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Slaying Skeletal Wyverns

June 08, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters, Runescape Tips 14 Comments →

Update Note: Use high defence armour such as torag or bandos instead of karils, because wyverns do not attack with magic based attacks. It was a mistake I made when making this guide on my second task, for more info look at the comments below. ūüôā

Recently Jagex updated slayer to allow us to get rewards from tasks we do, for example you get 15 points for doing a task from duradel (if you swap a task with turadel you have to do 5 tasks straight before you can get points). The¬†points can be used to buy a few different things to help slayer including 10k xp, learning to make some slayer items, being able to block tasks you dont like and a few more. I learnt this the hard way when i did a couple of tasks and didn’t get points then read the slayer guide on the runescape site. I skipped a skeletal wyvern task thinking they were way to hard, I tried them today and I will tell you how¬†I did it and what¬†I got.

Skeletal Wyverns are level 140 and have 200 hitpoints and give 210 slayer xp and also can drop a draconic visage and granite platelegs as their top drops. They attack with an ice breath that can freeze you aswell as range and melee attacks. You can find Skeletal Wyverns at the ice cave south of port sarim just past the ice trolls and warriors.

I attempted 2 methods, the first one was using super restores and saradomin brews for food, and the second one was using a super set 4 super restores and the rest tuna and sweetcorn potatoes. After a little bit of killing with the brew/restore method I realized that it wasnt working that great because it lower attack and strength too often. I prefered the second method because it was easier and made me last alot longer without having to worry about potting all the time. Both methods used protection from melee prayer as they attack with that more often then range.

Each trip with the second method I managed to kill between 20 and 26 skeletal wyverns with around 30+ crimson charms per trip and some bolts from mithril Рrune aswell as some runes.


For armour I used :

  • Black mask, should use slayer helmet now though
  • glory amulet
  • attack cape (t)
  • karils top and skirt
  • barrows gloves
  • dragon boots, I recommend bandos boots though if you want prayer bonus¬†and a little extra defence
  • ring of life
  • whip
  • and last but not least a mind shield, the most important piece of armour or you will get killed very quickly, this can be swapped for a dragonfire shield or elemental shield.


At the end of the 77 wyverns I got assigned I got around 80 crimson, over 40 gold and green and 2 blue charms. Around 60-70 addy bolts, 40 rune and mithril bolts (I didn’t get an accurate count as I banked everything after every trip). The code I used for the fairy rings was AIQ it teles you to the mudskipper island which is just south west of the cave entrance.

So all in all it wasn’t so hard of a task, just took a bit longer then most, but the way I see it. It’s worth doing if you want the points to be able to make a slayer helmet or other things. Don’t forget to take a mind shield or elemental or a dragonfire shield or you will get hit 50+s.

Happy slaying and goodluck with visages.