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Slaying Fire Giants

July 04, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 3 Comments →

I have been doing some slayer tasks lately due to the points system they now have. I aim to be able to craft slayer masks first, then I will use the points to avoid monsters and learn how to make other items.

What I found interesting was that  I got Fire Giants as a task for the very first time with Duradel. Not only that, I was given them twice in a row. The 1st time 199 and the 2nd 193. I shall discuss mostly the 2nd task on this occasion.

This was good news for me, as fire giants give 109 slayer points per kill, which is quite good.

There are a number of places where you find Fire Giants, including the Chaos Tunnels, Brimhaven Dungeon, Wilderness, Smoky Dungeon and Baxtorian Falls. As a matter of habit I chose the Baxtorian falls location. You need to have done the waterfall quest in order to get there, as you need glarials amulet to enter.

Fire Giants appear in 2 areas underneath Baxtorian Falls and they can be seen where the white, yellow and red dots are in the picture below.

A map showing where the fire giants exist under Baxtorian Falls

The smaller area to the right is where most of the rangers kill fire giants, although there are some safe spots in the larger area to the left too. Pure rangers used to spend a lot of time here. I decided to melee them though, as my combat is high enough now and it is much quicker to finish the task.

I decided to take my normal melee gear with a whip and a black slayer mask. It was also essential to take Glarial’s amulet andalso a rope, so that you can get onto the Island after the raft breaks. Below is the items that I took. I only took 1 super strength potion, as the fire giants tend to drop strength potions. I also took some nature runes to alch any fire battlestaffs I collected. Guthans was used for short periods to give some health back.

The items I took with me on the fire giant task

There are some level 52 spiders in the passageway leading to the 2 areas that reduce your prayer by half each time they hit you, so anyone with combat under 105 may need to take some prayer potions too. If you are at those levels, then I suggest that you range and/or bring a hally. The picture below shows what the fire giants look like and also the table that rangers often use. In fact one was using it at the time of the picture. At the top of the photo is the doorway to get in. This is a safe spot for rangers to be at before the fire giants stop being aggressive.

A picture of me attacking a fire giant

I have not slayed fire giants for a while, so I was not used to getting charms from them. In the task with 199 fire giants I got 99 gold charms, 16 green charms, 9 crimson charms and 3 blue charms. On the 193 task I got 122 gold charms, 11 green charms, 3 crimson charms and 3 blue charms. So they gave quite a number of charms for each task.

I did not get any rune scimmys. I remember getting quite a few rune scimmys with fire giants in the past, so this was a surprise to me. I also got my 1st dragon drop with a fire giant, a dragon med helmet, but not this time.

Below is a list of the items that I got with the second task. Gems and herbs were mostly dropped, but I kept some closer to the end of the task.

What I collected from the fire giant task

So good luck with your fire giant battles. 🙂