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New PvP Update Rumours

August 16, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 34 Comments →

Recently Jagex gave us runescape players some information about what they have planned for the future of runescape and the response to the feedback they have been getting.Personally I don’t like player killing all that much but I use to do it every now and then back in the old days, the update they have planned about pking anywhere in the game reminds me of the old runescape classic when I tried it a while back. It will be interesting to find out what the new rewards are going to be, I can’t wait to find out, we will keep you updated with all the news that they tell us about this update and many more to come.

The most frequent request we have received over the last few months has been to put more PvP back into the game. We want to let you know that this request hasn’t gone unheard, and that we’ve put a lot of research into how we can introduce new PvP mechanisms. The aim is for PvP content that better replaces the old Wilderness, but without reintroducing RWT.

Hopefully, you’re already aware of the imminent Clan Wars release (see the September Behind the Scenes in a couple of weeks for more information), but there are also plans afoot for the most exciting and “old school” PvP update we have ever considered – unique PvP worlds.

As many of our long term players know, in the old RuneScape Classic days you could actually fight players just outside the gates of Lumbridge, before the days of duelling and even before the days of the old Wilderness itself. Players could hunt each other down, chasing them away from favourite resource points and generally “owning” large areas of the map.

So, in 2008, we will be bringing you special ‘PvP worlds’, where you can fight other players almost anywhere! In addition to all the usual content you might expect to find in RuneScape, they will also include:

Optional sign-up – choose between PvP danger or stick to ordinary play by simply switching worlds.
High danger with items dropped on death.
High rewards for kills. To avoid any RWT issues the reward for a successful PK will be generated by the game, similar to when you kill a monster at the moment. We’re creating generous drop tables based on factors like your levels and the impressiveness of the kill.
These drop tables will include “PvP world specific” items like XP-modifying gear, lvl 70+ equipment and new, glorious, short-term but hard hitting gear. These will once again make PKing a viable source of income.
PvP across 99% of the world, including the old Wilderness.
Attack any player within a certain level of your own. Level range depends on the area, similar to the old Wilderness levels.
…And all sorts of other twists on interesting content… Just think of the possibilities when you can PK anywhere!
Naturally, we also have other PvP-orientated content, like Stealing Creation (a resource control game where skillers and PKers work together, creating equipment and beating up the opposition) and Mobilising Armies (a real-time strategy game where you use your hard made bows, swords, etc. to equip your own armies in 4-player battles).

How To Slay Abberant Spectres

August 11, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 4 Comments →

I just finished my second abberant spectre task in a row, I kept a log of what I got from both tasks and I will talk about them later on in the guide. Abberant Spectres can be found at the slayer tower or the smokey dungeon underneath pollinviech on the second floor past the mighty banshees and require 60 slayer to get assigned them. They are 94 combat and have 90 hitpoints and give 90 slayer experience aswell. Abberant Spectres use a magic attack that can hit up to 8, and also lowers your stats if you don’t have a nosepeg or slayer helmet on. The Inventory picture below is for my second task of 178 abberant spectres, for the first task I had 158 so take off a super restore if you need to do so.

The pouch is a war tortoise pouch, you can use any other pouch that can hold items for you. I use the magic protection prayer for these as it seems to get it done quicker and less hassles with carrying food and balancing space for herbs. Below is a picture of the equipments I took, you can take a prayer book instead of dragonfire shield if you like I took the DFS because of its strength bonus. You can swap the cape for a trimmed skill cape if you want the prayer bonus aswell. If you don’t have a slayer helmet yet you will have to take a nose peg because they lower your stats and go through prayer if you don’t have one on. The dragon scimitar is there because I am still going for 99 strength, you can take a godsword or saradomin sword or a whip if you like.

The combination between the karmaja gloves 3 and the ring of slaying worked out well as it was quick teleports to and from banking. Now for the drop logs. For the first task I got:

  • 8 Kwuarms, 9 irits, 6 cadatines, 11 ranarr weeds, 5 dwarf weeds, 2 lantadymes
  • 3 avantoe seeds, 4 irit seeds, 1 kwuarm seed
  • 1 Lava battlestaff
  • 1 Black mystic bottom
  • 1 Rune full helmet
  • 23 gold, 10 green, 1 crimson and 7 blue charms

Now for the second task:

  • 4 Kwuarms, 15 irits, 9 cadatines, 17 ranarr weeds, 2 dwarf weeds, 5 lantadymes
  • 1 cadatine seed, 1 snapdragon seed, 3 irit seeds, 2 dwarf weed seeds, 2 lantadyme seeds
  • 1 lava battlestaff
  • 2 rune full helmets
  • 1 adamant platelegs
  • 24 gold, 12 green, 9 crimson and 6 blue charms

As you can see they drop alot of herbs and seeds. There were heaps of others herbs but these are the only ones I collect now. Both times I used the war tortoise when I got full of herbs then banked when I got another load worth of herbs, it worked out to be over 34 herbs a trip.

Goodluck with your Abberant Spectre slaying.

Tips To Slay Locust Rangers

August 09, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 6 Comments →

I use to skip the scabarite tasks all the time till I found out that there is an easy way to do them without having to worry about multicombat. I use the dungeon underneath the sophaneum bank (which is in the north east corner below some stairs near the broken altar). The map below shows the position of the map I use, it is just south of the scabarite mage near the start of the dungeon. The locust rangers are 98 combat and give 102 slayer xp and have 102 hp, they eventually stop attacking so you can save prayer after a while, they spawn pretty quickly so it is advisable to keep the range prayer on til they stop attacking.

map of the locusts area I slay them in

I used protection from range against these as they can be pretty deadly if you arn’t careful. If you want to save prayer, you can stand in the respawn spot and have your prayer off, and mentioned by Smiffy in the comments part of this guide. 🙂

Here is the inventory I used. I take a tinderbox because they can put out your lantern now and then, the lantern is a must if you want to get to this area as it is a dungeon. The swordfish are for incase I forget to turn on the protection from range prayer.

scabarite inventory

And this is the equipment I used. You can use a prayer book if you like, I took the dragonfire shield because of the strength bonus.

scabarite equipment

Locust rangers can be good for gems and crimson charms, I forgot to take a chisel on this occassion though. They also drop rune arrows, addy arrows, battlestaffs, raw and cooked bass and lava runes. This is what I got after 41 locust rangers.

task of 41 scabarite complete

The herb is a dwarf weed. 14 rune arrows and 32 addy arrows, they dropped 7 rune and 16 addy at the same time.

Well thats the last of the guide, hope it helps and goodluck with your scabarite battles.

How To Slay Hellhounds

August 09, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 4 Comments →

I just completed my task of 176 hellhounds and thought that I would make a guide on how I did them. I used the taverly dungeon hellhounds (which are north of the poison spiders) as there are alot more of them to kill then the spot at the perfect gold dungeon east of ardrougne.

Hellhounds are 122 combat and have 116 hitpoints and give 116 slayer experience. You can range these but as I am doing 99 strength I meleed them. The equipment I used is in the picture below.

hellhound inventory

The reason why I took a DDS or dragon dagger p++ as they are called these days is because I like to test how high I can hit with it as my strength level rises aswell as it comes in handy if you need a couple quick kills if you are low on food. Below is a picture of the armour I took to kill them, the ring is a ring of slaying as they don’t drop anything except clue scrolls and charms I decided not to take the ring of wealth like I do in most tasks.

hellhound equipment

At the end of the task I ended up with heaps of charms as you will see in the next picture below, I didn’t recieve any clue scrolls though because I already have one in my bank from when I did skeletal wyverns.

task of 176 hellhounds complete

The uncut sapphire was from a random event, good luck with hellhounds and the clue scrolls if you are after them.

Slaying Dust Devils

August 06, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 10 Comments →

My latest task was to slay 172 Dust Devils, so I thought that I would share it with you. Dust Devils are renown for a way of getting a dragon chain. Will I get one this time? I know that a friend of mine got one with his 1st ever slayer task with them.

Here I am fighting dust devils in the smoke dungeon

Here I am fighting dust devils in the smoke dungeon

Dust Devils are combat level 93 and have 105 hit points and 105 slayer points. They are not aggressive and can be found in the chaos tunnels or the smoke dungeon to the west of the southern carpet ride place at Pollnivneach. I  went to the later, but did so by climbing down the well in the middle of Pollnivneach and walking west.

This shows what I was wearing to slay dust devils

This shows what I was wearing to slay dust devils

There are a few ways to slay dust devils. When I was a lower combat level I used to slay them using range. There are some safe spots for ranging, but they seem to change every now and then. However I chose to melee them this time. If I was a few points higher in the slayer tasks rewards, I would have learned the mask skill whereby I could attach the black slayer mask with the face mask. Otherwise I have my normal melee gear on with a face mask. The face mask is needed for the smoke dungeon. The photo below shows me looking at someone ranging at a safe spot.

You can see me behind someone ranging at the dust devil safe spot.

You can see me behind someone ranging at the dust devil safe spot.

What items did I bring? If I had a high enough summoning level, then a bunyip would have been handy, because dust devils can take some hit points off you at times. However, I was still a few levels below what was needed, so I just took some good food. I also took 200 coins for the carpet ride, super pots and also 10 natures in case of rune dagger, earth battle staff or red dragonhide vambrace drops. 

These are the items I bought with me to slay dust devils.

These are the items I bought with me to slay dust devils.

One handy thing that you get while slaying dust devils is Ugthanki Kebabs. These kebabs heal 18 hitpoints and you often get 2 per drop. This saved  me having to use all of my tuna potatoes. On this occasion I used 2 nature runes to alch a red dragon vambrace and an earth battlestaff. Often there is the potential for many more alchable items. There is some fire elementals in the dungeon too which may drop some nature runes too if you need some and you get lucky. 46% of the drops had charms and most of them were crimson. Not showing in the item list below was 48 rune arrows, which were loaded on me to save space. I also dropped many gems and herbs. Did I get a dragon chain??? Not this time, maybe next time?

This is what I was rewarded with after the end of the 172 dust devil slayer task.

This is what I was rewarded with after the end of the 172 dust devil slayer task.

Runescape Updates For August

August 03, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News No Comments →

Recently Jagex released what they have planned for the month of August this year. I not all that interested in finding out about the history of runescape in Meeting History, but I guess quest points are quest points.  When I saw that they were going to update runecrafting and make it more interesting to train I thought it was going to be great but when I read more indepth it looks like its going to be another version of fist of guthix. All Fired Up (the new firemaking quest) looks interesting though, might get rid of the boredom of clicking on logs then burning them all the time. 🙂

Upcoming updates (planned for August)

It’s pretty hard to imagine the first days of RuneScape. For a start, there were no monsters, no Zamorak and no god wars, which would imply that RuneScape was a breeze. Surely you could just wake up, have a cup of tea with Guthix and settle down for some farming. Easy peasy, right?

Erm, no. The first quest of this month, Meeting History, will reveal the struggles that the first settlers faced on RuneScape. This sequel to Making History will encourage you to get more hands-on in your research of the past, giving you insights into the world’s quiet beginnings and its harsh realities. It will even divulge the beginnings of magic and strange objects called ‘runes’.

Man’s knowledge of magic and runes has come on leaps and bounds from the time of Meeting History. Just take a peek at the next release: the Runecrafting Guild!

In the guild, wizards will be bent over books, trying desperately to unlock the secrets of Runecrafting. How is a rune made? Why are yellow and green orbs released when the reaction occurs? For Runecrafting scholars, these questions pale in comparison with the following: which is more significant – green orbs or yellow orbs? For years arguments have raged on, and two wizards will be creating something that’ll end the debate once and for all: the Great Orb Project!

The Great Orb Project will be a fun minigame for two opposing teams who have been given one simple task: collect more orbs than the other team. Only problem is, your opponents will do all they can to stop you winning – including pushing your orbs away before you can get to them! This fast-paced and manic minigame will offer you a great alternative for training your Runecrafting, with minimal fuss, tutorials or complex rules.

Not content with updating one skill this month, we’ve decided to reignite Firemaking too. In Varrock, King Roald has become increasingly wary of the evil eyes casting greedy looks at his city, so he’ll be taking precautions: fourteen warning beacons, running from the River Salve to the western end of the Wilderness. The problem is, no one will be available to test them out, so – surprise, surprise – you’ll become the most suitable candidate.

So begins All Fired Up, a sizzling new quest that acts as a simple and very short tutorial for beacon lighting. What can you do with large cauldrons full of sticks, you may ask? Well, your task, if you should choose to accept it, will be to light as many as possible at one time, offering you an entertaining and alternative method for training your Firemaking – oh, and the rewards will make you the toast of firemakers everywhere…

Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes:

In the coming months, we’ll be making some changes to the Behind the Scenes, offering you a more attractive look and a better idea of upcoming content. So, if you’d like a tour of what we’ve got in store, please read on…

The first change is screenshots. Instead of just telling you about our updates, we’ll be bringing you images of them in glorious technicolour – and in RuneScape HD, of course.

We’ve also got plans to hint about future content, outside of the month’s releases. The ‘glimpse of the future’ section will include handpicked updates that excite us, and that you’ll be excited about too. So, what better way of getting you used to this new feature than producing one for this Behind the Scenes?

Runescape Item Lending Update

August 01, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape News 4 Comments →

Below is the news that Runescape provided on July 29th.

The thing that I liked best about this update was that you can now withdraw all but one from a particular item. This means that the item will retain its spot in the bank, which is great for those that have a structured bank.

Over the last couple of weeks, many players have been using the Item Lending system to lend out items for profit. That’s not really what we designed the system to achieve; it was intended to be a simple way for players to once again share objects with their friends. Since some players seem so keen to rent out their valuable items, though, we’ve adjusted the system to let them do it safely.

Instead of ‘using’ your items on the borrowing player, you should send them a trade request. This will open the trade screen, where you can right-click on an item and choose to ‘Lend’ it.

Once you’ve offered the item for loan, it will be visible to both players in the trade offer screen, within the ‘Loan’ box. A button will appear underneath the item, allowing you to choose the duration of the loan. Your trade-partner can then offer to pay you or lend you another item in return. Of course, you can still offer to lend an item without receiving anything in return.

Item Lending does not affect your trade limits if you are lending or receiving an item for nothing in return. Your trade limits will be affected, however, if something is offered in return for the lent item.

Do remember: If you borrow an item ‘until logout’, its owner might log out or take it back at ANY time, so you should be cautious about paying for this kind of service.
In other news…

We’ve been busy again, fixing a number of graphical or minor bugs that you may have spotted. Read on for a few of the more noticeable changes included in this update.

There have been a few additions and modifications to the bank this week; most notably, we have added the ‘Withdraw All-But-1’ option, so you can leave placeholder items with ease. The bank’s scrollbar speed has also been increased, so you can get to your items faster.

On a slightly different note, you can now retrieve your lent items from the wandering bankers that are typically found outside minigames like Fist of Guthix or Bounty Hunter.

Players can now take the Summoning skillcape into Bounty Hunter. It seems this latest skillcape wasn’t permitted, so Bounty Hunter has been adjusted to bring it in line.

When playing in HD fullscreen mode, you now have the option to hide the chatbox. The tabs below it will still flash when you’ve been sent a message by a friend or someone requests to trade with you etc, so you shouldn’t miss anything!