword which I borrowed from a friend, it works great there, rarely need to eat or use prayer potions. On this occasion I forgot to take the swallow whole scrolls, but it didn’t seem to make much difference, and I only took 5 prayer potions aswell. I accidently took 5 bunyips thats why there is 2 leftover in the inv still. The herb seeds were lantadyme and ranarr.

Some people range these when they get the waterfiends unaggressive, but in my opinion it just doesnt keep up with the rate of crimsons that melee gives. I haven’t tried it though, the waterfiends give heaps of mithril arrows so I guess it’s endless arrows there. Waterfiends also give heaps of crimson charms about 80% of kills have crimsons, and 90% are atleast a charm. They also drop alot of water orbs, water runes, mithril ore, seaweed, snape grass, blood and death runes which makes them very profitable and suitable for summoning and ancient supplies aswell as you can see in the above picture.

I hope this guide comes in handy for people wondering about waterfiends. I will add a map of how to get to the spot in the cave aswell as an inventory picture of what I take there.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask I’m sure I can help you out. 🙂

Goodluck with your waterfiend slaying.

A Better Runescape Log-in

October 18, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

On the 15th of October, a new log-in system was introduced. I found that it was far more streamlined and it loaded much quicker. It was also great to avoid the ads when logging in to the members area. The favourite worlds idea is great idea too. I made sure that I included world 60 as a favourite, as it is the penguin world. So overall, I think that this was a good Runescape update.

Today we’ve streamlined the way you get into the game. The aim is to help you get playing more quickly with fewer pages to go through every time. To start the game, simply click one of the two new buttons on the front page (depending on whether you’re a free player or a member). You will then be taken straight into the game. Once the game has loaded, you will be able to (optionally) choose both your world and detail level directly from the title screen.

More details on the changes made:

  • World selection has now been moved entirely in game, so there is one less page to go through to start the game and you can get playing faster.
  • We’ve had a world switcher in-game for a while, but since it is now the main way of choosing your world, it was time for an upgrade. The in-game world switcher now shows lots of extra information, including suggested activities for various worlds.
  • Automatic world selection. Just press ‘Log in’ on the title screen, and the game will automatically choose a suitable world for you. If you want to play on a specific world, just choose it from the world switcher first, and then press ‘Log in’.
  • Favourite worlds. The in-game world switcher now lets you select up to 2 worlds as your favourites. For example, you could set one favourite as your non-PvP homeworld and one as your PvP battle world. Once you have set up your favourite worlds from the world switcher, you will see extra buttons for them directly on the title screen, you can then click on those buttons to go straight to your favourite world.
  • Members see less adverts. Because of the above changes, we’ve been able to remove adverts for members playing on free worlds as long as you use the ‘Members’ button on the front page to log-in – we hope you enjoy the change!
  • The detail selection option has also been moved into the game. Again, this means there is one less page to go through to start the game, and gets you playing faster. This also means that you can now switch modes more easily without having to reload the game. The game will remember your last selection, so you no longer have to keep making the same choice over and over again.
  • The ‘safe mode’ feature is now automatic. If your game fails to load for any reason, it will detect the failure the next time you load it, and automatically activate safe mode. If you want to force safe mode, then you can still do so by pressing the ‘s’ key on your keyboard while the game is loading. Safe mode has also now been adjusted to only make the minimum changes needed to get the title screen to load: if you want to change any other options you should do so yourself from the ‘Graphics Options’ menu on the title screen before logging in. Your choices will then be remembered for next time.
  • Unsigned mode is automatic. We’ve removed the ‘unsigned’ option from the Java options menu. Don’t worry, you can still access the unsigned applet if you need to. We’ve made the selection process for it automatic. If the game cannot load in signed mode (either because you didn’t grant it permission, or your security settings do not allow you to grant it permission) it will fall back to the unsigned version, you don’t need to do anything for this to happen.
  • Player Vs Player Worlds Are Out

    October 18, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

    I tried out PvP the first day it came out, I didn’t like it much because lots of people 1 itemed, safed, or pjed all the time. I’ve heard that you can get dragon full helm as a drop but I’m not 100% sure. I’m happy that they got the teleblock spell back. I didn’t like the new combat system very much because it meant that dogs could attack me in the brimhaven dungeon if I didn’t have a summoning pouch on me or if it ran out after a while. The purple dot for clan chat comes in handy for when you do penguins every week or when you do clan wars.

    Being able to swap the scrolls comes in handy if you don’t use the pouchs anymore because you got a higher version of it or for some other reason. I’m not all that worried about the beacon update, but I guess it might help when I eventually get 92 fm for the inferno adze. The fist of guthix gloves update doesn’t really apply to me because I’ve never really liked fist of guthix to begin with. Looks like the Corporeal beast is going to be alot harder with the new stomp attack update.

     PvP worlds have arrived! Are you ready to pit your combat skills against other players in the halls of the White Knights’ Castle? Are you prepared to fight to the death in the fields of Lumbridge? Well, now is your chance.

    To get started, load up the game like normal (click here to read about the changes to the log-in system we’ve also released today), and then choose ‘World Select’ on the title screen. Then pick a world which has a tick in the ‘skull’ column to choose a PvP world. To avoid nasty accidents, if you let the game choose a world for you automatically it will never select a PvP world. Also note that you require a Combat level of at least 20 (not including Summoning) to get into a PvP world.

    Before you are logged in, you will be warned that you are entering a PvP world which is a dangerous place: you will lose your items on death and you will not get a gravestone. Upon entering the world for the first time, you’ll be teleported to Lumbridge and given a manual to explain the finer points of PvP worlds.

    Here’s a quick run-down of the features:

    Fight players (within your level range) anywhere on the map, except in a few safe areas.
    Safe areas include banks, respawn points and some guilds.
    Level ranges are 10% of your Combat level, plus 5 levels. If you are fighting inside the Wilderness, the Wilderness level is added to this total. Your current attack range is shown on your screen at all times. (The 10% is measured from the higher of the two combatants’ levels.)
    Skulling is back – same rules apply. If you initiate combat, you are skulled and on death you will lose all items, with the Protect Item prayer saving one item as normal.
    Teleport Block is back in the normal spellbook.
    Some minigames are available to play, others are not – please see the Game Guide for more details.
    Death drops are back – new rules apply. Drops will be a mixture of items from the defeated opponent’s inventory and items from drop tables specific to PvP worlds. See below for details.

    The quality of the drops you get when you PK someone depends on several different factors:

    To get a reward from a kill, you also have to risk some items yourself!
    To accumulate a possible reward, you have to risk a minimum of 75k of items on a members’ world, or a minimum of 25k of items on a free world.
    Note that your three most valuable items won’t count as being risked unless you’ve been skulled, as you wouldn’t lose them.
    The longer you spend on a PvP world (outside a safe area) with the required amount of items at risk, the better your possible rewards might become, to reward you for your risk.
    The possible reward increases even faster and goes to a higher maximum if you go into a ‘hot zone’.
    Note, however, that risking more than the minimum won’t improve your rewards faster, so it’s a good idea to take relatively cheap and useful items that won’t cost you too much to replace if you die.

    When you get a successful kill, the exact reward you can claim depends on a number of other factors, including the level difference between you and the value of the items lost by the dying player. Any unclaimed loot is saved for the next kills, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost if you kill a low level player.

    Don’t despair if you are dying a lot and losing a lot of items. The game will detect this and improve your chance of getting decent rewards when you do eventually get a good kill.

    The above is a simplified description of how it all works. To prevent cheating there are various other factors taken into account. We’ve calculated the rewards and rates very carefully, so that a successful PKer should be able to get a good income, and PKers who get lucky might find themselves with a good drop. Higher level players may also get higher rewards to reflect their increased earning ability when not PKing, such that PKing is still worthwhile for them. The aim is to make PKing a fun alternative (albeit very high risk) way of earning money in the game.

    Included in the PvP-specific drop tables is a wide range of new combat equipment and XP-boosting gloves. Members will get access to level 78 items for all three corners of the combat triangle, including armour as well as weapons, and a new set of Ancient Magick spells. Non-members will get access to corrupt dragon equipment. To find out more about these items, please visit the Game Guide.

    Have fun PKing!

    Mod Benny
    RuneScape Content Developer

    In other news…

    We’ve changed the way your Combat level is calculated, so that PKers aren’t discouraged from levelling Summoning. It seemed a bit unfair that Summoning increased your Combat level everywhere but couldn’t actually be used everywhere. Therefore, your Summoning is now only counted into your Combat level if you have recently summoned a creature or held a Summoning pouch. When you log in, you will see that your Combat level has been split into two numbers (e.g. ’75+6′). The first number is your base Combat level, and the second is the potential extra available from Summoning. If you’re holding a Summoning pouch or have a familiar, this potential will be added on taking you to your full level.

    For example, if you are level 55, this might be shown as follows:

    Without a familiar, a Summoning pouch, or having dropped a pouch recently: level 50+5
    With a familiar, a Summoning pouch, or having dropped a pouch recently: level 55

    Players in the same clan chat channel will now appear as purple dots on the minimap. This is the second highest priority after friends (green) and before other players wearing the same team capes (blue). Note: Being in the same clan won’t remove the default attack option in the same fashion as a team cape!

    Bogrog has expanded his enterprises even further and will now convert your spare Summoning spell scrolls to shards in a similar way to his already popular pouches to shards service.

    The beacons scattered throughout the wilderness will now remember how many logs you’ve stored at each even after an emergency has arisen (quite literally).

    The reward gloves from Fist of Guthix can now be used to pick nettles without injury. Also the Fishing gloves will now give the bonus experience for swordfish in Piscatoris.

    Don’t get your feathered headdresses all ruffled. You can now craft these useful bits of headwear using the Assist System in addition to the traditional way.

    The Corporeal beast has become wise to your tricks and has gained a stomp attack that hurts players standing underneath him. Watch out!,

    Updates For October 2008

    October 05, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 2 Comments →

    Finally they release more news about the pvp update, can’t wait for it to be out. 🙂 I’m glad they commited themselves to stopping the two weeks with no updates. Also the 2 or 3 major updates per month is good too as little ones don’t seem to make much difference to the way I play besides the trade limit upgrades and the new quests etc. The halloween quest looks good hopefully it gives some decent rewards for once unlike the events in the past (besides the halloween mask and other rare item drop events).

    October is traditionally a month of scary surprises and toothache. This month will be no different when it comes to our Hallowe’en content, with a quest AND holiday event both to be available on the free servers. For scary surprises: how about entire worlds where you can PK and hunt other players to your heart’s content? That’s right, PvP worlds are coming! But first, a few words about how we’re going to update RuneScape in the future.

    During the last six months we’ve been reading through the forums, talking to you in-game and running polls on the sorts of updates you really want. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that it’s the bigger, chunkier updates that really get you excited, those like the God Wars Dungeon or a new skill. These are the sorts of updates we found that you wanted to play. Updates that you want to go back to time and time again.

    So, starting from this month, we’re changing the way we release content. From now on you’ll see one massive “headline update” (such as a Recipe for Disaster or a Castle Wars) every month. On top of that, there will still be a secondary release, much more like the size of update you’re used to right now. We’re also still committed to making sure that no two weeks pass without something new.

    Basically, from now on our releases will be like this:

    Four week months will have two updates: one big headline release and a secondary one.
    Five week months will have three updates: one big headline release and two secondary ones.
    So, on to this month’s updates…

    PvP Worlds

    Ever found yourself wanting to say, “Look, it’s my tree. If you don’t stop chopping it…I’ll chop you!” Sounds cool, right? Yeah, but where could you do it? And when? The answers are PvP worlds and October!
    From log-in, those that are interested in PvP content will be able to join in on special PvP worlds. The danger on these worlds will be very clear from the first messages you see, ensuring that players never log onto these worlds by mistake. After all, we don’t want players accidentally getting involved with PKing (player killing) if they don’t want to. Normal, non-PvP worlds will still act just as they do now, so don’t worry if bashing others isn’t really your thing.

    Those that want to get involved will find a number of differences to the usual set-up on PvP worlds. Firstly, you’ll be able to fight people pretty much anywhere, so long as their Combat level is similar to yours (within a certain range of levels). This means that almost everywhere is dangerous. Some places, like banks and respawn points, will be deemed “safe” and no combat will be able to occur there, and some of the minigames will be disabled (you won’t be able to PK team mates while playing Castle Wars, for example) but many will still be active. Other places, like Falador, Varrock and the entirety of the Wilderness, will be considered “hot spots” where the danger will be even greater and a higher concentration of opponents.

    Now, onto the money side of things. Many of you will be aware of the RWT (real-world trading of RuneScape gold for money) reasons we changed the old Wilderness. We certainly can’t just bring that threat back to RuneScape, so we have devised a system that rewards players based on a variety of factors. This means that things such as risk, level of foe and location will help to calculate rewards. Drops will be determined by a combination of drop tables and some of the gear that your opponent drops. We will go into more depth about this on the day of release.


    As well as changing things around with the headline updates, we also decided to change the way we do things with our holiday events. We wanted to make the most of the little bits of fun we have every year, and give the free-to-play game a taste of the content we release in the members’ world. This year, we will be releasing a Hallowe’en-themed quest as well as the traditional holiday event. This quest will be available to our free players for the two weeks around Hallowe’en, along with the holiday event itself, and members will be able to play the quest at any time (the normal holiday event will disappear after two weeks as usual). What’s it about? Well, you’ll have to wait and see, but expect some funky decorations to start appearing.

    Spooky player letters and artwork will also await those strong of stomach…so be prepared.

    Trading Limit Increase

    October 01, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

    I think it’s about time that they increased the limit. 30k just wasn’t enough in my opinion especially if you wanted to help your friends out. Can’t wait for the 60k limit after the next quest. 🙂

    From today we have doubled (in some cases tripled) the flexibility of the player trade system. All players will notice an increase in the amount they can trade with other players.

    This means accounts with fewer than 10 quest points will be able to earn or lose up to 5,000 coins in wealth every 15 minutes from trading, free players will be able to earn a maximum of 10,000 coins every 15 minutes by completing the free quests and members will have access to a maximum of 60,000 coins per 15 minutes if they have 270 quest points. Your trade margin will increase with each quest point after 10 – for example, at 100 quest points you’ll have a margin of 24,038 coins, and at 200 quest points you’ll have a margin of 45,192 coins.

    This was added to the game because we wanted to offer our players more flexibility when trading or helping friends out, without increasing the threat of real-world trading.
    Mod Mark
    Lead Designer – RuneScape

    Note: Currently there are only 269 quest points available in the game, so no player will be able to reach the 60,000 coin margin until our next quest update, scheduled for a few weeks’ time. The trade margin does scale up to that, though, so players a few quest points short of 270 will have a trade margin only slightly below it.