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Smokey Well Changes

July 25, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: General Runescape 2 Comments →

Before in the smokey well, when you had private chat on split screen ( appearing in the runescape window) you couldn’t see what your friends had written because of the smokey effects, but now it seems to be that the chat goes over the top of the smoke making it more easier to see what your friends have wrote to you.

New Prayer Abilities

July 25, 2007 By: crowlion Category: Runescape News, Runescape quests, Runescape skills 2 Comments →

I was just playing pest control and went to put my prayer on as usual and then noticed that the prayer icons had been moved. I then noticed the 2 extra ones at the bottom called Chivalry and Piety. Chivalry gives Defence 20%, Strength 18% and Attack 15%, while Piety gives 25 Defence, 23 Strength and 20 Attack. They require level 60 and 70 prayer respectively. I have 70 prayer, so I though “great, I will try Piety out”.  I then got a message come up saying that I required 70 defence and also needed to have completed the King’s Ransom Quest’s Knight Wave Reward.  It turns out that Chivalry also requires 55 defence and completion of the King’s Ransom Quest’s Knight Wave Reward. I had the defence levels covered, but have not completed the quest.

So it appears that the King’s Ransom Quest may be a good quest to do, as the prayer is likely to be very useful in runescape (it should make pc easier). 🙂

New Pest Control Update

July 18, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: runescape mini games, Runescape News 6 Comments →

Hi, this is crowlion here. Delarue64 has given me permission to write about this new update.

Jagex from Runescape, has listened to complaints from many of the users and have come up with a solution that they felt was good for the game. There are many pros and cons to it and I shall go through a few.

Before, there was only 1 boat for players to board and the condition was that you required a combat level over 40 to participate. PC has always been a very good way for people to improve their combat skills, especially for those that had pure accounts (as the hitpoints did not rise with the chosen skill by as much).  What would happen is that pc clans were developed to help similar ranked high cb levels get the game over very quickly. I have played in games where the portals were often blasted in less than 30 seconds. Lower cb levels had no chance of getting their required 50 zeal (damage) until other lower levels arrived. Then the lower levels would attack the monsters only, which slowed the game. The higher level clan would then change worlds (after quite often abusing the lower levels, mind you some of the lower levels were often very cheeky).  

Now pest control has changed so that  there are 3 boats to choose from. One for lev 40+, another for 70+ and the last for 100+. I am over 100 cb, so I tried out the game soon after it had changed in the 100+ boat in world 78.  The world was extremely laggy, but we managed to somehow win and received 4 pc points each for the efforts. That may seem good, but the rules have changed. 1 point is worth 65% less now, so the 4 points are in effect 140% more per game.

The problem is that the games now last 2 minutes. Also we did not win all of the time because new strategies needed to take place with the gradual releasing of the portals. Defence is now part of the strategy and closing gates becomes important. Most players, understandably, did not know what they were doing.  The bonus is that there were no mixed combat levels (less sledging), and you did not have to world hop regularly (which saves time and effort).  I did change to a less laggy world thanks to the suggestion by the clan that I am in  “VMC”.

So, at this stage I would say overall that pc is less effective than before for gaining combat xp, although it is still an excellent way to do so. 

Runescape Servers Offline

July 15, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: General Runescape 3 Comments →

Has anyone else been having the same problems with the servers if you have comment here.

New Skill Sounds

July 09, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: General Runescape, Runescape News 3 Comments →

Has anyone else been having problems with their sound effects option? My friend was having problems with the sound effect option, as when he put the area sound one on it acted like it was the normal sound effect one, but when he turned the sound effect one on it didn’t work. If anyone else has been having problems with it let us know and we’ll try and think of a way to fix it.

Feedback and Ideas Needed For Bestrunetips

July 05, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: General Runescape No Comments →

Hi there everyone, if you have some information that you would like to share on the bestrunetips web site, then comment here or register on the right hand menu and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If your runescape guide is accepted, then you will get recognized for your efforts (if you want to be recognized, of course).  If you have any suggestions for the site too, they will be greatly appreciated.

Wood Cutting Guide

July 02, 2007 By: BRT Cj Category: bestrunetips site update, Runescape skills 5 Comments →

Hi there everyone, there is a wood cutting guide on best rune tips now that my friend “Aidendeil” kindly donated. He has 99 wood cutting so he knows what it takes to get high woodcutting and the hours it takes to get there aswell.

To see the guide click here.