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How To Slay Abyssal Demons

January 29, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 41 Comments →

I must admit that I was excited to get 151 Abyssal Demons for my next slayer task, as last time I slayed them I got 2 abyssal whips and an abyssal demon head.

Abyssal Demons can be found in 2 places. They can be found at the Abyssal space using the fairy rings with the code ALR, however I decided to go to the Abyssal Slayer Tower which is just to the NW of Canifis. I get there by teleporting to my house and then using a canifis teleport from the house. I then walk to the tower and walk up one level (SE corner). I then make my way to the NE corner and climb up the chains that lead to the Nechraels. The Abyssal Demons are located in an area just west of the Nechraels. You need level 85 slayer before you can attack them.

I decided to wear my best armour along with a black mask.  I bought along with me a guthan’s set, super set (and some left overs from a previous use of them), 10 nature runes and 50 fire runes (for alching) and 3 lobsters in the rare case that I needed them.

Inventory used for Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons give 150 slayer xp per kill, so they can build up your slayer experience fairly quickly. They have a combat level of 124, so up until recently not many people could left click on them. With the new summoning skill about, there are more that are able to. As it turned out my level is 122, so I had to right click on them. The area can be crowded at times, with so many after the whips, so you may have to world hop to find less competition.

I would use the super sets and then attack them. Whilst in battle, the Abyssal Demons will often teleport you in a square next to them. They may also teleport themselves in a square next to you. So if you try to run away, which is unlikely, they might stay by your side. Whenever my hitpoints went low, I would use my guthans set to bring them back up again, then return to my normal combat set.

A picture of crowlion killing an abyssal demon

Whilst I did not get any whips, you can see that it was still a profitable trip that also gave me  22.6K slayer xp and 92K defense xp. In fact after this picture was taken, I hung around to get the remaining 6k xp in defense so that I could get to 90 defence. 🙂

The 117K coins visible was not all from coin drops. I did 5 alchs with 1 rune med helm, 1 mith kite and 3 rune chains. I also later alched the other rune med helm and sold the rune battle axe at the grand exchange for 25150. 3 crystal key parts were found, including a tooth half which I joined to save room. I left a few other items on the ground due to lack of room at the time, including addy bars and some high level herbs. Also, not shown in the loot was 150 steel arrows, which were collected from one drop and worn on me to save inventory space.

No doubt, many people strive for level 85 slayer so that they can fight abyssal demons in attempts to get some whips. Good luck.

ps.. I have since had another abyssal demon tasks. The next one was for 198 abyssal demons and I got a whip after about 5 kills. I also got a shield left half, the second for this year after never getting one before. You can see the results from my latest task, including a better picture of an abyssal demon in the pic below. Note that I forgot to bring some natures for alching this time, but it did not matter as it turned out.

198 abbysal demon task results

Slaying Greater Demons

January 24, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 9 Comments →

After finishing the Kalphites with the previous task, I was now asked to slay 191 greater demons. Greater demons have 92 combat and give only 87 slayer points.

I have not fought these creatures for some time, so I was not sure what to bring.  On other occasions I have bought Guthans, but I felt confident to handle them without Guthans now that I have 99 attack and strength. Below is what I took with me. I was wearing dragon boots, dragon legs, black mask, rune platebody, rune defender shield, abyssal whip, wealth ring, attack cape and barrows gloves.

The inventory that I took for the 191 greater demon slayer task

I often like to take a chisel with me when I go to battle so that I can craft a few gems along the way and then possibly throw them away. I took some nats and fire runes in case that I needed to alch anything, but as it turns out, I forgot that Greater Demons drop quite a few fire tunes, so they were not needed. I like to take a super set with me so that the task is over with quicker. I used Brimhaven dungeon to slay these greater demons, so I needed gold to take the boat to Brimhaven from Ardy and also to pay entrance to the dungeon. The rune axe was to cut through the vines blocking parts of the dungeon. You may want to use a weaker axe if you want to.

The Greater Demon area can be crowded in parts at times, so you may want to world hop or move to a different area to get a better go at them. I moved to the SW corner and found a relatively good show there for the world I was in.  The wild dogs will attack you often while your immunity is not working, but at least they provide some charms now. I got 3 green charms and 3 crimson charms from them. The rock showing at the top of the right hand side screen is any area where you can range them or use magic on them. Another area is where the white dot is on the SE side of the display. A mage was there at this time.

The rewards after 191 greater demons

The picture above shows the rewards from the 191 greater demon slayer task.  Four full rune helmets were a good prise. 83 charms were looted, and of those 83, 56 of them were crimson charms, 16 green charms, 9 gold charms and 1 blue charm. So these monsters are quite good for any players after crimson charms. 21K of gold was looted, although 3 alchs were made, 2x mith kites and 1x addy legs. Another addy leg is waiting and some steel 2-handers and some gold bars were left on the ground.  Greater Demons drop cooked Tuna at times too, which helps keep your health up during the task.

Slaying Bloodvelds

January 22, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters 23 Comments →

Here is a updated picture for how bloodvelds look, thanks islay x sara 🙂


I just finished a task that was given to me by duradel in shilo village, he assigned me to kill 172 bloodvelds. Usually I would range them but since I’m going for 99 attack through slayer I thought that I would try to melee them for a change. I mentioned in my previous post that bloodvelds were good for experience and for charms, I got around 80-90k attack experience from these, which puts me about 9k from 92 attack.

Bloodvelds are level 76 and have 120hp and give 120 slayer experience per kill, they have low melee stats, but they use a mage type melee attack.This means you will have to use magic defence, I suggest using black dragonhide as it has good defence against magic. Getting all that slayer experience for a quick kill comes in handy when you want to raise your slayer quickly.

Equipment at bloodvelds after 10 kills

The equipment I used to kill them included:

  • Full guthans
  • 1 super set (4)
  • 17 sharks
  • enchanted gem
  • Quick teleport out, or you can use karmaja gloves 3 for your next task
  • black dragonhide body and chaps
  • dragon boots
  • black mask
  • fury amulet, can use glory
  • fire cape, you can use a god cape from mage arena, if not a skill cape or obsidian cape
  • barrows gloves, or your highest gloves
  • ring of wealth
  • rune defender
  • abyssal whip

Some items I suggest but forgot would be some fire and nature runes so you can alch your drops you get like rune medium helmet, mithril chainbody and mithril square shield. You may also notice that you get some black boots drops, they sell on the general exchange for around 800gp, so they might be worth keeping if you have the room.

At the end of the task I ended up with 95 charms including 15 golds, 68 green, and 11 crimson, unfortunately no blues, but I think I got some last time I killed bloodvelds. They also drop a fair amount of bloods, I finished up with 95 bloods, 2 black boots, 2 rune medium helms, 2 mithril chains, 1 grimy dwarf weed and 1 mithril square shield.

delarue64 at end of task healing off a bloodveld

If you ever get this task I highly recommend using melee as it makes the task go alot quicker then using range, and for the experience and the drops you get I don’t see why anyone would want to skip this task.

If you would like to try mutated bloodvelds instead, I have made a guide on this blog also, click here if you want to see it. 🙂

Tips For Getting Charms For Summoning

January 21, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: Runescape Monsters, Runescape skills, Runescape Tips 39 Comments →

Lately I have been doing slayer for 99 attack as some of you may have noticed with my recent posts. While I have been slaying I have come across a few good monsters to get charms from.

For the gold charms, I found that they are good to collect from quite a few monsters, but the best I would have to say would be the ice warriors and giants. A good place to get green charms would be bloodvelds because they drop them regularly and are good training and quick to kill for high levels.

While slaying greater demons, I found that they gave lots of crimson charms, but a mate of mine has told me that waterfiends give crimson charms about 99% of the time, not sure I’d try it, but if any of you have tried it or want to try it please let us know how it goes. As for the blue charms,  I found that gargoyles gave them about 10% of the time, although I was getting other good drops such as rune full helms, granite mauls and other charms. So far they seem to be the best. Another good monster to kill for blue charms is kalphite soldiers as meantioned in crowlion’s comment. Shady Boi, meantioned that rock crabs were another good monster to kill for charms, as seen below in the comments.

After 2 days of doing slayer for attack experience I have gained close to 2 attack levels, 1 hitpoint level, 1 slayer level and have collected in total over 400 charms including 146 gold, 155 green, 83 crimson and 32 blue. For those of you who don’t know how to get the shards that jagex fixed up with the update just talk to the pickupstix guy and he will give you the shards that he owes you, I got around 9k when I spoke to him. 🙂

For low level summoners I suggest doing the spirit scorpion pouches as they are quick and good experience, to get the bronze claws for it you can buy them on the general exchange or make them yourselves, I found that you get under 2k experience per load.

To get a gecko you have to catch it just east of the harpie bug swarms on karmaja, you will need a box trap. For a pet puppy you have to talk to one of the pet shop owners and pay 500gp for one. If you want a penguin all you have to do is talk to the penguin keeper at ardrougne zoo and he will give you an egg to put in an incubator at one of the pet shops.

To feed the geckos, they require flies which you can buy at the pet shop, for the puppies they need to be fed raw beef and the penguins likes to eat raw fish.

Happy summoning and goodluck!

Slaying Kalphite Soldiers

January 21, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape Monsters 6 Comments →

I got a task to slay 170 Kalphites the other day and thought that I would try something different for a change.  Usually I just run around madly slaying the low level Kalphite Workers (level 28) and rarely I would try and range the Kalphite Guardians (level 141), but today I decided to slay the Kalphite Soldiers.

Kalphite Soldiers are level 85 and give 90 slayer xp per kill. My task was to slay 170 of them. Most of the Kalphite Soldiers are located at the Kalphite Cave in a room that is multi combat (refer to picture below). After time they stop attacking you automatically. I noticed that many were taking Guthans to this area, but I decided to take some super sets and 2 super anti-poisons instead. I had no problems in completing the task and had 5 sharks to spare. There were others that used cannons in this area, which is probably a good tactic to use against the kalphite soldiers too. I just hopped worlds when a cannon showed up.

crowlion slaying the kalphite soldiers

The picture above shows what the Kalphite soldiers look like as well as what I collected at the completion of the slayer task.  It is interesting that although only 42 charms were collected from 170 kills, 8 of them were blue charms. This was a large proportion of blue charms compared to my recent ice warrior attempts in getting charms. 19 were gold charms, 9 were crimson charms and 6 were green charms. Also collected were some fire runes, 6 nature runes (although 1 was used to alch a mith chainbody), 12 death runes, 96 chaos runes and 13k coins (including the alch). Some other steel items were left on the ground, as well as some waterskins.

Also in my inventory, you may have noticed that I collected some potato cactus. 3 potato cacti are located in this room, but it appears that after you pick 1 up the Kalphite Soldiers start attacking you again. So it is best to leave them alone until you have finished killing the Kalphite Soldiers. Potato cactus can be used as the second ingredient for magic potions and now they can be used to help make spirit kalphite pouches (for the new summoning skill).

So I did not gain too much from this task, especially compared to the 2 whips that I got from my previous 144 abyssal demon task, but it is all a learning experience. 

Hunter Skill Guide

January 16, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: bestrunetips site update, Runescape skills 1 Comment →

This guide was given to us by a good friend from Hong Kong who says that he got it from uloveme soon after uloveme got 99 in the hunter skill. He was kind enough to translate it into English for us from the original chinese written guide. He does not want to be recognized officially for providing this guide but we thank him for it. We have had this hunter guide for a while, but waited until we got the permission from our friend before we used it. We hope that you find it useful for obtaining your hunter skill goals.

You can find this guide here

Happy hunting

Summoning is here!

January 16, 2008 By: BRT Cj Category: bestrunetips site update, Runescape quests, Runescape skills 5 Comments →

Today Jagex released a new skill called summoning. Before you can start training the summoning skill you have to do the wolf whistle quest. We have already made a guide for it and you can see when you click here. It is a very short quest, so that is a good thing.

Training this skill may be very challenging for the next few days, but after a while I’m sure the crowds at the chickens and the wolves will die down so it will be easier to collect your supplies. To start training summoning you will have to buy pouches and shards from pickupstix, which are 1gp ea for the pouches, 50 ea for the shards. For the dreadfowl pouch, you will need 8 shards, 1 pouch, 1 raw chicken and 1 gold charm. For each pouch you create you get 9.5xp. To make the scroll, all you need to do is use a pouch on the obelisk which is explained in the quest guide.

Happy summoning!

99 Strength Today Thanks To PC

January 08, 2008 By: crowlion Category: Runescape skills 5 Comments →

I finally got to 99 strength today. Quite some time ago I got 99 attack, but my attempts to get 99 strength stalled after the changes to pc. I thought that the pc clan that I was in “VMC” was no longer in existence until I saw Mr Enforcer1 at the 144 pc world last month. He has kept the clan alive and that inspired me to get to 99 strength again. Today that finally did happen.

The guard just outside the Bunthorpe games room took the final blow in reaching 99 strength, just like when I obtained 99 attack, although much of the strength experience was gained by doing pc. It means that I finally have trimmed capes too. The trimmed attack cape can be seen in the picture below.

A picture of me getting 99 strength alongside of friends Delarue64 and Bacon749

Below is a picture of part of the strength emote feature that can be done whilst wearing the cape.

Picture of 99 strength emote in action

If you are interested in gaining combat experience fast, then I recommend pc as a good way of obtaining it. VMC is a clan for those with 108 combat and above. I feel it is best to join a clan so that you can get the best worlds for pc. World 144 is often not very good for pc due to people not knowing how to play properly and others with relatively lower levels. It is also full very often too. If you qualify for the VMC clan, you are welcome to join it here.