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Recent Skill Guides Added

February 09, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: bestrunetips site update, Runescape skills 19 Comments →

We have made an agility skill guide, a fishing guide and last but not least a thieving skill guide. They are small at the moment, but we will work on them later on to give details as to how much experience you get. To see the guides click here.

Don’t forget, if you would like to submit guides to us, feel free to send them in. There is a link at the top left of the page for details.

We have also recieved a Castle Wars and a clan wars mini game guides from Aj 692. If you would like to see the guides click here.

How To Slay Nechryaels

February 01, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 2 Comments →

After finishing the last Abyssal Demon slayer task I was asked to go back to the Canifis Slayer Tower to slay 157 Nechryaels. Nechryaels are level 115 and give 105 slayer experience.

The Nechraels are in the room  just before the Abyssal demons. The best way to get there is by walking NW from Canifis (after teleporting there). Walk to the 1st flight of stairs and climb up them. Climb up the chain in the NE corner (as long as you have 71 agility). If your agility is lower, then you will need to bring a nose peg with you to prevent serious damage as you go past the Aberrant Specters. The top part of that chain is where the Nechryaels live. It may be quicker using the 1st chain wire short cut too, but once again you will need the nosepeg to deal with the Abby Specters using that method.

Inventory used for Nechryael slayer task

You do not need to take much with you if you bring a set of Guthans along. I bring my usual best armour with a black mask, wealth ring, nats and fire runes in case I want to alch something and a couple of lobbies for an emergency.

A picture of me just after the Nechrael Slayer task

The Nechryaels will often summon Undead Spawns (there is one in the background of the pic above) that will attack you during and after the battle with the Nechryaels. This can be a pain in some ways, but they do very little damage and I use them while wearing guthans to get my health up quicker.

Drops from Nechryaels can be quite good, but after the release of the Dragon Boots the before much sorted Rune Boots have declined massively in value. Rune boots are now closer to 25K which is about 10 times less than what they were priced over a year ago. Nevertheless, I was still happy to get 3 of them.

Herb seeds are common drops from Nechryaels, and on this trip I got 1 lantadyme seed, 1 Kwarm seed, 2 Snapdragon seeds, 2 Irit seeds, 6 Avantoe seeds and 6 Toadflax seeds.

It looks like crimson charms are the best charm drops for Nechryaels. There were 54 Crimson charms, 12 Gold charms, 11 Green charms and 2 Blue charms.

Nechryaels are also good for those that want death runes. On this ocassion I picked up 130 death runes. There was also 111 chaos runes collected.

Other items collected were 10.6K coins (although I did alch a mith kite shield), 2 gold bars and  3 rune full helmets.

Note that just behind the chair (visible in the pic above) to the left of the Undead Spawn, there is a safe spot for ranging, maging and halbert users. 

As A First Resort Quest Guide

February 01, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: bestrunetips site update, Runescape quests No Comments →

Drache Mensch has kindly donated a quest guide for the new quest called as a first resort.  Thanks for the guide, we appreciate it. If anyone else would like to donate a guide, information about how to do it is at the top left of the screen.

To see the guide click here.